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Common sizes of bathrooms

Common Bathroom Remodel sizes and dimensions: A Typical full bathroom usually requires 36 to 40 square feet. Guest bathroom dimensions is about 5’8″ including a master bathroom in a smaller house.

Bathroom Categories

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Bathroom Remodeling Checklist

Remodeling companies and contractors will ask you specifically about the major components of a typical bathroom remodel. There are many ways to spruce up a bathroom.

From small touch-ups to a full-blown bathroom renovation, keeping your bathroom updated and stylish is a great way to maintain value in your home, and make sure that you are able to get the most out of selling it.

Changing Floor Plan

Changing the floor plan of your bathroom is one of the most dramatic ways to create a new design, as well as, make your bathroom more functional. When preparing the designs for your bathroom, it is important to consult your professional bathroom remodeling contractor to gain a realistic idea of how to lay the room out.

Typically, your contractor will be able to provide ideas and insight or alternative perspectives on the best possible floor plan for your bathroom. They will also assist you in avoiding common faux pas or design errors that are typical among those that have never designed a floor plan. A change in your bathroom’s floor plan may be just what you need to optimize the functionality of the room while getting a fresh look and feel.

Bathroom Ceiling

One of the most commonly over looked components in the design of a bathroom, is the ceiling. Your bathroom ceiling provides a unique opportunity to create a dramatic look, that can be fairly inexpensive. There are plenty of materials out there such as tin tiling, that will not only be ideal for the moisture in a bathroom, but will provide a huge impact without being overpowering.

Installing a unique ceiling in your bathroom is also one of the most inexpensive ways to increase the design value of the space without spending a lot of money.

Updating Bathroom Sinks


If you are looking for a small way to make a big difference in your bathroom, then updating your bathroom is one of the best things that you can do. All that you will need to do in order to update your bathroom sink, is to select a style that will complement the rest of the room, as well as your house, and hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor to handle the project for you.

Your contractor will also be able to advise you on styles of sink if you are struggling to decide on what you want, and what will work best for you

Bathroom Vanity


From lighting to the style of the sink, and size, a bathroom vanity is perhaps your largest opportunity to create a custom look and feel for your bathroom. Depending on whether you are remodeling a small powder room, or doing a complete overhaul in your master bath, you will need to select a vanity that not only manages style of room, but provides the appropriate amount of functionality.

For example, if you have a craftsman style house, you will want to select something like a clean wind shaker style vanity. Be sure to also select a mirror and style of lighting that helps to enhance the design of your vanity rather than detract from it.

Bathroom Countertops


The vanity in your bathroom in many ways serves as the centerpiece of the room. Not only is it a very functional portion of your bathroom, it is a major part of your overall bathroom design and contributes a lot to the look and feel of the room. The counter top that you select for a custom bathroom vanity or a pre-furbished one, should not only compliment the vanity, it should be practical.

From glass to granite, there is no shortage of options when it comes to a bathroom counter top. However, beware that some, like glass, are going to be more delicate and show signs of wear and tear and messes much easier than something like granite. Consult with your bathroom remodeling contractor for advice on the best option to suit your bathroom and your lifestyle.


Changing Toilet:

Changing your bathroom toilet may seem like a project that is as simple as a quick Google search on how to do it yourself. However, it happens to be a far more complex project than you might anticipate. It involves serious plumbing skill and experience, as well as, a keen eye for potential errors.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire a professional bathroom contractor to inshore that the job gets done correctly. If you have an older home, you have no idea how many plumbing problems you may encounter during the removal and installation of a new toilets. However, a professional bathroom contractor will know exactly what needs to be done and be able to spot any plumbing problems during the process.


Updating Cabinets:

Whether it’s your kitchen or your bathroom, your cabinets contribute to a large portion of the overall style of a room. Therefore, if the cabinetry in your bathroom is outdated, molding, or otherwise an eyesore, it is a good idea to update it.

While updating your bathroom cabinets may seem like a simple enough project, it is usually best to hire a professional bathroom contractor to remove your old cabinets and install your new ones. It can be a lot easier than you may think to make an error in measuring, cutting, or installing cabinets and the simplest error can end up being very costly.

Overall, cabinets in your bathroom can have a serious impact on the way or bathroom functions, looks, and feels.


Shower & Bath:

While some bathroom remodeling projects may be small enough that you could comfortably tackle them on your own, redoing your shower or bath is not one of them.

Due to the nature of this type of project, it is important to hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor to ensure that the removal and installation is done correctly and precisely so as to avoid any major disasters down the line.

Are you tired of battling with your shower curtain, which never seem to act right, on a daily basis? Would you be willing to switch from a bathtub to a shower? If you answered yes to any of these questions then a bathtub-to-shower conversion is definitely for you.

When it comes to remodeling and renovation, the bathroom is one of the most popular topics and choices. Besides its basic layout and practical purpose, the bathroom has tremendous potential to be updated. Redoing a bathtub can make a tremendous impact. See our bathtub refinishing cost guide to learn more.


Flooring Installation:

Installing flooring in any room can be a time-consuming and arduous project. Installing flooring in a bathroom happens to be one of the most difficult remodeling projects that you can encounter. However, installing a new bathroom and your floor can have a huge impact on the overall design of the room.

Your bathroom flooring can be the difference between having a room that feels like a spot or retreat, versus a public restroom. Additionally, there are ways to enhance the comfort level of your bathroom with your bathroom floor. For example, you could install heating in your bathroom floor tiles so that you never encounter a cold floor early in the morning.

Consult with your professional bathroom remodeling contractor for additional ideas and tips on how to improve your bathroom with a new floor.

Bathroom Mirrors


It may sound like something simple, but when it comes to a bathroom, a mirror can be a pretty big deal. Updating your bathroom mirror can be an easy and inexpensive way to make your bathroom more stylish, more fresh, and even make it appear to be bigger.

Depending on the type of mirror that you already have, you could spruce it up to make an impact. For example, adding a frame of molding if your current mirror is without one, is very inexpensive and will make the room appear more finished.

Your bathroom mirror or mirrors are an excellent opportunity to provide a creative focal point for the room as well. To do this, try finding a mirror with a colorful frame for an otherwise neutral bathroom.

You could also try salvaging an antique frame and adding the mirror glass for an inexpensive fix that will have your guests green with envy. Another option, is to find a mirror with a unique or unexpected shape like oval or diamond, rather than the tradition medicine cabinet square that has been overdone.

Bathroom Tiling

Updating Bathroom Tile:

The tile in a bathroom is one of the main style features and often serves as the main focal point of the entire room. It is one of the best ways to punctuate the lines of your bathroom and accentuate the style too.

Therefore, if the tile in your bathroom is outdated, it can have a tremendously negative effect on the entire visual aesthetic of room. If you are tired of looking at the same old tired and dingy tile in your bathroom, it is time for you to freshen things up by replacing the tile.

However, updating bathroom tile can be a fairly large job, so you will want to make sure that it will complement the overall style of the room (and house) before you spend the money. You  will also want to make sure that the job is done right by hiring a bathroom remodeling contractor.

Bathroom Light Fixtures

Updating Light Fixtures:

Updating the light fixtures in your bathroom is one of the fastest and easiest ways to make a big impact on the overall style and functionality of the room. It can also be one of the most inexpensive ways to give it a good facelift.

In some cases you will need a contractor and/or electrician to come into your bathroom and replace the lighting fixtures and ensure that the wiring is done safely and correctly and then patch the drywall.

However, if you won’t need to do any work with the wiring, there are some simple things you can do to update your lighting fixtures yourself like spray-painting them or changing out the shades on a chandelier.

Painting Bathroom


The design of your bathroom should always be in keeping with the rest of your house. This will increase the value of the home in the eyes of buyers and make it easier to sell, should you ever decide to move.

It will also have a better impression on guests visiting your home. Keep this intent of consistency in mind when selecting the materials and finishing touches like the tile, wall color, and lighting fixtures.

When it comes to bathroom design, there are several different ways that you can go. However, it is important that when you are drawing up the plans for the design of your bathroom that you ensure that the room will be functional and serve it’s purpose, in addition to adding to the overall aesthetic of your home.

Bathroom Design

Design and Colors:

The design of your bathroom should always be in keeping with the rest of your house. This will increase the value of the home in the eyes of buyers and make it easier to sell, should you ever decide to move.

It will also have a better impression on guests visiting your home. Keep this intent of consistency in mind when selecting the materials and finishing touches like the tile, wall color, and lighting fixtures.

When it comes to bathroom design, there are several different ways that you can go. However, it is important that when you are drawing up the plans for the design of your bathroom that you ensure that the room will be functional and serve it’s purpose, in addition to adding to the overall aesthetic of your home.

Master and Half Bathrooms

Master vs. Half Baths:

Typically, there are many differences between a master bathroom and a half bathroom. First, half bathrooms are usually placed in a common area of the home to allow for easy access for guests. Half baths usually only consist of a toilet, sink, and shower, and are usually on the smaller side.

Master bathrooms however, can be sprawling spa-like spaces with a separate room for the toilet, a shower and a bathtub, and a larger sink area.

When it comes to renovating a bathroom, there are big differences in terms of cost and materials for a master bathroom versus a half bathroom. This is due to the size of the rooms and the priorities taken over the materials themselves.

Typically, you will select higher-end materials when renovating a master bathroom to give it a more luxurious feel, while half bathrooms usually just get a basic face lift so as not to turn-off potential buyers or guests.

The size of a bathroom will play a major role in it’s level of functionality and overall comfort. Obviously, the larger the room, the more comfortable it will feel and the better it will likely function because there will be room for luxuries like a double vanity sink.

If you plan to update or renovate your bathroom, the size will also be a major indicator to the amount you should plan to spend on the project.

Small and Large Bathroom Remodeling

Small vs. Large:

A bathroom remodel can be as small as swapping out a few fixtures, or as big as gutting the entire room. Sometimes, what is intended to be a small remodel, turns into a bigger project when deficiencies in the plumbing or electrical work are uncovered.

Aside from the kitchen, bathrooms are the most complex room of the house to renovate. Even the seemingly simplest of updating projects can instantly become a huge undertaking. Therefore, it is wise to hire a bathroom remodeling contractor to have by your side no matter how big or small the renovation.

Should you encounter problems along the way of your bathroom remodel, an experienced bathroom contractor will have the know-how to calmly guide you through the resolution process and the associated costs. They will also be able to offer you alternative solutions and options so that you can make the best decision for your unique situation.

Bathrooms come in many different shapes and sizes. The terms “small” and “large” become relative with bathrooms because there are three different types, serving varying purposes; quarter, half, and full. Then of course, there are master bathrooms too, which tend to be their own breed and the largest of them all. So whether you are planning a small or large bathroom remodel, you need to hire a bathroom contractor to keep your project on track, protect your property, and help you adhere to your budget.

Remodeling to Sell Home

Selling Home:

Preparing to sell a house can be a time-consuming and labor-intensive project, but one that is well worth it if you want to get the best possible price for selling it. It has been said for years that kitchens and bathrooms are what sell a house and that old adage still rings true today.

Not only can an outdated bathroom be an eye-sore that deters potential buyers from making an offer, it could be a danger to your home. Depending on how long it has been since the bathroom’s plumbing and electrical are, there could be some major problems lurking beneath the surface.

If you still manage to get an offer on your house, but those elements are indeed, not up to code, your house will fail its inspection. At that point you will likely be forced to make repairs or risk losing the sales contract.

Therefore, if you still have an outdated bathroom, but wish to sell your house in the near future, it would be well-advised that you renovate the space. Just be sure that you hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor for the job so that all of the proper permits are pulled for the project and that the work gets done correctly.

The last thing you want is to go through the time and expense it takes to renovate your bathroom to sell, and find out during the inspection period that you have to go back and make corrections or pay fines.

Setting Your Remodeling Budget


One of the most important aspects for any remodeling or construction project is setting your budget. In order to set a realistic budget for your bathroom remodeling project, you will need to first do your research into practical costs for the project. Additionally, using a professional bathroom remodeling contractor will help you to get the most bang for your buck in the project.

Once you understand the costs involved for remodeling your bathroom, you will be able to pick and choose what is of the highest priority to you for the project. On the flip side, when you have additional room in the budget you will be able to add custom features to enhance the overall feel and value of your bathroom.

When preparing to hire a professional bathroom remodeling contractor for your bathroom renovation project, it is important to request bids from at least three separate contractors. Once you have interviewed all three (or more) candidates, and their bids, assess the pros and cons of each contractor.

Generally, it is best to go with the mid-range bid because the lowest will be low for a reason, and the highest will be overpriced without merit.

Remodeling For Double Vanity

Double Vanity:

When it comes to remodeling any room, there are usually two causes for the renovation; lack of style and/or lack of functionality. More often than not, both are true when it comes time to renovate or remodel a bathroom. Since a bathroom, is made of such few features, and usually limited space, it is crucial that each element is selected with care and thought.

Considered by many to be the most important thing in a bathroom, especially the master, is the vanity. Having a double vanity versus a single can really up the ante in terms of functionality. It has even been said that the key to a happy and successful marriage is a double sink.

So if you are looking to update your bathroom by adding style and functionality, hiring a bathroom contractor to install a double vanity is a fantastic investment.



Ideally you want to work with a contractor who has the proven experience to complete your project the way you want, and so that it gets done on time and on budget.

How long have you been remodeling bathrooms?

Do you have a contracting license?

Do you work with a dedicated team?

Do you belong to any professional associations?


When remodeling a bathroom making significant changes, you may need local permits. This includes all proper building inspections during the process and after the project is completed. Additionally, each specialty trade, such as electrical or plumbing, has its own permit.

Can the costs of all permits be added into your bid?

Do you have experience in my local municipality pulling permits?

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