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Compare local basement contractors with expertise in all major types of basement finishing projects. Design & Build your dream finished basement that can include: Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Family Room, Entertainment.


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Home Fixology Remodeling Basement ContractorsBASEMENT REMODELING PROJECTS

  • Remodeling partial basement. Adding bathrooms, bedrooms, Others.
  • Design & Build, remodel and update basement

Basement Remodeling Companies (3 Free Quotes)

Experienced with remodeling basement projects. Large, small, partial remodels. Custom design and build. Add walk outs and water proofing.


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Home Fixology Finished Basement ContractorsBASEMENT FLOORING PROJECTS

  • Install or repair basement flooring.
  • Top pros experienced with basement flooring.

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Experienced with basement flooring projects. Large or small basements. Wood, Laminate, Tile and More.


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Home Fixology Finished Basement ContractorsBUILD BASEMENT ADDITION PROJECTS

  • Basement additions. Install new basement.
  • Top pros experienced with basement additions.

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Experienced with basement additions and installs. Seal basement, build, design, basement foundations.


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Home Fixology Finished Basement ContractorsREPAIR BASEMENT DRAINAGE PROJECTS

  • Basement drainage repair.
  • Cost to Repair French Drain & Tiles, Floor Drains, Sump Pump.

Basement Drainage Companies (3 Free Quotes)

Experienced with basement drainage.


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  • Find a Basement contractor near you.
  • Finished basements, Design & Build, Remodeling, Walk outs.

Top Cities For Basement Remodeling Contractors

Chicago – Denver – Detroit – Boston

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Common Basement Remodeling Ideas: Finished into a family room, add guest bedrooms, home office, Walk outs, Open floor plans, play areas, Bar and entertainment.

The Reality of a Finished Basement. What will it cost?

Your home is your place of peace. For most logical people, the home front is likely to be the most prized physical asset one can posses. This is the place where most people spend the majority of their time, and it provides safety, security and entertainment purposes. In other words, your home is more than just four walls and a roof.

Total space is something that most homeowners lack and or either trying to incorporate more of. One of the best ways to add some much needed square footage is to start with the basement. Unless you’re living in the state of Florida, the homes in your geographical area probably have basements. Though it’s one of the most unused areas in the home, the basement is primed for a ton of growth.

So, it has come to a point to where you’re needing a bit of extra space, or you’re just tired of looking at those bland pipes and unfinished walls of your basement. You’ve finally made up your mind to reinvigorate this cold, lonesome room, but you haven’t got a clue of how to start and where to begin.

First things first, there are two options here. You can either remodel your basement, or you can finish your basement. Remodeling and refinishing are two separate tasks that have two separate objectives. Check out the contrasting differences below to get a better understanding of the two distinct projects.

Remodeling is a bit different than finishing, especially when it comes to home renovations. With remodeling, you’ll be working in a space that’s already completed. The plumbing is already intact as well as the walls and the electrical wiring. You won’t necessarily have to do any infrastructure work, but at the same time, you’ll be doing structural work. To better state it, you won’t have to “gut” your home to complete this task.

Refinishing is similar to starting from scratch or a black canvas. The room is basically halfway finished or completely unfinished. The room isn’t livable at all because it lacks electricity, plumbing as well as walls, which just so happens to be the infrastructure.

Getting started by finding a qualified contractor

How To Get Started

Disclaimer. First things first. If you don’t have any experience with construction, hire a professional contractor. To be fairly honest, home renovation projects are a lot tougher than th