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Building Garage Cabinets & Shelves

Your garage is more than just a simple shed to keep you vehicle safe from mother nature. It also serves as one of the primary places for storage in your home. However, in many garages, a lack of storage cabinets and shelves can cause a garage to look more like the aftermath of a tornado.

If you have been putting off adding adequate shelves and cabinets to your garage because you fear that they will be difficult or expensive to build, you’re wrong! This easy guide will show you how anyone can build the perfect set of shelves and cabinets for a garage that will help you to keep everything clean, organized, and tidy, without breaking the bank.

How to Build Your Own Garage Cabinets

Building cabinets for your garage can be shockingly simple and cheap to accomplish. After all, when you think about it, cabinets are basically just boxes with doors on them, right? That being said, this is your guide to building very basic and cheap cabinets for your garage.

What You Will Need



Wood glue




The Process

For cabinets you are going to cut your plywood into two sets of matching sizes for the sides, top and bottom at least 16 1/2 inches deep, two even sizes for the doors sixteen inches wide, and a back side that is 32 inches wide so that you can easily attach the cabinet to the stud.

You will also want to cut pieces 32 inches long and 16 inches deep for your shelves inside. Using the glue, and clamps, assemble the basic box. Next you will need to use the hinges to attach the doors to the front of your cabinet.

Finally, screw the hardware into the doors for easy opening and closing. You will also probably want to paint your cabinet. Finally, attach your cabinet to the studs in your wall.

*Tip* If you will be parking vehicles in the garage, you may want to make sure that your cabinets are high enough on the wall so that you can still park your vehicles underneath if necessary. You may also want additional room for storage.

The Cost of Building Your Own Garage Cabinets

Depending on what type of wood you decide to use for your cabinets, they can be very cheap or fairly expensive to build. Using basic plywood will be the cheapest way to go and should run you about $100 for one cabinet.

How to Build Your Own Garage Shelves