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Riteway Home Remodeling has a proven record of excellence in designing and managing several building and construction projects in the Chicagoland area.

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6013 W Belmont
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Superior Pad Construction

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Cost of Remodeling a Bathroom in Chicago, IL

One of the main rooms in a home is the bathroom. Updated bathrooms are always attractive to potential buyers, as well as the updated functionality for the current home owners. The cost of a Chicago bathroom remodel depends on your goals, the project scope, and the size in square foot. High end remodels can reach over $20,000 while the media bathroom remodel in Chicago tends to be around the $7,000 mark.

Factors that will influence the cost of a bathroom remodel in Chicago include your decisions to update: bathtub/shower, vanity, flooring, toilet, sinks, cabinets, and lighting. To get an accurate estimate of bathroom remodeling costs in Chicago start here with Home Fixology and receive 3 free quotes from the top local pros that includes written project estimate.

From downtown high-rise condominiums to multi-flat homes, to single family dwellings the city of Chicago offers the homeowner a wide range of homes to choose from along with unique Chicago style designs and architecture.

The city of Chicago, Illinois, is one of the most diverse municipalities in the U.S. as well as the world. The city extends for more than 30 miles along Lake Michigan, and it is the 3rd largest city in the nation with over 2.7 million people. Chicago has some of the most affluent architecture when it comes to homes and businesses.

This architecture is a direct reflection of its multicultural communities. As in most big cities, home remodeling projects are very popular and “The Windy City” certainly has its fair share of contractors. With so many options to choose from, one might not know just where to start. If you’re seeking information on how to remodel your bathroom, the information below with help you get off to a great start.

Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Permit Information



You need a permit from the City of Chicago for any private house construction, repair, or alteration in Cook County. The department issues a ‘combined’ building permit to replace and/or repair counters, tiles, wall finishes, flooring, cabinets, and electrical/plumbing fixtures. You can submit your submit application here.

See more information at Chicago Building Permitting 

Building permits help to ensure construction work complies with the minimum standards of safety established by the Chicago Building Code in order to protect public health, safety, and welfare. A building permit is required before beginning most construction, demolition, and repair work. In order to provide more responsive service, the Department of Buildings offers permitting processes tailored for a wide variety of projects, from home repairs to new skyscrapers.

General Information on Permits in Chicago Here

Bathroom Remodeling in Chicago Neighborhoods and Nearby Towns

As stated above, Chicago is a gigantic melting pot of people who’ve come from all around the world. The city’s demographic make-up is vast thanks to its Polish, Irish, Hispanic, English, Arab, Ukrainian and American residents. Some of its main areas include the North Side, the Loop, the South Side, Oak Park (suburb), the West Side, etc.

Popular Chicago Home Styles

Prairie Style Homes are prevalent in “Chi-Town” as they have a simple, flat design which matches the Midwest’s landscape. Designer Frank Lloyd Wright’s influence runs deep throughout its architecture. The bathrooms of these homes are generally spacious thanks to their open floor plans.

Bathrooms also tend to have larger than normal windows, spacious showers and a lot of tile on the floor and walls. Thanks to the abundance of total square footage, the bathrooms of prairie style homes can be generously remodeled with larger walk-in showers, jacuzzi or double-vanity sinks.

Chicago Greystone Homes

Chicago Grey Stones are generally found in the North Lawndale neighborhood as they are very upscale and heavily built residential dwellings. These homes are grey in color, and they are built from Bedford Limestone. In Chicago, you can choose from the Romanesque, which has cornices and huge arches or the Neo-Classical design, which has huge columns, bay windows and smooth blocks of limestone.

Bathrooms here have plenty of space, despite having twists and turns in the architecture. Being fairly old, Greystones tend to have tall-vertical showers, cast iron tubs and block floors. Since they’re rather affluent type of homes, many homeowners tend to gut the bathrooms while incorporating modern features like heated flooring and huge glass panel showers.

Chicago Bungalow Homes

Chicago Bungalow Homes can be found throughout the “Chicagoland” area on the West/South Sides of town and many of the city’s suburbs. There are more than 80,000 bungalows here and their architectural designs are long and narrow with veranda porches. The bathrooms in these homes are narrow and slender, which matches their exterior appearance.

Most were built between 1910 – 1940. Copious amounts of tile are used here as well as older model vanity sinks. Even the lights and fixtures are ancient looking. Being so limited in square footage, homeowners tend to use visual perception for adding space.

Large amounts of tile that are in patterns tend to give the bathroom a “tunnel vision” effect. By removing the wall’s tile and replacing it with large/long mirrors, visual perception is increased. Also many homeowners usually paint the bathroom in lighter-toned colors for added effects.

bathroom light fixtures

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These are just a few of the many home & bathroom designs of Chicago. No matter what your budget is or how limited of space you posses, you can transform your bathroom into a work-of-art or something similarly special.

Common bathroom dimensions and sizes? A full bathroom usually requires a minimum of 36 to 40 square feet. A 5′ x 8′ is the most common dimensions of a guest bathroom or a master bathroom in a small house.


6 x 6 size bathroom: sink, toilet, standard shower. 5 x 9 bathroom with sink, toilet and shower. Narrow small bathrooms 3 x 9. Small half bathrooms 20-30 Sq ft or typical Half bathroom is about 3 x 6 ft.

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Adding a new bathroom to your home?

Bathrooms add functionality and typically are great for ROI. See our guide and request estimates from top rated bathroom addition contractors.



Ideally you want to work with a contractor who has the proven experience to complete your project the way you want, and so that it gets done on time and on budget.

How long have you been remodeling bathrooms?

Do you have a contracting license?

Do you work with a dedicated team?

Do you belong to any professional associations?


When remodeling a bathroom making significant changes, you may need local permits. This includes all proper building inspections during the process and after the project is completed. Additionally, each specialty trade, such as electrical or plumbing, has its own permit. Check Chicago Bathroom remodeling permits here.

Can the costs of all permits be added into your bid?

Do you have experience in my local municipality pulling permits?


You have room to negotiate and add in items you need include. The contract your bathroom contractor offers is a good starting point. You need to review the document so it also protects you.

Each state has its own construction contract statutes. See the state of Illinois here.

How do you provide a description of the work?

How are you paid?

Can you add “start and end dates” into my contract?

I want to include the ability to make changes

Grace period to rescind if needed

Can you add language into my contract that removes any liens on my Chicago property?

Working with and Hiring a Chicago Bathroom Remodeling Contractor

What you need to know before you hire:

Changing your bathroom toilet may seem like a project that is as simple as a quick Google search on how to do it yourself. However, it happens to be a far more complex project than you might anticipate. It involves serious plumbing skills and experience, as well as, a keen eye for potential errors.

Therefore, it is in your best interest to hire a professional bathroom contractor to ensure the job gets done correctly. If you have an older home, you may have no idea how many plumbing problems you might encounter during the removal and installation of a new toilets. However, a professional bathroom contractor will know exactly what needs to be done and be able to spot any plumbing problems during the process.

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