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L.A. Remodeling Co.®

L.A. Remodeling Co.® is a construction company trusted by homeowners, designers and architects in the Los Angeles area since 2003.

Location & Contact Details

6000 York Boulevard, Suite A,
Los Angeles, CA 90042
Phone: 800-995-2107


MDM Custom Remodeling Inc

We are one of the best kitchen remodeling contractors in Los Angeles. MDM Custom Remodeling Inc is offering kitchen remodeling and renovation for many years to the homeowners in Greater Los Angeles.

Location & Contact Details

12439 Magnolia Blvd. #143,
Los Angeles, CA 91607
Phone: 323-210-3350


Superior Pad Construction

Bradco is a full service, licensed and bonded remodeling service provider in Los Angeles. We are proud to serve residents in and around the Southern California area and surrounding areas, bringing them top quality Los Angeles kitchen and bathroom remodeling services.

Location & Contact Details

5350 Venice Blvd
1st Floor, Los Angeles, CA 90019
Phone: 323-936-3457


Updating your Outdated Los Angeles Kitchen Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

The kitchen is where everyone gathers for special celebrations, holiday meals and dinner. With a rise in countless kitchen design trends, it might be advisable to update your worn or outdated kitchen.

Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to modernize your kitchen.

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Los Angeles Kitchen Remodeling Permit Information

You need a permit from the LADBS (Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety) for any private house construction, repair, or alteration in Los Angeles City. The department issues a ‘combined’ building permit to replace and/or repair counters, tiles, wall finishes, flooring, cabinets, and electrical/plumbing fixtures. You can submit your submit application here.

Once the LADBS approves your permit, you’re supposed to pick it up at the LADBS office.

While construction is taking place, you can request for an inspection from the department. Before any construction is concealed or covered, you must have an inspection done.

Three Things To Change To Make Your Los Angeles Kitchen Look Modern

By changing the following three areas of your kitchen, you can certainly transform the look and feel of your kitchen:


You must be thinking, ‘countertops are expensive!’ By sticking with your original layout and plumbing, you can save a ton of money. Consequently, you’re allowed to have only one splurge; and experts suggest the countertops. Some of today’s popular materials for countertops that add elegance and beauty to your kitchen include quartz, granite, and marble.


The furniture in your kitchen should be as modern as possible. In addition to replacing your kitchen chairs and table, you can add some additional seating like countertop stools. In fact, this is a concept that most of the modern kitchens embrace.

By adding more chairs and stools, you’ll create an inviting space by giving visitors countless spaces to sit. You can choose your kitchen furniture from an array of styles and budget available in the market today.


Staining or painting the existing cabinetry in your kitchen can change the entire look of the room drastically. One of the ways of being bold is to paint your cabinets blue. By simply changing the wood color, you’ll not only give the cabinets a brand new fresh look, you’ll also stay classy. With today’s popular and trendy choices of color, your options are indeed endless.

After ensuring that the above three elements of your kitchen as up-to-date, you should calculate your costs to verify if your budget allows.

Our licensed residential Kitchen Contractors In Los Angeles will advise on the following permits

This is why hiring an experienced professional matters. Home contractors with a proven history in the Los Angeles Municipality should pull permits on your behalf and put in their own name. Our pros will pull the needed permits for your project.

Structural: If you plan on making major modifications to your Los Angles kitchen you may need a permit. Knocking down walls, adding or building new ones.

Electrical: Anything you are doing from an electrical perspective will likely require an electrical permit even if you are moving outlets. Older homes will need to be updated according to the Los Angeles building code standards.

Plumbing: If you are changing the location of your sink you will need a plumbing permit.

Gas permit: If your remodel includes a new stove-top with a gas grill for example, you will need a gas permit to run a new gas line. Electrical stoves fall under electrical permits.

Los Angeles permits: You will need any other permits required by your local Los Angeles area township or municipality. Permits are required primarily to ensure safety.

Los Angeles Homeowners Remodel Kitchens as California Homes Appreciate

The real estate market in California continues to appreciate at an unprecedented rate. Homeowners depend on this rising home value and do all they can to facilitate the process. In particular, they remodel the kitchens in their homes to keep them up-to-date both functionally and aesthetically.

Here are just a few of the renovations they undertake to accomplish this goal:

Smaller installations

Adding a custom backsplash – To quote a very old adage, California is famous for its “fruits and nuts.” While these folks may live on the fringe of traditional society, many of them are very talented artisans. Look to them when you want to affordably include a custom backsplash to your kitchen.

Installing a secondary sinkA seemingly minor upgrade, a second sink provides significantly more functionality during the preparation of a meal as well as when cleaning up. It is also great place to locate the kids who want to help with an enjoyable – but incredibly messy – food-related job.

Slightly more ambitious projects

Opening up the space This project is not as ambitious as completely renovating a kitchen but it can add some real value to a home. The idea is to remove extraneous cabinetry and other obstructions to include an adjoining room with the kitchen proper. Doing this makes both spaces more functional as a unit rather as separated spaces.

Dropping in more lighting More light will always increase the usefulness of a space that is dedicated to functionality. To this end, you can add a skylight above your kitchen to gain the benefits of the sun or spend a little extra money to have focused light fixtures added numerous strategic spots.

Full overhauls

Adding a breakfast nook – More room equates with more value – especially in the “square foot” focused Los Angeles real estate market. It takes some time – plus planning and permits –to accomplish this project but it is well worth the effort in both personal and financial terms.

Replacing the cabinetry completely Basically a complete kitchen remodel – as you will most likely be replacing the appliances as well – this project will be expensive but well worthwhile. Realtors rate a new kitchen as the number one remodel for recouping a homeowner’s financial investment.

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Whether you are remodeling a condo or a single family home, or its a small or large kitchen in Los Angeles complete gut or partial renovations is a major project. Common factors that impact kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles: Sinks/Faucets, Appliances, Countertops, electrical, Cabinets/Cabinet Doors, Flooring, Lighting, and how dramatically you change the Floor plan.

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