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Garage Projects

Remodeling or converting a garage into a living space or other buiding garage projects including new door repair and installation.

Understanding How Garage Contractors Work

Garage contractor professionals perform complicated home improvement projects such as garage conversions, garage builds, garage additions, garage door installations, or new garage flooring to name a few. Because the garage contractor you hire will be on your property for an extended period of time it makes sense to ensure you are on the same page. Therefore, comparing contractors is important not only to find a garage professional who can manage the entire project but also so that you are comfortable with this person’s decision making.

Garage Builders Work Environment

Compared to remodeling professionals such as a bathroom, your garage contractor will be set up to work mostly outdoors particularly if you are building a standalone garage. Be proactive with your garage contractor to keep the communication flowing. You are paying for their services so if you have questions make sure to ask and do not assume. Set those same expectations with the contractor as well.

Before your garage contractor begins work

Set some time aside and begin to think about the dynamics and the logistics of the garage contractor working on your property. Create rules for your garage professional and clearly explain what your expectations are. Garage contractors are well aware and have experience with many home owners and will comply with your onsite expectations.

Garage Contractor Accommodations

Because the garage contractor’s working crew will be onsite during hours of the day for an extended period of time you might want to think about simple accommodations.  Should you rent a portapotty or do you have a half bathroom available that is easy for them to get to? Availability to clean drinking water be it a fountain or bottled water would be appreciated. Make your hose available as well. They may need to clean tools or wash off their hands. Again, this goes back to the rules and understanding the logistics of your home work site.

Garage Contractor Project Completion

What happens as the project comes close to completion? Discuss this with your garage contractor about work phases. There may be phases during the construction process that will affect your life. This will help you prepare for any inconveniences and you can plan accordingly.

Getting cost estimates for your garage project

Garage projects come in all sorts of different styles and needs. Whether you want to build a loft above your garage, turn it into a brand new office, or build a 2 car attached garage you will need to compare garage contractor estimates.

Attached and Detached Garages: Many home owners opt for an attached garage, however in other neighborhoods a detached garage makes more sense. Attached garages typically cost less because there is one less wall to build.

Garage size and materials: The materials you choose will heavily influence the cost. Flooring,  roofing, doors, or entrance options can all add to the cost.

Garage Doors: Steel doors, Aluminum doors, Wood doors, Wood composite doors, Fiberglass doors. Ask your contractor the cost differences between each. Installation cost may vary as well.

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Regardless of why you’re considering a project with a garage contractor you need to be prepared. Let’s break down the list of questions into categories:

Job specifics


Ideally you want to work with a contractor who has the experience necessary to complete your project on time and on budget. Regardless of how you grade the contractor try to be up front with any questions or concerns you have. They will appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

How long have you been in business? (Contractors who go into business often have been in the trade for many years. You might want to clarify this.)

Do you have a contracting license? (Cities, states and even counties have different requirements for contractors getting licensed. Make sure that the contractor has gone through all of the necessary channels to obtain any required certifications specific to their field of expertise.)

Do you work with a dedicated team? (Contracting companies often work on multiple projects at a time, so it’s important to verify that you can count on consistency in who comes to work on your home each day.)


If you are building a garage or perhaps remodeling it you will most likely need local building permits. This includes all proper building inspections during the process and after the project is completed.

Can the costs of all permits be added into your bid? (Permits should be pulled and issued in the Contractor’s name not yours. If the contractor hesitates it may indicate a red flag. Perhaps they have issues working in the city or are not licensed. Ask clarifying questions.)

Do you have experience in my locality pulling permits? (You should hire an experienced, locally licensed contractor who does quality work and knows the system. A properly licensed contractor must meet certain qualifications to pull a permit.


Can you add “start and end dates” into my contract? (The point is that you both have an understanding of when work will commence and approximately when it will get completed.)

Addressing changes to your contract: (No changes to the original scope of work can happen until your contractor has given you clear description, costs, and what it does to the schedule. Change orders should be done in written format: email, pen & ink.

Grace period to rescind your contract: (Some states allow for the homeowner three days rescinding their contract without penalty. If you’re not in one of these states you can request this to be added in. This helps prevent you from losing your deposit if something goes wrong early on.)

Can you add language into my contract that removes any liens? (Any professional that comes into your home as part of the crew has the ability to put a lien on your house claiming they were not paid. Request and ask about lien waivers as you make each installment.)

Contracts are obviously important. You have room to negotiate and add in items you want in there.

How do you provide a description of the work? (Make sure it outlines all of the work, materials, and products that will go into the job.

How are you paid? (This includes how often as well as the total price for the project. Contractors often create project milestones. Make sure they clearly define these.


Here the idea is to get a picture of how the contractor will run your project. Are they responsive, what does a typical day look like? How Responsible are they?

What is your working day like? (Whether you are at home all day or at work it’s important to know what to expect during construction days.) Contractors.

How do you cleanup at the end of the day? (Set the expectation that the contractor and his/her crew will clean up at the end of every day. Trash, nails on the floor or ground, cleanup work surfaces, vacuum etc.)

How will you protect my property? (This is typically a given that a contractor will do this but you have the right to ask it. Just try and be respectful when posing these questions.)

How and where will you store tools? (If your job requires multiple days or weeks ask the contractor where they will store and keep their tools. How will they be transported?)


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