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Garage To New Living Space Conversions

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  • Transform garage into a new living space.
  • family rooms, living rooms, bedrooms & bathrooms.

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  • OPTIONS: Kitchen Diners, Home Office, Workout Rooms,
  • Utility rooms, Playrooms & Recreation

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Converting garage into a living space: Converting a garage into a new living space from an existing attached or detached garage can add around 250 square feet to your home If you currently have a two car garage you can expect to add up to 576 square feet. This would be rough to convert a garage into a living space plus a bathroom.

Top 7 Considerations For a Garage To Living Space Conversion Project

Set a goal in the beginning to help transform the converted bedroom space appear naturally with the original home layout.

Garage Flooring For New Living Space: The garage floor is usually lower than the rest of the home layout. To keep your consistent floor plan raise the flooring. The garage space will likely be damper compared to other rooms in the house. Damp proof garage flooring by sealing the concrete slab before turning the garage into a  bedroom.

Taxes and Insurance: When your living space conversion you should always consider the tax implications and insurance changes that adding a new room onto your home will have. Be prepared by looking into this before the first hammer swings. If you are hiring a garage remodel contractor make sure building codes will not interpret your home into a two unit family home. This will impact insurance and taxes.

Garage door options for living space conversions. The garage door can be the trickier part of the conversion process. If you may be selling the home in the future one good option is to leave the garage door attached. This gives the new homeowner the flexibility turn it back into a garage.

Living Space HVAC: Understand how the heating and air-conditioning works in the house. It is most likely tied into your home’s current system. Check to see if the ducting beneath the floors . If so you may need to explore a separate system.

If going the sub-floor route radiant heating is a good option to keep costs down. Adding insulation makes it easier to keep it heated or cooled and will cost you in the long run if not done. A ductless system can give the newly converted bedroom comfortable air conditioning without the extra work to extend throughout the house.

Saving Money on the conversion project: Doing some of the demolition and clean up can save you hours off labor costs.  You can transport building materials but renting a truck for the day and drop off and pick up as needed.

Less structural work will save you money off the garage to living space conversion project. Paint the new space yourself, and find creative ways to hide the electrical box. Read our garage conversion cost guide to learn more.

Your Living Space & Lighting: Lighting is not only important for the space itself but also for health reasons. Bring in as much natural light as possible. One option might be to bring in natural light with a light tube rather than a skylight. If you plan on replacing the garage door with a wall add windows to bring in more natural light.

Converting garage to living space & building permit requirements: When turning your garage into a new converted space. Check with your local building codes because often they require the space have certain things such as a closet etc.

Additionally make sure the new space is large enough to be called a bedroom. Keep all documentation to show the building inspector, proofs of wiring, plumbing, and insulation have been completed correctly to building code.

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