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  • Inglewood Small Kitchen Remodeling
  • Small kitchen updates, remodeling, Renovations

Inglewood Contractors For Small Kitchen Remodels (3 Free Quotes)

Experienced with remodeling & updating small kitchens. Required local permits.

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  • Inglewood Kitchen Remodeling Companies
  • Updating larger kitchen sizes, remodeling, Renovations

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Experienced with remodeling & updating large kitchens. Required local permits.

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  • Inglewood Kitchen Renovation Companies
  • Major kitchen remodels, Extensions, Additions

Inglewood Contractors For Kitchen Renovations (3 Free Quotes)

Experienced with major kitchen renovations. Required local permits.

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Inglewood Kitchen Remodel sizes and dimensions: A Typical kitchen is about 150 square feet.

Updating your Outdated Inglewood Kitchen Doesn't Have to Break the Bank

Is it time to remodel your kitchen? Is it outdated, looking to make smaller updates or are you preparing for a possible future sale? Whatever your goal knowing your local neighborhood is essential.

However, your Inglewood kitchen remodel does not have to break the bank.  Home Fixology will match you with 3 top local remodeling professionals who will help you prepare for your project without any obligation.

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Inglewood Kitchen Remodeling Permit Information

Check with local Inglewood California Community Development for permits and inspections. The department issues a ‘combined’ building permit to replace and/or repair counters, tiles, wall finishes, flooring, cabinets, and electrical/plumbing fixtures. To check for plan review and permitting go here. Before any construction is concealed or covered, you must have an inspection done.

When you will need a permit in Inglewood, CA

A building permit is required whenever a structure or building is:
– Altered
– Constructed
– Converted
– Demolished
– Enlarged
– Erected
– Improved
– Moved
– Repaired

Is a building permit the only permit I need for building construction or addition?

No, there are additional permits that Building and Safety Division may require from the property owner. Examples are Electrical Permit, Plumbing Permit and Mechanical Permit.

3 Easy Remodeling Updates to Help Make Your Kitchen Look Modern

By changing the following three areas of your kitchen, you can certainly transform the look and feel of your kitchen:

Updating the Kitchen Countertop

Kitchen countertops can make your Inglewood kitchen standout instantly. Optimize your kitchen space with perfectly aligned kitchen countertops. Your kitchen will achieve a dramatic new look when this project is done properly and congruently with the flow of your kitchen as well as the ajoining room.


The furniture in your kitchen should be as modern as possible. In addition to replacing your kitchen chairs and table, you can add some additional seating like countertop stools. In fact, this is a concept that most of the modern kitchens embrace.

By adding more chairs and stools, you’ll create an inviting space by giving visitors countless spaces to sit. You can choose your kitchen furniture from an array of styles and budget available in the market today.


Staining or painting the existing cabinetry in your kitchen can change the entire look of the room drastically. One of the ways of being bold is to paint your cabinets blue. By simply changing the wood color, you’ll not only give the cabinets a brand new fresh look, you’ll also stay classy. With today’s popular and trendy choices of color, your options are indeed endless.

Stainless Steel

Achieve your stainless steel kitchen, at an economical, by working with kitchen remodelers in Inglewood. The approach can be customized to your liking while also keeping in mind other homes in your local neighborhood.

Our licensed residential Kitchen Contractors In Inglewood, CA will advise on the following permits

This is why hiring an experienced professional matters. Home contractors with a proven history in the Inglewood Municipality should pull
permits on your behalf and put in their own name.

Structural: If you plan on making major modifications to your kitchen you may need a permit from the city of Inglewood. Knocking down walls, adding or building new ones.

Electrical: Anything you are doing from an electrical perspective will likely require an electrical permit even if you are moving outlets. Older homes will need to be updated according to the Inglewood building code standards.

Plumbing: If you are changing the location of your sink you will need a plumbing permit.

Gas permit: If your remodel includes a new stove-top with a gas grill for example, you will need a gas permit to run a new gas line. Electrical stoves fall under electrical permits.

Inglewood remodeling permits: You will need any other permits required by your local area township or municipality. Permits are required primarily to ensure safety.

Inglewood Homeowners Remodel Kitchens as California Homes Appreciate

The real estate market in California continues to appreciate at an unprecedented rate. Homeowners depend on this rising home value and do all they can to facilitate the process. In particular, they remodel the kitchens in their homes to keep them up-to-date both functionally and aesthetically.

Smaller installations

Adding a custom backsplash – To quote a very old adage, California is famous for its “fruits and nuts.” While these folks may live on the fringe of traditional society, many of them are very talented artisans. Look to them when you want to affordably include a custom backsplash to your kitchen.

Opening up the space This project is not as ambitious as completely renovating a kitchen but it can add some real value to a home. The idea is to remove extraneous cabinetry and other obstructions to include an adjoining room with the kitchen proper. Doing this makes both spaces more functional as a unit rather as separated spaces.

Replacing the cabinetry completely Basically a complete kitchen remodel – as you will most likely be replacing the appliances as well – this project will be expensive but well worthwhile. Realtors rate a new kitchen as the number one remodel for recouping a homeowner’s financial investment.

Whether you are remodeling a condo or a single family home, or a complete gut or partial renovation, it is important to be prepared. Factors that impact kitchen remodeling costs in Inglewood, CA: Sinks/Faucets, Appliances, Countertops, electrical, Cabinets/Cabinet Doors, Flooring, Lighting, and if you plan on changing the floor plan.

Check out our kitchen remodeling cost guide to help in advise in what to expect during your remodel.

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How much will your kitchen remodel cost? Are you looking to do an economical kitchen remodel or do you have a larger budget?

Speak with multiple Inglewood contractors so they can better understand factors such as cost per square foot, and your floor plan goals. Get free cost estimates in minutes from verified Home Fixology kitchen remodelers today.

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‎Los Angeles County, Inglewood, CA

Inglewood is a city in southwestern Los Angeles County, California. As of the 2010 U.S. Census, the city had a population of 109,673. It was incorporated on February 14, 1908. The city is in the South Bay region of Los Angeles County. Los Angeles Stadium at Hollywood Park is currently under construction in the city and, when completed around 2020, will be the new home of both the National Football League’s Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers. The city is also close to Los Angeles International Airport.

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