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Common Interior Painting Measurements: total distance (perimeter) around the room: (10 ft. + 15 ft.) x 2 = 50 ft. Multiply perimeter by ceiling height = total wall area: 50 ft. x 8 ft. = 400 sq. ft.


General rule of thumb: 1 gallon of quality paint will cover about 400 square feet.

Painting Contractors

One of the very best ways to add value to your home is by painting it. A freshly painted or properly painted house seems to catch the eye of all “passer-bys.” Your home is basically a reflection of self as it boasts your very own personal style. Also, for those who want to add a bit of curb appeal to the property, painting is a cheaper way to go.

There are a plethora of brand names on the market to choose from as well as shades of colors. Paint can be applied to exterior surfaces, interior surfaces, walls, posts, ceilings, cabinets and more. Welcome to the residential home painting contractor guide. This material is designed for you, the homeowner, to help you effectively navigate through the painting process for different types of surfaces. There are many positive/negative factors that go into painting different surfaces.

The Importance of Hiring a Paint Contractor

When it comes to painting, especially for large projects, the best route to go is with a professional contractor. Large projects would be for the exterior of your home, outdoor sheds or the interior walls. Painting seems to be very easy, but there are many factors that come into play.

Here are some tips for acquiring a good painting contractor:

Research you’re area for (professional) contractors instead of hiring your friend who’s only completed a few projects.
After narrowing down the list, do your “due diligence” on the contractors and make sure they’re reliable and certified.
Compare rates among your top picks and ask/look for any hidden fees.
If possible, try and get details about the painting contractor employees. This can be for experience or skill level.
Don’t be in a rush to find a painting contractor. Weighing your options is far better getting stuck with unqualified painters.

These are some of the top factors for homeowners to abide by when dealing with this process. Further down in the article will show you the benefits of choosing a painting contractor rather than doing it yourself.

Hidden Factors

The Weather.
The weather, your region’s climate and the types of primers can all affect the paint, and the surface of interest. A very high percentage of houses are constructed with some type of wood. One of the main things about wood is that it’s always in motion. Depending on the climate, time of year or humidity levels, wood naturally has the ability to either shrink or expand.

That’s right! Ever hear the old saying, “the house is settling in?” Those slight creeks and cracking sounds are coming from the wooden structure of the dwelling. Lets start from the initial stage, which is one of the most important steps of the entire process.


Exterior Surfaces:
Whether you’re taking this challenge head-on or you’re hiring a painting contractor, go ahead and choose your colors. How much of your home’s exterior are you planning on painting? Make sure the surface of the house is clean and dry even if you hire a professional. There shouldn’t be any dirt, mildew etc.

Once the surface is clean, you should scrape away any peeling or fractured paint. Most exterior paints won’t adhere well enough if there’s chipping and peeling of old paint residue already present. The next preparation step would be to sand and prime. This ensures you of a smooth and even finish.

* Depending on your location, make sure to paint your house in a color tone that similarly match other homes in the neighborhood. For those living in certain gated communities or sub-divisions, there may be regulations for exterior surface colors.*


Interior Surfaces.

Indoor painting can be tricky so start by cleaning the walls and ceiling with either soap and water or (TSP). It’s better to do this step one day before the initial painting phase so that the surface will dry out. Next step would be to wipe away any cobwebs and dust. Also don’t forget about the baseboards, crown molding and trim as this is where your painters tape will be applied.

For ceilings, scaffolding is a great tool to utilize. Of course, this is contingent of how high your ceiling are or how tall you may be. There are numerous styles of scaffolding, and they’re fairly cheap to rent. On average, this could be between $15 – $25 a day.