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The Home Fixology Difference

Why vet a contractor

The Home Fixology Difference

When you hire a contractor from matching service do you really know they are qualified? Home contractors will in and around your home for weeks sometimes. With Home Fixology we make sure they not only have a clean record but have a proven track record of success!

Why Vet a Contractor?

Scam Prevention!

Safety of your family member through a thorough background check of the business and owners.

Protect your financial security, making sure your contractors liability doesn’t suddenly become a liability for you.

Unlicensed and underinsured contractors put their clients at risk if an injury occurs on your property.

Questions To Think About?

You hired a contractor who fell off a ladder resulting in an injury to the contractor and ladder damages to your home and vehicle.

Does the contractor have worker’s compensation policy to cover injury?

Does the vendor have insurance for building and vehicle damages?

Has the vendor signed a hold harmless policy?

Does the contractor have an insurance policy with sufficient coverage to pay for property damage?

What can be done to reduce the potential liability with this scenario?

Protection for you, the Homeowner!

When dealing with contractors, accidents do occur. Hiring a contractor whose business and owners have been property vetted for financial stability, criminal background, and government watchlists is an essential step for home improvement projects.

Reduce Risk through verification of proper license, adequate insurance and criminal background checks.

Peace of mind through thorough vetting, ensuring you are satisfied with your project and have some recourse should things go wrong.

What does a thorough vetting program entail?


Business Vetting

Government Watchlists

Corporate Bankruptcy

Company Liens and Judgements

Owner Vetting

Government Watchlists

Criminal Misdemeanor/Felony


Owner Liens and Judgements

Sex Offender List

What does a thorough vetting program entail?

Vetting Program Entail


Valid license(s) matching all trades the vendor performs, in each state vendor works


Sufficient and active general liability insurance through an insurer with a strong financial strength rating

Sufficient and active workers compensation insurance through an insurer with a strong financial strength rating

Sufficient and active automobile insurance through an insurer with a strong financial strength rating

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