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Custom Showers: Remodeling Your Master Bathroom? Try Adding a Custom Specialty Shower!

Any homeowner looking to add some dimension, interest and functionality to their master bathroom should consider the possibilities of upgrading or adding a custom shower/tub space to a more versatile one. This page offers a few suggestions to get you started thinking about what is possible.

Custom Shower Possibilities

Love the heat? - Install a steam shower

The latest generation of steam showers are truly wonders of modern technology. Not only do they feature touch control for the heat and water levels but can also include controls for music and massage.

Smaller bathroom spaces may have to settle for a purely stand-up shower but larger master baths can include bench seating for the ultimate in luxury comfort. In either case, the relaxation afforded by the various upgrades is well worth the investment. Anyone else like a nice steamy schvitz!

Put in a multiple head shower

Is a soothing massage more to your taste? After a long day at work, there is nothing more relaxing than a long, hot shower – especially if the stream of water from the shower head can impact all those hard to reach spots on your back, neck and legs.

Even better is a situation where a multi-head shower that can attack all of these same sore areas at one time. You are in and out of the shower– feeling refreshed – relatively quickly and you probably even save a little bit of money on your monthly utility bill. Invigorating to say the least!

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Add A Whirlpool bath

Rather be sitting down? – A whirlpool bath could be the answer. While time is of the essence to some folks when showering, others prefer to spend the bath time soaking in the tub. A whirlpool bath just heightens the relaxation by offering a stream of gentling pulsating water from multiple directions.

It is even better when you include your significant other. Just light a few candles, burn a little incense and add some soothing music to create a situation that is a joy for all the senses. Very soothing!

Add a glass enclosed shower

Need more sunlight? – Add a glass enclosed shower – Many homeowners go to great lengths to allow light into a master bathroom and then ruin the effect by installing a shower that almost completely eliminates that light in the shower area.

Other homeowners – those with a little more foresight – think to include a clear glass enclosure that allows all of the sun to shine in although more modest folks might want to try the frosted glass look. In either case, your time in the shower will be upbeat and full of sunlight. Bask in the glow!

Open wet room plan

Want more room? – Try an open wet room plan As funny as it may seem, it can be truly invigorating to break out of the mold of a small shower enclosure into an open-sided plan. The tub and the shower occupy a space behind a glass enclosure but the space is relatively open so there is plenty of room to move around and to bask in the flowing water.

It truly is like bathing in a warm spring rain. Add a claw foot bath and you can even take a dip in the faux river of cool, cool water. Extraordinary!

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