Flooring Projects by Floor Types

Hardwood Floors. Laminate Floors. Vinyl Floors. Tile Floors. Repair & Refinishing.


Solid hardwood flooring: 3/4 of an inch thick, width from 1 1/2 to 8 inches. Wearing layer of solid wood floor is normally 5/16″ or 8 millimeters. Laminate wood planks: Width – 4-7/8″, Length – 47-7/8″. Laminate tile and stone:
Width – 7-5/8″, Length – 47-5/8″. Laminate stair treads: Width – 12-1/8″, Length – 47″

Choosing Flooring Contractors & Installers – What Type of Flooring Do You Have?

With many flooring contractors in the market, it’s hard to find the right professional you can trust for your floor projects. Home Fixology can help you with your flooring needs.

We work with a national network of flooring contractors as well as evaluated the best most experienced floorig contractors at the local level. We will recommend the best 3 in your local area and provide free no obligation written flooring estimates upon your request whether you need floor repairing or complete installation.c.

The home is the most prized possession. Unlike jewelry or automobiles, the home is your place of peace, and it’s your place for safety. Home flooring is one of the best ways to customize your home and there are numerous options to choose from.

Hardwood installation – completely replace wood flooring
Wood Flooring – Install or Completely Replace
Wood Flooring – Refinish
Wood Flooring – Repair or Partially Replace

Tile Flooring
Grout: Replace or Repair
Tile: Ceramic and Porcelain – Install
Tile: Natural Stone (Granite, Marble, Slate, Quartz, etc) – Install
Stone Restoration & Polishing
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Tile: Ceramic and Porcelain – Repair
Tile: Natural Stone (Granite, Marble, Slate, Quartz, etc) – Repair

Laminate installation – install stone laminate flooring
Laminate Wood or Stone Flooring – Install
Laminate Wood or Stone Flooring – Repair

Vinyl or Linoleum Sheet Flooring or Tiles – Install
Vinyl or Linoleum Sheet Flooring or Tiles – Repair

Carpet Installation
Carpet – Repair, Refasten, or Stretch
Carpets or Rugs – Cleaning Commercial
Carpets or Rugs – Home carpet cleaning

Laminate Flooring Contractors

Laminate Flooring Installation

Laminate Flooring:

Laminate flooring is designed to imitate the natural color, texture and grain of real wood flooring. Laminate can be anything from oak, heartwood pine, hickory, tigerwood and prado. This type of flooring is exceptionally durable and remarkably realistic. With this flooring, you can be sure you are getting a flooring material that is highly resistant to staining, scratches, wear and fading.  They are cheaper, easy to install and easy to maintain.

Laminate installation – Install stone laminate flooring
Laminate Wood or Stone Flooring – Install
Laminate Wood or Stone Flooring – Repair

Laminate flooring installation

You can expect the flooring contractors to perform the following when installing your new laminate flooring:

Removal of the old flooring
Preparation of the subfloor surfaces
Laying out your new flooring
Containing dust and debris by covering vents and entry ways
Cleaning up the up the area and removing the waste
Taking you through the final inspection
Providing you with the warranty and maintenance tips

Laminate flooring repair

There are different reasons as to why you may want to have your laminate flooring repaired. It could be that it’s cracked, warped, scratched, discolored or loose. Whatever your reasons are, you can get flooring contractors who can make it as new. This may involve repairing areas that are not severely damage while those that are damaged beyond repair will require a replacement.

What should I ask my laminate flooring installation professional?

Are there special requirements for installation?
Is there a warranty, and what does it cover?
Are you insured and certified to install my flooring?
Can you provide references and/or testimonials from past customers?
How long will it take to complete and how much is the total cost?
How will you ensure that the installation will leave my home in good shape when you are finished?
What experience do you have with laminate flooring?

Hardwood Flooring Contractors

Oak Hardwood Floor Installation

Hardwood Flooring:

Hardwood gives your home a classic appearance. Guests will experience an inviting look once entering and it comes in natural dark/light tones. Hardwood can be warped or scuffed with scratches, but it can refinished for a brand new appearance.  Hardwood floors make a superb alternative for allergy sufferers.

Hardwood floors are durable and easy to clean.  Avoid wood floor in moist areas because the water dampens the floor and reduces durability.  For those looking to sell, hardwood flooring dramatically increases your home’s value.

Hardwood installation – completely replace wood flooring
Wood Flooring – Install or Completely Replace
Wood Flooring – Refinish
Wood Flooring – Repair or Partially Replace

What should I ask my hardwood flooring installation professional?
It’s fair to ask for pictures of their previous work.
Will they obtain the necessary permits and add into their name?
How long do they think it will take to complete my job?
Can you provide warranties and or guarantees?
What experience do you have with my style of room and the specific type of hardwood I want installed?
Please tell me what potential concerns you have with my project?

Tile Flooring Contractors

Tiling Flooring:

Tile gives your home a more upscale vibe. Though one of the more expensive types of flooring, tile comes in numerous colors, designs and sizes. When buying, always purchase in bulk, which is cheaper. Downsides of this material is that it can very slippery when wet, shatters from heavy impact, and it can crack or chip. Tile flooring is one of the favorites by homeowners as it can be used not only on flooring but on walls, backsplashes and others.  Tile tends to maintain from dust, stains and other liquids as they are easily cleaned from the surface.

Tiles are very versatile and can be used on walls and flooring in bathrooms and kitchens. Some even resemble genuine stone, hardwood patterns, giving off an authentic look to flooring.

Tile Flooring Installation
Tile Flooring contractors perform the following when installing new tile floors:

Removal of old flooring
Cleaning the surface of debris to ensure level tiling
Planning the tile layout
Dry-running the tiles to ensure a perfect fit
Application of the thin-set layer
Laying of the tile (Ceramic or Porcelain tiles)
Cutting odd tiles along the edges to fit
Placing of spacers
Application of grout

Tile Flooring Repair
Tile floors can experience certain conditions needing them to be prepared. They can break, loosen from the floor pattern, need grout replacement or debris can penetrate between the spaces.  The following repair services are offered for your tile floors:

Grout replacement or repair

Tile & Grout Cleaning
Broken Ceramic and Porcelain tile repair

What should I ask my tile flooring installation professional?
What procedures will you need to take to prepare my floors?
Are you licensed and insured?
How long will the installation take?
What steps do you take to ensure tile is waterproof and to prevent mold and mildew?
Do you offer a warranty?
Do you charge per-hour-or per-square foot?

Vinyl Flooring Contractors

Vinyl Flooring:

Vinyl is one of the most popular flooring materials thanks to its wide array of styles. Vinyl is very durable, water resistant, easy to assemble and looks darn good. The flooring can “snap” together installation process, which is great for (do-it-yourselfers). It’s cheaper in price, but it’s appearance mimic authentic hardwood, tile or marble. When looking for a moisture resistant type of flooring, vinyl is your best bet. Can be ideal for moist areas such as bathrooms.

Vinyl or Linoleum Sheet Flooring or Tiles – Install
Vinyl or Linoleum Sheet Flooring or Tiles – Repair

Carpet Flooring Contractors

Carpet Flooring:

For extra warmth and as a major décor feature, carpets are an ideal solution for your home especially during the cold seasons where you need wall to wall covering in your office space, or in your home.  Difficult maintenance and allergic reactions are its downsides.

Carpet – Repair, Refasten, or Stretch
Carpets or Rugs – Cleaning Commercial
Carpets or Rugs – Home carpet cleaning

Looking For Flooring Contractors?

Are you a homeowner looking for the perfect flooring contractors? Well, you are not alone. Many people forget to put in one important consideration, the flooring. Flooring contractors are increasingly one of the most sought after professionals as more homeowners discover the necessity of good flooring.

They offer services such as refinishing, installation, cleaning, and repair. The flooring installation contractors, however, are of a higher demand since it is the key aspect.

What are other  popular flooring installation projects?

Vinyl Sheet Flooring. Popularly known for its easy maintenance and antistatic, it is a favorite for many flooring contractors. Installers find it especially great to work with because the laying down of the tiles is simple.

Concrete flooring. If you are looking for a cost-effective flooring, then this is it. Contractors spanning generations have used it due to its durability, low-maintenance, and beautiful design options. Since it is easy to install, a contractor will probably charge less for it that they would have other flooring.

Solid Wood Flooring. Just like the name suggests it is solid wood that comes unfinished and is installed to the homeowner’s desire. Installers explore the need to give the home a more natural feel and thus the idea. Here you can take the lead and explain various designs that you like with the contractor.

Linoleum Sheet Flooring. Lauded by flooring contractors for its flooring materials which are environmentally friendly, this flooring is here to stay. After installation, it has a longer lifespan than other flooring, therefore, it is highly recommended for its durability.
It is highly advisable that you make use of a contractor since they not only provide high-quality results, but they are highly knowledgeable as well. With the best flooring contractor, you are definitely bound to have the best results.

Choosing The Ideal Flooring:

Functionality. A floor that receives high traffic should be durable and easy to maintain.

Cost. Choose the best-priced without compromising the quality.

Maintenance. Consider the ease to maintain the aesthetic value of the floor.

Style. Choose an elegant floor with a perfect color mix to compliment mood in your home.

Installation. Choose a flooring contractor with excellent performance record.

Questions For Contractors

What Should I Ask The Flooring Contractors?

A good rule of thumb is to request the following before hiring a flooring contractor:

Samples of previous work

Installation duration

Registration details

Any reservation or advice on the project viability

Questions For Contractors

The Benefits of Involving Flooring Contractors and Installers in Home Improvement

The floor takes the brunt of your daily activities and becomes the first surface to reflect tear and wear. There is always the DIY option but strongly consider the skills and experience of a flooring contractor to install the ideal floor that meets your needs.

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