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How and where to get a kitchen remodeling permit in Atlanta

Generally, residential permits are needed for improvements to current two-family or single-family residences. Nevertheless, if the cost of labor and materials are $2500 and below, you don’t need a permit. You can rest assured that Atlanta’s online permitting system is safe and secure. Click here to apply for your permit today.

You need to submit a plan if you’re undertaking the following:


Complete rehabilitation

Site work

New work

How much does it cost to renovate a kitchen in Atlanta?

Nationwide, the average kitchen remodeling cost stands at roughly $27,000. The average price of remodeling a kitchen in Atlanta is $14,544 – $29,191. The kitchen remodeling project can take approximately two months.

Kitchen renovations that pay off

Amped-up appliances

You may tag it as a need for eye candy, but one thing is for sure; shiny new appliances such as stainless-steel dishwashers, stove, fridge etc have a big impact on future home-buyers. Typically, high-end appliances remain the most expensive renovation with an equally high return on investment.

However, you don’t have to change the old appliances all at once. The prudent thing to do is to swap out just what you can afford.

Refreshed cabinets

Cabinets come second to appliances on the list of most costly items when it comes to kitchen upgrade. Therefore, you shouldn’t leap to trashing the old cabinets. Do you currently have wood cabinets, which are in still in decent shape? Rather than refacing them completely, you should give them a brand new fresh coat of paint.

The other small remodeling projects that boast an instant impact is replacing your cabinet hardware. Opt for a brushed or satin finish so that they do not show fingerprints.

Kitchen sink

The sink is the most used part of the kitchen. Therefore, you should install one with heavy-duty material. Consider fitting one that’s made of stainless steel or with two troughs. If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, you should buy a fancy new faucet. Installing it is not only inexpensive but also quick.

Charging stations

Now more than ever, there’s a growing need for many power outlets in your kitchen. This is because of the home invasion of tablets, smartphones, as well as other electronics that need constant charge.

In its annual trend report, the National Kitchen and Bath Association stated that close to two-thirds of homes feature rigged up, charged up charging stations where you can effortlessly plug gadgets. Some contractors in Atlanta modify drawers or cabinets by adding tech-friendly amenities such as hidden power strips.

New countertops

Installing a new countertop might be costly. However, the impact it has is huge.

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When it's time to hire an Atlanta Kitchen Remodeling Contractor

The kitchen is where you entertain, catch up, and eat with your loved ones. In other words, it’s the glue that holds your life at home together. Perhaps, the kitchen is your sanctuary where you sip some red wine after a miserable/tiresome day.

Ever dreamt of renovating your kitchen but balked with the costs?

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Real Estate Agents list kitchen remodeling for adding great value to your home

When asked, most real estate agents will list remodeling the kitchen as the number one project for adding both functionality and value to a home.

In Atlanta and the surrounding Fulton County area, these projects can vary from relatively small cosmetic changes to complete overhauls of the space. Here are a just few renovation ideas to get you started:

Smaller projects

Add an islandIt is extremely easy to add a table and chairs to the middle of a kitchen to increase the counter space – not only for preparing meals but for other family activities and entertaining. If your budget allows, consider adding even more utility by add electrical outlets and a secondary sink to the island.

Improve the lighting – The use of track lighting can really improve the usefulness of a kitchen space. Indeed, this type of lighting is especially useful as it can be reconfigured on an as-needed basis depending on what is going on in the space. The addition of more light will also improve the overall safety of the kitchen space.

Medium ones

Upgrade the appliances These days, there are hundreds of kitchen appliances available to the home chef in a variety of configurations. By upgrading their older ones, a homeowner can improve the functionality of the kitchen while also updating – and coordinating – its aesthetics.

Install a skylight On average, the Atlanta enjoys around 220 sunny days per year. The installation of a skylight takes advantage of this natural light and can help cool the kitchen at night and on winter days.

Large Projects

Take advantage of the outdoors – By adding a sliding glass door between the kitchen and an exterior deck, a homeowner can effectively increase the functional space. Both family dining and the entertaining of friends can be conducted outdoors when the whether permits.

Open the floor plan Without a doubt, adding living space to a home will increase its value to both the current owner and any future buyers. In many cases, the investment will be more than recouped. Consider adding a breakfast nook or opening up the kitchen space by connecting it with an adjacent rooms.

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Small and large kitchen remodels are major renovation projects. Common cost factors in Atlanta can include: What you do with your sinks, your appliances, updated countertops, new kitchen Cabinets, new floor installation, lighting and fixtures, and how drastically you might change the floor plan.

A good first step would be to understand these costs. Read our Home kitchen remodeling cost guide to get started.

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Updating your kitchen could require a small budget or a much larger budget than what you expected. Kitchen remodeling contractors can help you design the kitchen that meets your goals. Do you want a cheap remodel or do you have the funds to spend more on higher end aesthetics? 

Part of your costs will come from the total square foot of the project. Gut Remodels with a change in floor plan and new additions will cost more. In Atlanta single family homes, and condos are very popular remodeling projects. Get cost quotes today from experienced professionals.

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Common Kitchen Remodeling Mistakes

The last thing anyone wants to do is waste money particularly on their greatest asset. Their home. Avoiding costly remodeling mistakes during your Atlanta kitchen remodel could save you thousands of dollars. Before your project begins be sure to read our kitchen remodeling mistakes page.

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