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Finding A Reputable General Contractor in Detroit

Located in the northern Midwest, the residents of Detroit face a number challenges generated by the wind and weather of Mother Nature. These conditions are particularly hard on residential homes and office buildings as they must constantly endure the blustery winds and freezing temperatures that roll in off of the Detroit River. For this reason, it is essential that a home or office building owner find and vet a reputable general contractor before starting a remodeling project.

It also helps to understand the value what a general contractor – or GC – brings to a remodeling project and how the project will progress as well as how to start the evaluation process.

Common Home Improvement Projects In Detroit

Home Fixology Detroit, MI General ContractorsHOME ADDITIONS

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  • Room additions, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.


Whether you have your own plans and drawings or you need a full service project.


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Home Fixology Bathroom General ContractorsBATHROOM REMODELING

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  • Update small, large, half, master baths.

Update Your Bathroom

Whether you have small or large bathroom. Change of floor plan options.


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  • Small, large, outdoor Kitchens.

Renovate Your Dream Kitchen

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  • Attached additions, detached structures.

Building attached or standalone.

Build a new garage with or without plans and drawings.


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Repair or Install New Flooring

Install flooring throughout the home, have a repairing or re-finishing project.


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Roofing install or Replacement

Whether you need to completely replace, or you just need to repair or install.


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Home Fixology ProFENCING

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Install New, Repair or Replacement

Whether you need brand new fencing installed or looking to repair and replace.


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Interior or Exterior Painting

Whether you need to paint the whole house or have a specific interior painting goal.


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What value does a general contractor bring?

In the greater Wayne County area – from te Lafayette Park neighborhood in the east through the revitalized downtown area to Mexicantown in the southwest part of the city it is routine to use a general contracting companies for any significant home or office remodeling project by any but the most ambitious project owners.

The use of a GC and his team can greatly reduce the time and cost of a project by identifying potential problems ahead of time and developing cost-effective solutions. In addition, a good GC will usually be able to procure much of the building materials at a reduced cost and will likely pass some of these savings on to the project owner.

A second but equally valuable aspect of the GC’s role is to act as an intermediary between the project owner and the subcontractors. Understand that the subcontractors actually work for the general contractor even though the project owner is ultimately paying the bill. This fact means that they will not make any owner-requested changes to either the timeline or the scope of the project until they check with the GC.

It is simply far better for the homeowner to communicate their concerns or changes directly to the GC and then let him – or her! – handle the details with the subcontractors. 

How will the project overseen by the GC move forward?

From the restored historic mansions of Midtown to the more affordable family homes in Gratiot Park, the architecture in Detroit runs the gamut from the traditional to the outright absurd. It takes an experienced architect to create a space that both meets the interior needs of the client but also the aesthetic requirements of the exterior.

It then takes a good general contracting company to bring that vision to fruition in an affordable and timely manner. Once the plans are finalized by the designer and approved by the client, the project is handed over to the GC. Here is a quick rundown of how he will proceed:

First, a budget is created taking into account the layout, the materials needed and the amount of labor that will be necessary to complete the project. Next, the GC establish a timeline to coordinate all of the activities of those involved in the process – most notably the vendors, the subcontractors and the local building inspectors.

The process can seem complicated to the inexperienced eye but is not normally something that an experienced GC will find difficult. Both the budget and the timeline are then submitted to the project owner for review and revision.

After these preliminary documents are finalized and approved, the initial down payment is made and the project the actual construction work will start. The GC will first order the necessary building materials – lumber, sheetrock, paint, appliances, etc. – and schedule their deliveries at the appropriate time. He will also line up the subcontractors and schedule their activities on the timeline. The actual construction work will them commence.

As each stage of the project nears completion, the GC will coordinate the inspections required by the local building department. During each stage of the project, the GC will conduct his own inspection of the work to to ensure that everything is “up to code” and meets all safety regulations thus minimizing problems with the building authorities.

It is an fairly important task as the inspections must be scheduled well in advance and if a problem does arise, the project can grind to a halt if not properly resolved in a timely manner.

Once the GC is satisfied with the workmanship on the project and feels that it is as close to completion as possible, he will conduct a “walkthrough” with the project owner. A document known as a “punch list” is completed. This document details a list of any flaws found by the owner that need to be remedied.

Once these – usually minor – problems are fixed, final payment is made and the project is complete. In addition, the best contractors will follow-up in a two to three weeks to ensure that the client is well-satisfied.

How does a home or office building owner start the evaluation process?

The Motor City has scene its share of trouble with the decline of the automotive industry but times have changed significantly for the better in recent years. In the recent two years, there has been an enormous amount of remodeling of existing homes and buildings as well as quite a bit of new construction.

This last fact means has provided a lot of opportunity for reputable – and disreputable – general contracting companies. Anyone considering a GC should thoroughly investigate them before hiring them.

Still, most home and office building owners have relatively little experience with remodeling projects so finding the right general contractor to meet all of their needs can be somewhat problematic. Many simply check the Internet or just ask a neighbor who they would use.

Both of these strategies are fraught with problems as you really do not know what you are getting in terms of reliability and quality. In fact, using an unknown general contractor can result in a construction disaster or even be a scam. It is much better to do your own checking. Here is where to start:

The company’s rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB)

The local Chamber of Commerce (CoC) evaluation of the company

The proper state licensing

Up-to-date insurance papers

Verifiable references

Over the past decade local CoC and the BBB of Greater Detroit have been particularly wary of the fly-by-night remodeling contractors that could tarnish the invaded the city. They sully the reputation of reputation of the more established local remodeling companies and often deliver substandard work.

To this end, they keep careful track of companies that do not uphold the standards of business in general and of the general contracting industry in particular. It is a win-win situation as, by doing so, these organizations not only protect the reputation of the local contractors but their clients in the community at large as well.

In addition, ensure that the GC is properly accredited by the state and has all the necessary insurance and bonding paperwork. With all of these preconditions met, check their references thoroughly as it is, by far, your best indication of the quality and customer service that you will receive.

Wayne County, Detroit Local Areas Near Me

Detroit is the largest city in the state of Michigan and if you go downtown to the neoclassical Detroit Institute of Arts it is famed for Diego Rivera murals. This was inspired by the city’s long-standing ties to the auto industry, which earned it the nickname “Motor City.”

General contractors cover these cities around Detroit:

Grosse Pointe Farms, MI
Hazel Park, MI
Wyandotte, MI
Allen Park, MI
Ferndale, MI

Windsor, Canada
Hamtramck, MI
Highland Park, MI
River Rouge, MI
Grosse Pointe Park, MI

Dearborn, MI
Melvindale, MI
Ecorse, MI
Lincoln Park, MI
Harper Woods, MI

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