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plans to build a garage

How to Shop for Garage Building Plans (Kits)

If you find yourself in need of some extra storage space or would like to have a safe harbor for your vehicle, a garage is a fantastic solution. Acquiring a garage may seem like a huge undertaking that would require you to move or hire a contractor to build one for you. However, there is another alternative that many people are unaware of that is both effective and economical.

Garage building plans are kits that you can purchase and come complete with everything that you will need to build your own garage. In fact, there are a lot of benefits to purchasing a garage building kit.

The Top Seven Reasons to Buy a Garage Building Kit

They’re green. Since the kits are manufactured efficiently and designed for easy construction, they are made out of a minimal amount of materials making them an environment-friendly solution.

They’re durable. You may feel hesitant about the structural integrity of a build-it-yourself style garage, but the truth is that most of them are shockingly sturdy. You have a variety of materials to choose from but the steel ones will offer the most in terms of strength and fortitude.

They’re easy to assemble. You might be intimidated initially by the idea of constructing your garage yourself, but the truth is that these kits are actually built to be so easy a monkey could do it.

They’re easy to haul. When you imagine having to haul all of the necessary materials to construct a large building like a garage you might think you would need tractor trailers to get the job done.

The truth is that they’re so compact that you could actually move the entire kit with a relatively small truck or trailer.

They’re cheap. If you are looking to get all of the convenience of having a garage without spending a fortune, then a do-it-yourself garage is the way to go. They are a significantly cheaper alternative to a concrete, stone, or cinder block version.

Property Taxes. Generally when you add a structure like a garage to your property, your annual property taxes experience an unfortunate increase. However, in most cases, these styles of garages do not result in as much of an increase as a traditional garage.

Speed. Okay this one is a shocker! Believe it or not, once you have your slab poured and in place, you could conceivably build your entire garage within the window of just one afternoon! That is leaps and bounds faster than what any contractor can offer you in terms of the timeline.

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What are the Different Types of Garage Building Kits?

So now that you understand why garage building kits make such a great option, let’s take a look at the different types of kits available so that you can determine which would best suit your needs.

Pole Barn Garage Kits

In pole barn garage kits, wood posts or beams are used as the primary support structure of the garage. Although you can usually use any type of siding that you want with pole barn garage kits, metal or aluminum siding is the most popular choice.

Since the wooden poles can be placed into the ground and later filled in with concrete, a floor is not required for this option, making is one of the most inexpensive ways to go. Of course, you can always go back later and add a concrete floor if you need or want one. However, pole barn kits are among the most labor intensive to assemble.

Panelized Pre-Fab Garage Kits

Panelized pre-fab garage kits are one of the easiest options in terms of construction. They typically come with the wall panels already assembled, contributing to the ease of construction.

These are typically made completely of wood and are put together in a similar fashion to building with Legos. Foam is then added for insulation.

Steel Tube Garage Kits

These kits come with sections of light gauge steel tubing which is used to make up the entire structure of the building. Since steel is practically indestructible, these are the sturdiest option and offer the most protection.

The siding is also usually steel. While steel tube garage kits are made up of more parts, they are still considered easy to assemble.

Rigid Frame Prefab Steel Garage

Rigid frame prefab steel garages are considered to the most integral and robust of all the options out there. They are built using very solid steel I-frames and a heavier steel for the rest of the walls and materials.

Because the structure is made up of heavier materials, a sturdy or heavy-duty foundation will be required to provide ample enough support to uphold everything properly.

Open Web Steel Truss Buildings

If you are in need of a lot of storage, you may want to consider going with an open web steel truss building. They offer a lot of structural integrity because they are made of steel, which is great in climates that experience extreme weather patterns. They are similar to the prefab steel structure garage kits, but these use open webbed steel rafters and columns for support.

If you decide to build one of the smaller models, you likely won’t have to worry about pouring an extra heavy foundation or needing a crane for construction. Another benefit to open web steel truss buildings is that, for their size, they are a relatively inexpensive option to build. Especially in comparison to the rigid frame garage styles currently on the market.

Modular Garage Kits

If ease of assembly is what you are looking for, then a modular garage kit is going to be the best option for you. They require the least amount of assembly out of all of the options out there. The pieces are pre-assembled and delivered to you in pre-built sections. All you need to place all of the pieces together and then attach them once they arrive.

Unfortunately, the modular units tend to be pretty limited in size so they don’t offer much in terms of storage. Further cutting into the convenience is that many of them come with interior supports which limit the storage capacity even further.

Steel Arch Buildings

Steel arch buildings are unique in that they have round roofs, lack any eaves, and don’t have any type of interior structure like the others. Due to their lack of interior structure, they are one of the easier models to construct.

The steel arches actually are the formal structure in this case. However, this particular style may be banned or at least frowned upon in many neighborhoods, so you will need to check with your HOA or building code guidelines prior to purchasing.

There are so many different types of garage kits available out there that there should be one out there to suit just about every function and purpose. The fact is that they offer a great deal of variety in options so that you can pretty much customize your kit to be sure that it will fulfill your requirements.

They are also cheaper, easier, and much faster to construct than any traditional type of garage and offer the same level of purpose.

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