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Home Fixology Small Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in DetroitSMALL KITCHEN REMODELS

  • Proven Kitchen Remodeling Experience in Detroit, MI
  • Small kitchens, New Floor Plans, Gut Renovations

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Local kitchen professionals with expertise in small kitchen remodeling in Detroit. Design & Build, Countertops, Flooring, Sinks, Countertops, custom flooring, Appliances.


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  • Condos, Single Family Homes, Multi-Units, More.

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Residential kitchen remodeling contractors with large kitchen renovation experience in Detroit. Design & Build, Move appliances, New floor plan, cabinet installation, countertops, custom flooring installation.


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  • Outdoor Kitchens, Major Gut Renovations. Kitchen Extensions.

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Detroit Residential kitchen remodeling contractors with major kitchen renovation expertise. Design & Build, Move appliances, New floor plan, Countertops, Backsplashes, Vanities, Sinks, cabinet installation, custom flooring installation.


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Before undertaking a kitchen remodel project in Detroit

Are you contemplating of undertaking a kitchen remodeling project? Granted, you might have your sights set on a dream design with top quality materials, high end appliances and custom cabinetry, but do you have an idea of how much the entire project will cost?

Do you have a clue of how you’ll fund your project or the amount you intend to spend?

Detroit Building Permits

Detroit Kitchen Remodeling Permit

It’s very important to learn about building permit information if you have plans of undertaking a kitchen remodeling project. Detroit’s Plan Review Division ensures that building projects and developments comply with the City’s adopted Codes and Ordinances.

The staff not only performs review of the application of permits but also plans for proposed projects. To learn more about building inspection and plan review, click here. Visit this site if you intend to apply your permit online.

Typical permits for a Detroit Kitchen Remodel: Structural, Electrical, Plumbing, Gas permit, Local Detroit permits


What are the average costs to remodel a Kitchen in Detroit?

According to the 2017 statistics, the average cost of remodeling a kitchen in Detroit is $19, 678. The lowest cost reported is $8,980 while the highest is $49,762. The average cost to remodel a kitchen depends on factors such as kitchen layout, materials, size of the kitchen etc.

More expensive remodels typically include high end appliances, granite counters, hardwood floors, and custom cabinets. Of course costs will be impacted on the extent you need to remodel, and the contractor or company you decide to hire.

Common Kitchen Renovation Mistakes to Avoid

Remodeling or renovating your kitchen is a huge project with many variables to consider. To be on the safe side, you should avoid the following common remodel and design mistakes. By doing that, you’re sure of having the kitchen of your dreams:

Sweating the small stuff

You should avoid passing on the seemingly small storage features and add-ons such as cabinet storage solutions and drawer dividers like lazy Suzans and pantry pullouts. Such storage solutions increase kitchen storage efficiency.

Forgetting workflow

When undertaking your project remodel, always remember the busiest areas of your kitchen, such as the refrigerator, stove, and sink. You should ensure that such appliances and areas are in an effective location that’s relevant to each another.

Giving up counter space

One of the most essential elements of your kitchen is the counter space. Therefore, you must always avoid settling for less. It’s prudent to extend the counter work space through the use of shelving supports and decorative corbels.

Forgetting your budget

Having a budget for your remodel is highly important. You should decide which kitchen features you consider to be most important. Of great importance to note is that kitchen cabinets normally take a third of the usual remodel cabinet. By doing that, you’ll undertake only important renovations.

Improving the functionality and anesthetics of your Detroit kitchen to improve home value

The city of Detroit – the renowned home of both General Motors and Motown – has seen its fair share of trouble in the past decade. Still, there is a thriving community of homeowners who refuse to give up on the Motor City.

These folks continue the hope by investing in themselves and in their community – most notably in their own homes. In particular, they improve the functionality and anesthetics of their kitchens. Here are just a few of their ideas: