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Home Fixology Small Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in ChicagoSMALL KITCHEN REMODEL CHICAGO

  • Proven Kitchen Remodeling Experience in Chicago, IL
  • Small kitchens, New Floor Plans, Gut Renovations

Small Kitchen Remodeling Companies (3 Free Quotes)

Local kitchen professionals with expertise in small kitchen remodeling in Chicago. Design & Build, Countertops, Flooring, Sinks, Countertops, custom flooring, Appliances.


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  • Over 20 Years With Chicago Kitchen Remodels
  • Condos, Single Family Homes, Multi-Units, More.

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Residential kitchen remodeling contractors with large kitchen renovation experience in Chicago. Design & Build, Move appliances, New floor plan, cabinet installation, countertops, custom flooring installation.


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Home Fixology Major Kitchen Renovations in ChicagoMAJOR KITCHEN RENOVATIONS CHICAGO

  • Over 25 Years With Kitchen Renovations in Chicago
  • Outdoor Kitchens, Major Gut Renovations. Kitchen Extensions.

Kitchen Renovation Companies (3 Free Quotes)

Chicago Residential kitchen remodeling contractors with major kitchen renovation expertise. Design & Build, Move appliances, New floor plan, Countertops, Backsplashes, Vanities, Sinks, cabinet installation, custom flooring installation.


Free Written Estimates, Required Permits, Licensed Contractors. No Obligation.

When is it time to hire a Chicago Kitchen Remodeling Contractor?


Self-indulgent/aging-in place master suites, spacious additions, as well as master and entertaining kitchen are on the rise in Chicago. More and more people are now willing to customize their space to make it truly ‘theirs.’ Currently, people are looking for low-maintenance and timeless design options.

Today’s homeowners want kitchen spaces that are clutter free, calming and look comfortable. These demands inform the need for a kitchen remodeling project.

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Is a permit necessary for a kitchen remodeling job in Chicago?

Building permits are necessary to ensure that your remodeling projects meet the standards of Chicago Building Code. The standards are tailored to protect your safety, the welfare of the public and integrity of buildings. Not all renovations require a permit.

Check out this list of projects that don’t require a permit. Learn more about different fees here.

What costs are included to remodel a kitchen in Chicago?

Various factors affect the cost of remodeling your kitchen. They include labor, location, materials, unforeseen problems etc. Of all factors, materials contribute the highest to the total cost.

In most instances, expensive materials need special installation that in turn increase time and labor expenses. Therefore, installing less expensive materials decreases the total remodeling cost.

The National Kitchen and Bath Association, opines that when budgeting, the biggest ticket item is cabinetry. It should be followed by:





Ceilings, walls, windows, doors, plumbing and lighting

The average cost to remodel a kitchen in Chicago is around $25, 789.  However, these are just estimate. Get accurate quotes by requesting free estimates from local pros now.

Popular Kitchen remodeling trends in Chicago

By staying abreast of popular and trendy designs, you will be able to make informed decisions in your upcoming kitchen remodel.

Here are some of the most popular trends that you ought to keep in mind:

Tasteful color choices

In today’s kitchen, less is more. The color choices on the modern cabinets and walls tell it all. Soft neutrals and natural hues, flanked by cream and white shades are the most popular colors for the contemporary kitchen remodels.

Hints of metal

From copper countertops to stainless steel appliances, metal has been displayed prominently in most kitchens for many years. However, in the recent past, the presence of metal is becoming more subtle and less obvious. The current trend uses metal less as a focal point and more as an accent.

Complex lighting decisions

It’s no longer enough to install recessed lighting on the ceiling and/or an overhead lamp close to the table. Currently, homeowners seek sophisticated lighting arrangements coupled with natural light from big windows. Others desire lit areas below and inside the cabinets together with a series of lighting fixtures on the ceiling.