Fun Ways to Refresh your Bathroom on a Budget

Remodeling a bathroom

Whether you are looking for a simple refresher for your bathroom or want to transform the space into a luxurious spa-like oasis, it is crucial that you begin with a complete and comprehensive plan for your bathroom remodeling project.

Failing to do so could cause you to end up pouring money down the drain.

Of all of the rooms in a house to renovate and update, the bathroom is typically the most expensive. However, it doesn’t have to be. If you take your time with planning and make careful selections on the areas where you splurge and save you can create a fresh, fabulous, new bathroom without breaking the bank.

Here are the top ten ways to revitalize your bathroom no matter how big or small your budget.

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Bathroom ideas on a budget

Create an Eye-Catching DIY Mosaic Counter top

One of the most impressive and perhaps even stress-relieving projects that anyone can do is create a unique mosaic glass tile counter top. Here is everything you need to do it in your bathroom:

Select Coordinating Accents

One of the best ways to give you bathroom a new look is to replace all of the accents with new coordinating ones.

Tools You will Need


utility knife




strip screw gun

Materials You Will Need

12″x12″ sheets of tumbled travertine tile


backer board



1″x1″ glass mosaic tile

The Steps

Remove the old sinks and counter top

Create a frame for the counter top using the two-by-fours and your drill.

Cut the backer board to the desired size of the counter top for your vanity and attach it to the two-by-fours using your strip screw gun.

Cut a hole into the vanity for the sink.

Use a towel to spread the thinset onto the backer board.

Once all of your glass pieces have been set, cover them with grout and wipe clean with a wet sponge.

Select the glass piece or pieces that you want to use for the mosaic. It’s best to use something that is flat so that it will lay evenly once broken. Place the glass in a thick or canvas bag and secure to prevent the glass from escaping.

Now use your hammer to smash the glass into as many pieces as you desire. Once you have your broken glass, carefully place it onto the section with thinset in your desired pattern.

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Update the Hardware

Changing out or adding the hardware of your bathroom cabinets is a super cheap and fast way to upgrade the room. Select something that will blend in if the space already has a lot going on. Or if the decor is already very plain and basic, select something that will pop a draw the eye.

Create a Coordinated Color Palette

One of the easiest ways to give your bathroom a designer appearance is to make sure that everything is color-coordinated. Consider what kind of space you are hoping to achieve and what sort of mood you want to set for the room. Are you in need of a relaxing spa retreat? Cool blue and greens punctuated with crisp white is best.

Want to make a statement in your guest powder room? Try something bold like red for the walls. Make sure that your walls, flooring, furniture, and accents are complimentary of one another and when in doubt, select neutral palettes.

Make Floors the Focus

Floors are a great way to dress up your bathroom. If you have the budget to replace them consider selecting a stand-out tile. Or if you already have damaged wood floors, consider painting them an unexpected color for a pop of fun.

Install Metal Finishes

Another creative and inexpensive way to add some panache to your tub or walls is to cover them with an overlay of sheet metal. The reflective finish will help to spread light in a small space and will give a modern industrial feel that will leave your guests talking.

Reface Rather than Replace

One of the fastest ways to give your bathroom a facelift while sticking to a stingy budget is to reface your tub rather than replace it. This can be done for less than $300 and the impact can be surprising.

Update the Hardware

Changing out or adding the hardware of your bathroom cabinets is a super cheap and fast way to upgrade the room. Select something that will blend in if the space already has a lot going on. Or if the decor is already very plain and basic, select something that will pop a draw the eye.

Salvage an Old Vanity

A bathroom’s vanity is one of the best options for a focal point. However, just because you want to make your vanity the focus of the room’s decor, does not mean that you have to spend a fortune doing it. Rather than spending a ton of money on a brand new vanity from a home improvement or furniture store, why not create one from an unexpected piece of used furniture?

Try making the rounds to some local yard and garage sales or visiting a thrift store for a great deal. Old dressers happen to make a fantastic vanity replacement once a sink is added.

Step up the Lighting

Illuminate your bathroom with something unexpected to give a more glamorous of high-end appearance.

Modern chandeliers or sparkling sconces are easy ways to dress up the space. Be sure to also include plenty of candles to add serenity and romance to the space.

Re-frame the Mirror

If you like many people have one of those oversized glass mirrors hanging over your bathroom vanity, you may feel bored by its outdated aesthetic. In order to give the room a more polished look, frame the mirror in with molding. Here’s how:

Materials you will need

70-1/2″ length 4 1/2″ wide primed MDF baseboard

70-1/2″ length 3 1/2″ wide primed MDF baseboard trimmed down to 1″

70-1/2″ length 3 1/2″ wide primed MDF baseboard trimmed down to 1 1/2–”

38-1/2″ lengths 3 1/2″ wide primed MDF baseboard (2)

63-1/2″ length 3-1/2″ wide primed MDF baseboard

tape measure

paneling adhesive

extra-strength wood glue



latex paint

latex paint extender

extra-fine sanding pad

paint brush

painter’s tape

tack cloth

drop cloth


Measure the mirror so that you know how much material you will need.

Select the type of molding. It’s best to select one that will math the rest of the molding throughout the home.

Paint all of the trim the desired color and allow to dry completely.

Glue pieces of the MDF together, pressing firmly and allow to them to dry completely (at least two hours).

Run a bead of caulk along seam joints. Smooth caulk line and wipe away any excess. Let dry one hour.

Apply touch-up paint to the frame as needed.

Apply another layer of paint to the entire frame and allow it to dry completely over night.

Apply paneling adhesive along the places of the wall where the frame will be attached.

Carefully press the frame into place ensuring that it is even and level. Secure it further with the clean release tape.

Run a bead of caulk along any gaps at joints. Smooth caulk line and remove any excess. Let dry one hour.

Apply touch up paint as needed to the frame and walls.

There are countless ways to get creative and update your bathroom on a budget. If you feel the urge to splurge, try to do so on one thing in particular making it the focal point of the room around which all of the other less expensive features and updates can revolve. Keep in mind that selecting efficient or Green enhancements will save you

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