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Proactive ideas for remodeling your Orlando kitchen

While the city of Orlando – home to over a dozen major theme parks – sees its fair share of tourists – 59 million last year, it and the surrounding Orange County area is also home to over 3 million full-time residents and more arrive every year. For this reason, home prices have appreciated more than the national average over the last few years.

While most homeowners appreciate this rise in value to their homes, others are a little more proactive in making it happen by remodeling the kitchen in their home. Here are a few ideas on what can be done in this regard:

Add a skylight – Blessed with a moderate year-round climate and almost no rainy days, a skylight makes an excellent addition to an Orlando home. With plenty of light and cool breeze, the kitchen can be used for more than just cooking and eating.

Add a custom backsplash – One of the more affordable ways to add a little color and life to a kitchen is to install a custom backsplash behind the cooktop or the sink. It can be as ambitious as you like but remember that you may want to sell the home at some point and a backsplash that is too customized to your tastes might be seen as a detriment by a potential buyer.

Replace the cabinetry – This project is not as daunting – or expensive – as it first might appear especially if you merely replace the cabinets without relocating them. Simply replacing similarly sized cabinets with new ones is a fairly straightforward process. Costs will vary depending on what you choose but the cost of installation will be fairly reasonable no matter what you choose.

Add a specialized pantry – It is truly amazing what designers can fit into a customized cabinet. Pull-out drawers and Lazy Susans make once inaccessible space useful again. It takes some effort to find the right cabinet for your specific needs but once installed, your cooking life will become significantly easier.

Add more space – Some additional “breathing room” in the kitchen will always be welcomed by every member of the family. It means that Mom can still cook while simultaneously helping the kids do their school work. Similarly, friends can be fed in a more relaxing atmosphere without breaking out the “good” china.

When is it time to start your Orlando Kitchen Remodeling Project

Whether you intend to replace the countertops, change the lighting, add some space, rearrange the layout etc, one thing is for sure, your kitchen remodel project adds value to your home.

If you’re tired of your unattractive, worn-out or damaged kitchen, it’s time you hire an Orlando kitchen remodeling contractor.

Home Fixology will match homeowners (For Free) with the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Orlando. We define “the best contractors” as contractors who have years of experience with a proven track record of providing competitive bids and completed kitchen remodeling projects in Orlando.

The PRO’s we refer will have established industry and trade professional subcontractor connections.  This helps ensure your job is done on time and on budget. Compare the best Orlando Kitchen contractors with Home Fixology today.

Average Orlando Kitchen Remodeling Costs

For a kitchen remodeling project in Orlando, the average budget is in the range of $20,304 and $23,504. In 2017, the low end pricing homeowners paid in Orlando was about $6,966 while the highest price was about $48, 313.

That means that the average cost to remodel a kitchen in Orlando is around $22, 741. The average cost is $741 more costly compared to the national average.

* Our estimates are based on research online through various sources.

Money Saving Strategies for an Orlando Kitchen Remodel

When investing in a kitchen remodeling project, you should ensure that the results not only add value but also save you money. You need to balance between getting your dream kitchen and keeping costs in line.

By following these tips, you can definitely get more bang for lesser buck:

If possible, choose open shelving

Open shelves not only help you save money but they also create interest in your space. A functional and cost-effective option to display your dishes is by using painted planks or salvaged wood from the local hardware store for shelving.

Consider alternative countertop materials

You can choose from an array of countertops such as stone, tile, concrete, recyclable products, solid surfaces etc. While materials such as granite remain popular, they are expensive. Instead, consider mixing two different surfaces such as using granite on the island and butcher block on the outside perimeter.

Rather than bringing down a wall, choose a cutout

Most homeowners prefer to open the space between their family room and the kitchen. However, before removing a wall, consider the following:

Does the wall have electrical cables, water pipes or venting running through it that’ll require rerouting?

Is it load bearing?

Try track lighting rather than recessed lighting

With recessed lighting, you’ll need to add holes and electrical wiring to the ceiling. You also have to put up with hidden repair costs. Track lighting comes in many shapes, finishes and styles. It offers different lights for various tasks in the kitchen at an affordable cost.

By bringing down the wall, you’ll destroy the ceiling and floor, which in turn increases costs. An affordable option is a cutout. It not only opens up your room, it also offers an additional countertop space. A cutout also provides space for extra seating.

Obtaining a permit for your kitchen remodeling project in Orlando Florida

Most interior and exterior improvements conducted in your home need a permit. All construction-related permits should be obtained from the city’s Permitting Services Division. For inquiries, call the Permitting Services Division on 407.246.2271. Visit this website to learn more about building permits in Orlando.

Find out more information here on different aspects of a permit such as fees, status, inspections FAQs etc.

Licensed Orlando residential Kitchen Contractors assist with permits

An experienced professional should pull all the needed permits in their name. The person responsible for managing the project should be the one getting the needed permits. Our Orlando pros do this on your behalf.

Structural: If you plan on making major modifications to your Orlando kitchen you may need a permit. Knocking down walls, adding or building new ones.

Electrical: Anything you are doing from an electrical perspective will likely require an electrical permit even if you are moving outlets. Older homes will need to be updated according to the Orlando building code standards.

Plumbing: If you are changing the location of your sink you will need a plumbing permit.

Gas permit: If your remodel includes a new stove-top with a gas grill for example, you will need a gas permit to run a new gas line. Electrical stoves fall under Orlando electrical permits.

Local Orlando permits: You will need any other permits required by your local Orlando township or municipality. Permits are required primarily to ensure safety.

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