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Popular Roofing Styles in America’s Northeast

Homes in the Northeast region of the United States are constructed in a variety of styles. More than any other region in America, Northeastern houses tend to be older and therefore were built using now-outdated construction methods. While steeped in great historical significance, a roof replacement or repair on your older Northeastern home may be an incredible challenge.

Cape Cod homes are easily identified by their rectangular shape and single-story floorplan. Some of the oldest Cape Cod style homes date back to the days of America’s settlers, as early as the 1600s.

If your home has a centrally-positioned chimney and dormer windows abutting from its steep roof, you have a Cape Cod style home. It is likely clad in either wooden shingles or standard asphalt shingles.

In any case, you’d best be sure your roofing contractor has ample experience working on steep roofs.

Colonial homes, much like their squat Cape Cod cousins, are rectangular in style and often sport a centrally-placed chimney. A Colonial, unlike the Cape Cod, is a two-story design.

There are added challenges presented a roofing contractor when working on a Colonial style roof. The primary of which is the height of a colonial roof, which is quite high compared to a ranch home. It is made increasingly challenging due to the fact that a Colonial home’s roof goes right to the edge of your structure. There are no lower landings on which to break one’s fall, should a slip occur.

Choosing A Roofing Contractor For Your Northeastern Roof

If you live in the Northeast, you experience the wonderful blessing of knowing all four seasons. Life in America’s colonial region has it’s pluses and minuses but any roof repair project depends on the architectural style of your home. If you have a modern or contemporary home, or even a townhouse, you’ll want to act some qualifying questions before you sign.

Ask these qualifying questions:

1.) Is your company experienced in working on my type of roof?

2.) Can you show examples of roofs exactly like mine that your company has already completed?

3.) Is your company properly insured and licensed, so that I won’t be liable for any accidents that may occur?

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Southwestern Roofing

Common Southwestern Home Designs

Mediterranean homes are styled after classic “hacienda” look and have very specific roof characteristics. Their high, multi-tiered rooflines are often clad with tile and can be a challenge for any roofing contractor — even on with a background in homes like yours.

A variety of architectural elements, such as porticos, archways and balconies can add detail work to your project. As with any other home improvement project, you’re better off using a company with provable experience working on your particular type of home. If your roof is leaking, the matter may be solved by simply replacing a few cracked tiles.

Pueblo or Pueblo Revival style homes are still seen sporadically in the Southwest. The earliest instances of this style date back to the early 1900s. Pueblo Indians inhabiting the region at the time crafted homes in this style using simple materials found in their surroundings. Adobe clay, large wood beams and flat roofs are common.

If you are fortunate enough to call a Pueblo house your home, you’ll want to limit your roofing contractor search to only companies specializing in Pueblo architecture. Ask for addresses of homes in your area that have been clients of theirs. This will allow you to achieve a visual approximation of the work quality you can expect.

Don’t forget to ask your contractor:

1.) In the case of a tile roof, will you be able to guarantee that my replacement tiles match my original tiles?

2.) How long will the project take? Will the estimated cost include all fees and services, including site cleanup and debris haul-away?

3.) Is your company properly insured and licensed? Will you contractually protect my liability against any accidents that may occur?

Midwest Roofing

Popular Roofing Styles in America’s Midwest

A prairie style home is a rather common sight in the Midwest. Recognizable for its practical and geometrical aesthetics, a prairie home will often have relatively flat roofs. This makes for an easy work environment for your chosen roofing contractor.

Frank Lloyd Wright, the famous American architect, is the father of the prairie style home design. The challenge for your roofing contractor will be in matching the color pallet of your home with their chosen roofing material.

Be Prepared: Ask Contractors Targeted Questions.

Regardless of where you live or what your house look like, you’ll want to ask informed questions to any roofing contractor you interview. The following questions are standard for any roofing contractor trying to earn your repair or replacement job.

Lifestyle Impacts

What is your working day like? It is preferable if your roofing contractor is explicit in the scope of work document or at least verbally as to what time they will be expected to start and end their day and any other important considerations.

Am I able to stay in my home while the work is underway? Depending on the nature of the project and the style of your home, you may have to vacate the property while the work is underway. In any case, the best scenario is you being prepared in advance if your project will leave you in a hotel for some period of time.

Contract Concerns

How do you provide a description of the work? The more detailed the scope of work document is, the better protected you are. Even if you have to assist the contractor in preparing the document, get all your terms written down in more detail than on your actual contract.

Can you add “start and end dates” into my contract?

Don’t open yourself up to a scenario where your project completion date can be perpetually extended with no penalty to the contractor.

If you show it to be a concern of yours, a quality contractor will agree upon a set project completion date. This should be noted in your contract along with dollar-amount penalties for each day your project remains incomplete beyond the agreed-upon deadline.

Find Qualified and Trustworthy Roofing Contractors

You put a lot of trust in your roof. Your roof should, at a minimum, guarantee protection for your family and loved-ones. The elements of nature will absolutely take a toll each season. Proper roof maintenance is a given if you own your home. Occasionally an entire roof replacement will be the most practical decision on the table.

Every homeowner appreciates the necessity and priority of proper roof maintenance. Occasionally an entire roof replacement, although costly, will actually be the most practical choice

There’s no way to underestimate the importance of a trustworthy roof. Your roof is your home’s shield. Everything important to you relies upon your roof. When your roof eventually requires repair or replacing, you’ll want to seek out a qualified roofing contractor.

This guide will prepare you to take on your roofing contractor search, head on. Which contractor you choose will depend on the specifics of your situation.

Each roof type requires a contractor whose skillset, work experience, and job execution match the demands created by your home’s unique design. Some home designs such as Cape Cods can be pretty predicable in terms of their needs. Other styles such as the Pueblos of the Southwest require a specialist. Upon reading this guide, you’ll be ready to hire a qualified roofing contractor.

The Ideal Roofing Contractor For Your Home

Before you select a contractor, consider some best practices. Your home’s geographical region and climate are factors. More than anything, the architectural design of your home will guide your roofing contractor search.

This guide will address the important considerations for each common style of roof, and for your convenience, we’ve separated the popular styles by region.

Practical Matters

Does the contractor specialize in your roof type? Unless you have a very standard and simple home design, seek a specialist if possible. Even if you pay a slight premium over a generic roofing contractor, you’ll get your money’s worth in the long run.

How long has the contractor been in business? There is absolutely no need to begin work with a newly-formed company. No discount, glossy brochure, or impressive website can outweigh genuine and proven work history.

A quick way to determine the legitimacy of a business’ claimed experience is to ask for examples of their work. Ask if there is a specific address in town you can visit so that you may see first-hand what they were able to accomplish.

Logistic and Legal 

Do you have a valid contracting license? If you were building a shed or a doggie door, you could get by with an unlicensed handyman. The roof on your home is too important and too expensive to risk entrusting to an unlicensed contractor.

Will you outsource my project? There is nothing necessarily wrong with a company farming work out to sub-contractors. Just be sure this is made explicit one way or the other. Minimally, you’d like to know who is coming and going on your property.