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Home Fixology Small Bathroom Flooring ContractorsBATHTUB SHOWER REPLACEMENT

  • Updating Bathtub and shower.
  • Replace, Install, Remodel, Conversions.

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Home Fixology Master Bathroom Flooring ContractorsREPLACE BATHTUB SHOWER FOR MASTER BATHROOM

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  • Tub (whirlpool or soaking) and separate shower, custom designs.

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  • Compare plumbing estimates to convert bathtub to shower.
  • Replacing a bathtub with walk-in shower.

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Home Fixology Bathroom Shower RemodelingSHOWER REMODELING

  • Replace Or Remodel Your Shower.
  • Replace, Convert Or Remodel Your Shower

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Home Fixology Bathtub refinishingBATHTUB REFINISHING

  • Refinish existing babtub
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Common Bathtub Shower Ideas: Bathtub Shower Combinations, Free Standing Tub Showers,
Enclosed Bathtub Shower Combos.

Bathtub Options

Bathtubs have different personalities. For instance, clawfoot, and freestanding types boldly occupy favored positions in your bathroom. The corner, drop-in, and alcove tubs tend to be nestled against walls. These ones are integrated into your overall scheme. The following are some of the bathtub options that you can select from:

Bathtub Options #1

3-Wall Clove Tubs:

Tub-shower combinations are highly popular. They’re tailored to maximize space. The unfinished ends are sandwiched between a handy in-built storage cabinet and an exterior wall. The typical accompaniment is a wall-mounted shower.

Bathtub Options #2

Clawfoot Tubs:

These ones raise the images of the grand Elizabeth soaking era. They have signature legs that support tubs, which are especially deep. The ‘slipper’ type designs have a high back that is handy for supporting the neck and head.

Bathtub Options #3

Free Standing Tubs:

These tubs have a sculpted bathing bowl that comes on a cradle or a solid base.

Bathtub Options #4

Corner Tubs:

This bathtub option brings with it a triangular shaped design that fits right into the nook of your room. Such units are normally configured to match the needs of two people bathing.

Bathtub Options #5

Under Mount Tubs:

Undermount tubs are specially customized for floor-level installation. They feature flooring such as tiles, which cover the tub’s lip. A great attribute about these kinds of tub option is the fact they are highly versatile. They don’t have any visible edge.