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Home Additions Cost, Ideas & More

Adding a room or living space to an existing home is one of the most common and best return on investment home improvement projects homeowners can take on. The national average for a home addition project is approximately $41,749. Depending upon your contractor and how you may or may not sub out parts of the work the typical range will come in between $19,400 – $65,000.  Smaller addition projects of 250-350 square feet average $24799 in the U.S.

One of the many possible pitfalls homeowners face when undertaking a home addition is to be far too hasty getting started. There are many important factors that must be weighed regarding the design, material choice, and contractor selection. Then, once you do decide on the basic overview of what your project will entail, you have to be prepared to oversee the work as it’s being completed.

This guide will provide you with an excellent high-level blueprint detailing how to best manage a home addition project including the costs. You’ll learn how to set your expectations so you aren’t disappointed and also how to defend against settling for less than you deserve.

A home addition is no small investment and you deserve to get your money’s worth. The process should be joyful and exciting. Proper planning and taking certain precautions can help to prevent costly mistakes and wasted efforts.

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