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Top 10 Best Bathroom Sliding Door Options

Sliding Bathroom Doors

Preparing to give your home’s interior a more modern design? Believe it or not, one of the coolest places to play with modern materials and clean lines is in the bathroom.

Creating a cool modern aesthetic for your bathroom should actually begin with your bathroom door. These days, sliding doors are all the rage. Here are the top ten best sliding door options to give your bathroom a more contemporary look.

Sliding Pocket Bathroom Doors:

When you think of pocket doors, you may think mid-century. However, the sliding doors of today are not just contemporary, they are beautiful. When it comes to making this classic a more modern appearance, it is all about the materials. Rather than the traditional wood door, go for something unexpected like metal or fogged glass.

Sliding Wooden Barn Bathroom Doors:

If you have watched any home improvement shows over the last five years or ever been on Pinterest, you have surely seen the rise of the sliding wood barn doors. This trend is truly popping up everywhere because it offers a big wow factor that is sure to impress anyone visiting your home. Many people treat these doors as the focal point of the entire room.

Sliding Mirrored Bathroom Doors:

Mirrors are great for so many reasons. Not only do they give your door a sleeker aesthetic, they are very functional. Mirrors can be used to help make any room seem bigger and brighter, so why not make them apart of your bathroom door.

Sliding French Bathroom Doors:

French doors have always been fabulous. Now there are plenty of ways to also make the fresh. Again, making this more traditional style of door is made modern with your selection of materials. Stay away from the more traditional multi-window pane style and opt for something more unexpected and minimal.

Sliding Fogged Glass Bathroom Doors:

Fogged glass is one of the sexiest ways to add a more class and sophisticated to your home and your bathroom. Why not include it in your sliding doors? Fogged glass is common in french, sliding, and pocket doors, so you can choose whichever style you prefer.

Sliding Metal Bathroom Doors:

Going for the modern industrial look? Like something you might see in a posh NYC loft or ultra modern California abode? Why not try installing a metal sliding door? Using a metal door can not only be inexpensive, it can make a sizeable impact on the look and feel of the room.

Frameless Sliding Bathroom Doors:

Looking for something smooth, clean, and sleek? Why not try a frameless glass sliding door for your bathroom? These work great in any house with high ceilings. They also make a great option if you are struggling to get enough light into the room. Remember that the more light you allow into your bathroom, the larger it will appear to the naked eye.

Reclaimed Wood Sliding Bathroom Doors:

In almost all of the other styles of bathroom doors in this article, you have been discouraged from using wood as a material. However, this time is a bit different. In this style, it is all about the wood. Use reclaimed or recycled wood to create an over-the-top and truly unique sliding bathroom door that will have your guests talking. The beauty of a door like this is that you can create it yourself and really customize it. One cool and easy way to do this is to get really creative with the handle.

Tile Sliding Bathroom Doors:

Tile is another fun and interesting way to create an unexpected and fully custom sliding bathroom door. First, start by choosing a material for the frame of the door. Both wood and metal materials could work for this to either provide symmetry or contrast to the overall design. Then comes the fun part of choosing what type of tile you want to use for the middle of the door. This style of door could be purchased, but would also make a fun DIY project that would add even more value to the piece.

Corrugated Tin Sliding Bathroom Doors:

Finally, for an uncommon style of sliding bathroom door that is tall on style, but short on popularity. In fact, of all of these styles, this is the least common. However, do not let that fool you because they are absolutely beautiful. Corrugated tin makes such an unexpected impression as a sliding bathroom door. You can count on guests remarking on this contemporary material and asking you loads of questions about it. So if you are looking for a unique showpiece to welcome people into your powder room, choose corrugated tin.

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