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Hiring a reputable general contractor in Indianapolis to oversee the project

Located in the heart of the Midwest, the city of Indianapolis and its residents are forced to endure some of the worst weather that Mother Nature can produce. The summers are typically hot, humid and wet with temperatures often soaring to 90°F and beyond while the winter months are quite cold with an average January temperature of 28°F. just below freezing. These temperature fluctuations can be very difficult for a house – not to mention the inhabitants! – to endure if the structure is not properly constructed.

For this reason, it is essential that any homeowner contemplating a remodel or renovation hire a reputable general contractor to over see the work. It also helps to understand what value a general contractor – or GC – brings to a remodeling project and how the project will progress. Here are a few pointers on what to expect from a good GC and how to evaluate one before hiring them:

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Where does the value lie in hiring a general contractor?

In and around Indianapolis and the greater Marion County area, there are a wide variety of neighborhoods almost one hundred of them, In fact from the relatively modest environs of Eagle Creek and Gallaudet Station through the historic districts of Chatham Arch and Lockerbie Square to pricier areas such as Zionsville and Carmel.

These neighborhoods encompass a wide diversity of building types and means that the experience and expertise of a general contractor is highly valued when it comes to remodeling. Not only can they help you in finding the best subcontractors and least expensive building materials but they can also help guide you through the somewhat intricate and time-consuming process of dealing with the Marion County building department.

While overseeing the project, a GC will assign the work, schedule its completion, inspect the work himself and then coordinate all of the activities with the local inspectors. All the while, he will also order the necessary materials, resolve any issues – identified by himself, the homeowner or a building inspector – and then ensure that all the appropriate payments are made.

Finally, the GC will act as an intermediary between the project owner and the subcontractors. It is important for the homeowner to understand the fundamental relationship between themselves and the subcontractors. The subs do not actually work for the homeowner – even though he is the one ultimately paying the bill. Instead, they get paid and take their directions from the general contractor. keep this fact in mind when asking the subcontractors to alter either the scope or timeline of the project.

How will the project overseen by the GC move forward?

The first step in a renovation or remodeling project is to create an architectural plan that details what must be accomplished. Typically, the home or office building owner will meet with an architect or designer to accomplish this task. Afterwards, the plans will be turned over to a general contractor or two to obtain bids on completing the project. Once the plans are finalized by the designer and the budget approved by the client, the project is handed over to the GC. Here is a quick rundown of how he will most likely proceed:

The GC starts by creating a timeline to coordinate all of the various activities involved with the job – from ordering supplies through hiring the subcontractors to scheduling the necessary inspections . Many of these tasks have overlapping schedules and make the process somewhat complicated. Nevertheless, an experienced GC will have no trouble getting it done in a timely, thorough and conscientious manner.

Once the budget and design are finalized and approved by the client, the GC can really get down to work. With the initial down payment in hand, he can order and schedule the delivery of the necessary building materials – lumber, sheet rock, paint, appliances, etc. He will also line up the subcontractors and schedule their activities on the timeline. Any needed demolition can be started immediately and the actual construction work can then commence shortly thereafter.

As each stage of the project is completed, the GC will contact the local building authorities to schedule the needed inspections. This is an important step as there are multiple inspections needed and the progress of the job can be halted if they are not completed when needed. To this end, the GC will also complete a preliminary inspection to identify any problems – and their resolution – that he sees so as not to delay the project.

Finally, when the project nears total completion, the GC will perform a “walkthrough” of the project with the home or building owner. A document known as a “punch list” is filled out. It itemizes any flaws – from the merely aesthetic to the purely functional – found in the workmanship o