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Cost of Bathroom Addition: Increase Value, Additional Bathtub/Shower, Accommodations.

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Average Cost to Add a Bathroom

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Bathroom Additions Cost Guide

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Costs Adding A New Bathroom To Your Home

The cost for a typical bathroom addition can cost from $2,700.00 for a small bathroom of some existing space to upwards of $23,000.00 for a new bathroom addition to the home. Sinks can range from $97-$527, Toilets range from $100 and $250. Adding a Bathroom to house additional costs can include labor costing between $350-$650. Shower/tubs average costs are about $397.00 to $611.00 for the tub and walls. Installation costs can range up to $1,000.00 or more depending on the scope and where the project is located in the house.

You’ll have some important factors to weigh before signing a final agreement with your bathroom builder. Firstly, be sure to weigh the cost and scale of your proposed bathroom build project relative to your existing home. There are two important areas of consideration you ought to weigh while trying to assess the scope of your potential bathroom addition project:

A bathroom addition in a home can be an almost entirely functional necessity or it can be a matter of style and comfort. You might want a larger bathroom with a massive jacuzzi tub, a shower with multiple shower heads, and modernized materials all around.

In many cases, you don’t need to disturb very much of your home’s original structure to build a bathroom onto your home. At the most, you’ll end up bumping a relatively small nook out of your home’s existing footprint where the new bath addition will sit.

Home Value vs. Your New Bathroom Addition Estimate

The value of your original home relative to your home addition must make sense. If your home itself is only valued at $75,000 you want to make sure you don’t plan a bathroom addition that comes close to half of your home’s value. Not only will your investment not translate very well into additional home value, but an extravagant bathroom might seem out of place in a relatively modest home.

The bathroom to bedroom ratio

The bathroom addition ratio in your home is also important to weigh. Generally, you don’t want to have more bathrooms than you have bedrooms in your home. The sole exception to this might be in the case of a home that is a one-bedroom, one bath. A second half-bathroom, in this case, may be acceptable. If home resale isn’t an important consideration for you, then perhaps you can ignore the ratio rules.

What will your bathroom addition cost?

You’ve decided to build a bathroom onto your home and are likely wondering what you should expect the cost of the project to be. As with any room addition project, be sure to request quotes from contractors with materials, labor, and cleanup costs included.

A massive, upscale, and high-end master bathroom addition can absolutely cost as much as $50,000 depending on the specifics involved. The final cost can range quite a bit, so it definitely pays to eventually receive a few estimates from trusted, reputable, and local contractors.

Even if your builder has no ill will whatsoever, it’s easy for miscommunication to result in a price quote that doesn’t include materials or cleanup costs. The other major determining factor that will play into the final cost to build a bathroom onto your home is whether the new bathroom will be a full or half bathroom.

The truth is that a bath addition will add some value to your home, but not nearly pay for itself entirely in terms of added resale value down the road. Generally speaking, you should expect to be able to recoup about 50% of your bathroom build project investment in added home value.

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Full Baths and Half-Baths, Which is Right for You?

The cost to build a half bath onto your home is going to be about $18,100 depending on how large you’d like the half bath to be and the type of materials you choose. Because you’ll be adding a bathroom that will be smaller than a full bathroom, you’ll be able to use less material overall.

A full bath, on the other hand, will cost considerably more, usually at least $32,400. A jacuzzi tub itself could cost about $1,500 for materials and installation. You might also be surprised to find out that even the glass enclosures around high-end showers and jacuzzi tubs can often be rather costly in materials and installation costs.

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High End Bathroom Options

What was once considered a “one per house” luxury in bigger homes, is a feature that is rapidly popping up in multiple locations within a home, including in bathrooms. Ask your builder what a bathroom fireplace might cost.

Double sinks

There was a time in the late 1990s when a bathroom with more than one sink was seen as extravagant and possibly a wasteful expression of opulence. Today, it’s just purely a practical decision when, for example, a married couple shares the same master bathroom and needs to get ready at the same time in the morning.

A new bathroom build project can be an exciting prospect for any homeowner. The added bathroom can provide a touch of modernity and comfort while also making your life easier. If you’re serious about finding out exactly what to expect a bathroom addition to cost based on the specifics of your home, your property, and your vision, simply click the button below to get started.

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