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Top Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Contractors – Illinois


Our team of interior designers and construction professionals will work with you to ensure that your goals are met on-time and on-budget.

Location & Contact Details

4868 W. Dempster St.
Skokie, IL 60077
Phone: 847-983-4024



Riteway Home Remodeling has a proven record of excellence in designing and managing several building and construction projects in the Chicagoland area.

Location & Contact Details

6013 W Belmont
Chicago , IL 60634
Phone: 773-278-1123


Superior Pad Construction

We can plan every aspect of your living space remodeling to reflect exactly what you want to display and bring the most out of your home.

Location & Contact Details

6552 w. Devon Ave.
Chicago, 60631
Phone: 847-609-1135


Need Help With a Kitchen Remodeling Project in Chicago, Illinois?

Home Fixology is the right place. If you’ve been in market to remodel your kitchen our local Chicago kitchen contractors can help. Using Home Fixology gives you access to local Kitchen Pros that have been verified and vetted. Free in home kitchen remodeling consultations will help you determine what your options are in terms of costs, how to work within your budget, how to accomplish your remodeling goals, and how to complete your project on time and on budget.

Need A Kitchen Remodeler In Chicago, Illinois?
Home Fixology has set out to offer homeowners top rated verified home pros like no other in the industry. Rather than focusing on volume of contractors we focus on quality at the local levels. Our vetting program ensures the homeowner is given a trusted professional who is not only covered with insurance, but also passes multiple background checks and licensing verification’s. Learn more here.

Further Detailed contractor profiles have information like the contractor’s main specialties, office location, office hours, and other information. Use the contact form on the profiles to connect with a Huntsville, Alabama Home Contractor for free quotes and options.

How Do I Choose My Kitchen Contractor?
Consider the following:

Experience – Does the kitchen contractor have experience in your local area? (Home Fixology Verified Prs have at least 7 years experience)
Solutions – Do they appear to have knowledge in offering solutions to your kitchen goals?
Credentials – How long has the contractor been in business?
Cost – How are the contractor’s fees structured? Can the Huntsville kitchen remodeler estimate the cost of your project?
City – Is the contractor’s office conveniently located?

Not Sure What Questions To Ask A Contractor?
Here are a few to get you started:

How many kitchen remodeling projects like mine have you handled?
How often do you get referrals from your work?
What are your fees and costs?
What are the next steps to get started?

Home Fixology recommends to always do your research prior to hiring. Local areas that allow contractors to pull local permits have their own rules.

By researching the contractor you can:

Ensure the kitchen contractor is currently licensed
Gain an understanding of his or her historical kitchen remodel completion record, if any.
Determine the seriousness of complaints/issues.

Get 3 Free Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Quotes in Minutes! Verified Contractors. Estimates in Minutes.

Compare kitchen design companies, remodelers, and renovation contractors in Huntsville. Pros will work with your budgets to provide options that can fit your budget. Transform your kitchen into the beautiful room you always wanted!

When is it time to hire a Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?


Self-indulgent/aging-in place master suites, spacious additions, as well as master and entertaining kitchen are on the rise in Chicago. More and more people are now willing to customize their space to make it truly ‘theirs.’ Currently, people are looking for low-maintenance and timeless design options.

Today’s homeowners want kitchen spaces that are clutter free, calming and look comfortable. These demands inform the need for a kitchen remodeling project.

Home Fixology will help connect Chicago area home owners (For Free) with the best kitchen remodeling contractors. Get quotes and request FREE written estimations today.

Is a permit necessary for a kitchen remodeling job in Chicago?

Building permits are necessary to ensure that your remodeling projects meet the standards of Chicago Building Code. The standards are tailored to protect your safety, the welfare of the public and integrity of buildings. Not all renovations require a permit.

Check out this list of projects that don’t require a permit. Learn more about different fees here.

What costs are included to remodel a kitchen in Chicago?

Various factors affect the cost of remodeling your kitchen. They include labor, location, materials, unforeseen problems etc. Of all factors, materials contribute the highest to the total cost.

In most instances, expensive materials need special installation that in turn increase time and labor expenses. Therefore, installing less expensive materials decreases the total remodeling cost.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association, opines that when budgeting, the biggest ticket item is cabinetry. It should be followed by:





Ceilings, walls, windows, doors, plumbing and lighting

The average cost to remodel a kitchen in Chicago is around $25, 789.  However, these are just estimate. Get accurate quotes by requesting free estimates from local pros now.

Popular Kitchen remodeling trends in Chicago

By staying abreast of popular and trendy designs, you will be able to make informed decisions in your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Here are some of the most popular trends that you ought to keep in mind:

Tasteful color choices

In today’s kitchen, less is more. The color choices on the modern cabinets and walls tell it all. Soft neutrals and natural hues, flanked by cream and white shades are the most popular colors for the contemporary kitchen remodels.

Hints of metal

From copper countertops to stainless steel appliances, metal has been displayed prominently in most kitchens for many years. However, in the recent past, the presence of metal is becoming more subtle and less obvious. The current trend uses metal less as a focal point and more as an accent.

Complex lighting decisions

It’s no longer enough to install recessed lighting on the ceiling and/or an overhead lamp close to the table. Currently, homeowners seek sophisticated lighting arrangements coupled with natural light from big windows. Others desire lit areas below and inside the cabinets together with a series of lighting fixtures on the ceiling.

Open kitchen layouts

For a long time now, the push for open kitchen layouts has been coming. Nowadays, most homeowners usually ask contractors to knock down walls so that they can enjoy more space and mingle with others. The preference for openness is normally reflected in minor details such as open shelving and open cabinetry.

Contrasting textures

Different textures add visual richness and interest to your kitchen landscape.

Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Permits

An experienced professional who has local knowledge and proven experience in Chicago Municipalities pulling permits is critically important. Our Home pros pull the needed permits for your project.

Chicago Structural Permits:  You plan on making major modifications to your kitchen layout and floorplan you may need a permit. Knocking down walls, adding or building new ones.

Electrical: Anything you are doing from an electrical perspective will likely require an electrical permit even if you are moving outlets. Older homes will need to be updated according to the Chicago building code or local municipality standards.

Plumbing: If you are changing the location of your sink you will need a plumbing permit.

Gas permit: If your remodel includes a new stove-top with a gas grill for example, you will need a gas permit to run a new gas line. Electrical stoves fall under electrical permits.

Chicago permits: You will need any other permits required by your local Chicago township or municipality. Permits are required primarily to ensure safety.

A kitchen remodel offers one of the best ways to increase home value

Whether you are a Second City resident who lives in a high-rise condominium or a detached single family home, a kitchen remodel offers one of the best ways to increase the value – both functional and financial – of your home.

With that thought in mind, here are a few project suggestions on where your renovation dollars will be most cost-effectively spent:

Small Projects

Add a central islandAny kitchen becomes more functional with the addition of extra work space. A central Island accomplishes this goal in spades – not only will the chef of the house be happier for more room but others in the family can use the space for a variety of non-cooking related activities.

Add a skylight – In a similar vein, the addition of some natural light means that a kitchen space becomes more useful for more than just cooking and dining. In particular, the kids can do their homework or Dad can catch up on his own office tasks both while talking about their day with Mom. In addition, Chi-town gets cold in the winter and the warmth of some extra sunlight will always be welcomed.

Medium-sized Projects

Replace the cabinetryThe cabinetry in a kitchen can make or break its look even if the appliances are state-of-the-art. A homeowner can use new cabinets to improve the aesthetics of their kitchen and improve its functionality while also imparting a measure of their own personality on the space.

Install a dedicated pantry cabinet If you are not ready to completely replace the cabinetry, consider adding a single customized pantry cabinet. A custom cabinet can be used to reclaim otherwise unused space in a corner or underneath an appliance. This project takes some thought – and expert advice – to execute properly but is well worth the time, effort and money.

Large-scale Projects

Expand the room – There are two options for accomplishing this task – combining an adjoining room with the kitchen or actually adding more space with a build-out.

Both options require a sizable amount of capital and expertise to complete but each offers an immediate improvement in functionality as well as a significant return on investment if the house should be sold in the future.

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If you are taking on a kitchen remodel in Chicago see our kitchen remodeling cost guide to help inform you about your project.

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