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Kitchen Back Splash Ideas To Spice Up Your Kitchen

If you are a homeowner looking to spice up the décor of your kitchen in a relatively affordable manner, consider the addition of a custom backsplash. In addition to adding color and texture, back splashes can also provide a certain amount of individuality if the homeowner so chooses.

Getting Started With Your Backsplash Project

Identify the location

A custom backsplash is likely to be the focal point of even the most well-appointed kitchen. For this reason, care should be taken to locate it in the proper spot. Interior designers often favor the space behind the cooktop because that part of the kitchen is viewed most often.

Still, there are other options – for example, it can also be located on the side of a kitchen island, on the island countertop itself or – for something truly dramatic – on an entire accent wall.

Design the pattern

Generally, backsplashes are designed in a geometric or naturalistic pattern – albeit some that are quite complicated. On the other hand, some homeowners prefer to incorporate their name or other personal details into the pattern. There is nothing wrong with the latter per se but bear in mind that it will not help with the resale value of the house it the future owner will just have to tear out the backsplash and redo it.

Nevertheless, there is really no limit on what you can do with a custom backsplash as long as you are willing to foot the bill.

Choose the material

While ceramic tile has been the traditional material of choice for kitchen backsplashes, the newest generation of homeowners have trended towards a few other types. In particular, natural stone, textured tile and embossed concrete have seen a rise in popularity. More exotic backsplash materials include pressed tin, salvaged antique wood, chalkboard paint and river rock.

Each has its benefits and drawbacks as to its durability, versatility and affordability so a homeowner should consult a professional before making their final decision.

Use a professional installer

Installing a kitchen backsplash requires the right tools, the proper expertise and a fair amount of experience to complete the job in a professional manner.

Indeed, it is rare to not run into some small issue that will give an amateur fits but that can be easily resolved by a professional installer. Do yourself a favor – make all the aesthetic choices but let all the practical details be handled by a season pro.

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Designing and installing a custom backsplash in your home’s kitchen may seem like a daunting task but with a little help from a professional contractor, it need not be so. For more details on how to complete this project as easily and as affordably as possible, you can use our kitchen cost quote tool to help you get price estimates and plan your project.

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