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Remodeling a kitchen is one of the most valuable investments you can ever make in your home.

Homeowners are parting ways with the conventional kitchens and taking a walk along the path of transition and contemporary. Since a kitchen is one of the hubs of a home, even a minor upgrade can certainly have ripple effects. 

The main value of a kitchen remodel has to do with increasing the value of your home.

permit for home additions

Kitchen Remodeling Project Permit in Indianapolis

In the City of Indianapolis, you need a permit to construct, demolish, or renovate a building. You also need a permit for minor projects such as retaining walls, detached garages, sheds, swimming pools, or fences.

Click here for more information about obtaining a permit in the City of Indianapolis.


Indianapolis Kitchen Remodeling Costs

Most people with the dream of remodeling their kitchen normally wonder of the costs involved. Since every kitchen remodel is unique, costs can vary from one project to another.

While the might be the case, it’s important to have a clue of the average costs a kitchen remodeling project in Indianapolis might cost.

The average cost of remodeling a kitchen in Indianapolis is roughly $21,990. Kitchen remodels between $50,000 – $60,000 can give you a re-coupment of roughly 66%.

Kitchen remodeling ranks first or second for home improvement projects that bring the most value to the homeowner

Most real estate agents agree that among home improvement projects, a kitchen remodel ranks first or second among those that bring the most value to the homeowner. This fact is as true in Indianapolis as it is in New York.

Not only does the homeowner and his family see added functionality in the home but also an increased financial value. With those thoughts in mind, here are a few project suggestions on where your remodeling dollars can be spent most cost-effectively:

Minor Projects

Adding an island counter– This project can be as simple as adding an extra table in the middle of the space. It can also mean providing electricity and running water to the new counter. Either way, the chef gets more room for preparing meals while the rest of the family can also sit there and get their own work done.

Installing a skylight – An overhead skylight does double-duty by allowing the introduction of natural light and ventilation into a kitchen space. The former characteristic improves the working space by making it more efficient and safer while the latter means a cooler and more enjoyable environment.

Major Projects

Replacing all the cabinetryAdmittedly, this is a relatively complicated project that takes a lot of time, energy and most importantly, forethought. Not only must you make dozens of aesthetic choices, you will also have to give careful consideration to the new layout of the kitchen. This last fact is especially important if you plan to rearrange and install new appliances.

Creating a pantry space – Many homes have unused space in either the garage or a laundry room. In most cases, these two spaces are located adjacent to the kitchen making them the ideal spot to install a dedicated pantry. The space does not have to be particularly large – needing the room of about a medium sized closet – as long as the storage particulars are well thought-out.

Entire Remodels

Expanding the room – If your budget allows, you might want to tackle all the above projects simultaneously by completely remodeling your kitchen. It will be relatively expensive but most of the cost will be recovered when you sell the house.

It also takes a significant amount of expertise and experience to coordinate all the subcontractors that a project like this requires – so hire a professional designer and contractor.

How to Achieve a Modern Kitchen Makeover through Remodeling

You’ve probably spotted your dream kitchen on some magazine – perhaps you’ve got some ideas on how to upgrade the cabinetry, countertops, sink etc. Fortunately, a kitchen makeover doesn’t have to entail draining your children’s college fun or tearing down walls.

With the array of materials available nowadays, it’s highly possible to achieve your dream kitchen with some planning and flexibility.

Take these steps before undertaking your project in order to achieve a modern makeover:

Have a budget

Even small changes, when you do them wisely can pay impressive dividends. For instance, you can have modern look by changing out your countertops and cabinets. The same applies by installing new hardware, changing out the faucets, under-mounting the sink etc. To successfully do all these, ensure you have a budget first.

Take your time to create a design

Before hiring a contractor, you should perfectly sketch out your ideas. You can opt to hire the expertise of a designer. Working with a professional designer protects you against headaches later.

Hire trustworthy workers

For your job to be done right, you must deal with dependable installers that work with quality supplies. Always settle for craftspeople that are insured and licensed..

Depending on your goals costs can vary. Factors that impact budget the most can be: Sinks/Faucets, Appliances, Counter tops, electrical, Cabinets/Cabinet Doors, Flooring, Lighting, and a change to the Floor plan. 

Whether your Indianapolis kitchen is small or large you will need to understand how costs work. Read our cost guide to kitchen remodeling to start.

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