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Local kitchen professionals with expertise in small kitchen remodeling in Houston. Design & Build, Countertops, Flooring, Sinks, Countertops, custom flooring, Appliances.


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Houston Residential kitchen remodeling contractors with major kitchen renovation expertise. Design & Build, Move appliances, New floor plan, Countertops, Backsplashes, Vanities, Sinks, cabinet installation, custom flooring installation.


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When is it time to hire a Houston Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?

Kitchen remodeling projects are meant to achieve two main things. Primarily, they’re handy at increasing your home’s value before putting it on the market. Secondly, such a project increases the aesthetic appeal of your house.

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Kitchen remodeling in Houston – General permit information

Before you start a new home improvement or construction project, you should consult your civic association on possible deed restrictions. It might be impossible to buy a building permit without signing a deed restriction affidavit. The affidavit must be sworn.

If you unknowingly or knowingly sign a deed restriction affidavit under some false pretenses, you’ll be subject to municipal court fines and citations. For general information on obtaining a permit, visit this site.

Click here to find out where you can purchase a permit. Learn more about scheduling an inspection here.

The following are the situations that warrant a building permit in Houston:

Building repair work

Remodeling (excluding wallpapering and painting)

Construction work on existing or new buildings

Check this fees schedule to learn more about the amount you’ll part with in order to obtain a permit.

Cost of remodeling a kitchen in Houston

The average kitchen remodeling cost in Houston is roughly $20,078. On the lower side, the project can cost around $5,890. On the higher side, the cost can go in the upwards of $48,796.

Most users report to have spent in the range of $11,269 and $28,717 to remodel their kitchens.

Signs that your Kitchen is Overdue for a Remodel

Sign #1: You can’t make coffee and toast simultaneously

Unfortunately, most older kitchens are not up to National Electrical Code standards. A sure fire indication that your kitchen is in this category is the lack of ground-fault-circuit-interrupter breakers. These breakers are handy at shutting off electric power circuits brought about by the countless sources of water in the kitchen.

In the end, breakers help prevent electrocution. If your kitchen is in this category, it’s time to have a professional thoroughly check and change it for the better.

Sign #2: Your counter and storage space do not suit your needs

Have your personal and lifestyle needs changed from the time your kitchen was originally designed? If yes, then that can act as a motivation for kitchen remodel. For example, if sous vide cooking is your new obsession, you’ll definitely require plenty of counter space in order to set up your equipment.

If you want to change your space into one that is clutter-free, then it’s high time you remove the cupboard space that’s crowding your walls.

Sign #3: Appliances that once cost a fortune are now affordable

Nowadays, it is possible to get premium finishings as well as stainless-steel appliances for less money. Many homeowners are now realizing that investing $10,000 – $20,000 in kitchen renovation pays off hugely when it comes to enjoyment and quality of life.

That is not only for families that regularly take meals together at home, but also for those that are serious about experimenting with appliances and testing out food hacks.

Houston Homeowners looking to improve value choose kitchen remodeling

Any Houston homeowner looking to improve the value – both functional and financial – of their should seriously consider a kitchen remodel. In fact, according to the most knowledgeable real estate agents, it is the number one way to accomplish this goal.

Here are a few ideas on where you should focus your energies:

Small Projects

Add an islandAccomplishing this particular project can be as simple as installing a stand alone counter in the middle of the space. Adding drawers and a raised counter for dining will also increase its usability. Finally, for those with larger budgets, the addition of electrical power and plumbing will further increase the island’s value.

Improve the lighting – It is truly amazing what a few fixtures or track lighting can do for a kitchen space. The former project will illuminate the entire space while the latter can be used to focus on particular work areas or just be used decoratively. In either case, the kitchen space and surrounding home will be more valuable.

Medium ones

Upgrade the appliances More ambitious homeowners – with larger budgets! – can consider replacing anything and everything from the cabinets, the countertops and the appliances. If your finances do not allow a complete renovation, consider just upgrading the appliances. They offer the most “bang for the buck” when it comes to functionality, aesthetics and increased value.

Add a customized pantry Pantries started out as places such as root cellars and the like to store excess foodstuffs over the winter. Over the years, they developed into places where the home chef could keep their basics and many of their little used small appliances. These days, any number of customized cabinets can be installed to accomplish the same goal in far less space.

Large Project

Open the kitchen up to the outdoors – While the Bayou City does experience summer days that are quite hot, the rest of the year sees quite moderate temperatures and a cool breeze that often comes in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Opening up a kitchen with a bay window or large doors means that these climate can be enjoyed on the inside while cooking as well as outside while dining.

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If you are remodeling a small or large kitchen in Houston, or if its a complete gut or partial renovation its a major project that will have major impacts. Common factors that will impact costs: Sinks/Faucets, Appliances, Countertops, electrical, Cabinets/Cabinet Doors, Flooring, Lighting, and how dramatically you change the Floor plan.

A good first step is reading our kitchen remodeling cost guide to help in advise in what to expect during your remodel.

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Houston Texas Kitchen update costs will vary greatly not just because of what you choose to add but also with what you should be comparing with other homes in your neighborhood. Will you go the cheap economical route or spend more dollars on your kitchen remodeling?

For this reason its imperative to speak with multiple contractors so they can better understand things like Cost per square foot, floor plan, and specific updates. Single family homes, and condos are most popular among major kitchen renovation projects in Houston. 

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