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Home Fixology Small Kitchen Remodeling Contractors in TampaSMALL KITCHEN REMODELS

  • Update your small kitchen in Tampa, FL
  • Small kitchens, Full Remodels, Cabinets, Countertops

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Experienced kitchen contractors specializing in small kitchen remodels in Tampa. Design & Build, countertops, flooring, Sinks, Countertops, Floor install, Renovate.


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  • Change floor plan, Flooring, Cabinets/Countertops, Full remodels
  • Condos, Single Family Homes, Multi-Units, More.

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Residential kitchen remodeling contractors with large kitchen renovation experience in Tampa. Design & Build, Move appliances, New floor plan, cabinet installation, countertops, custom flooring installation.


Free Written Estimates, Required Permits, Licensed Contractors. No Obligation.

Home Fixology Major Kitchen Renovations in TampaMAJOR KITCHEN RENOVATIONS

  • Gut Kitchen Makeovers, Major Renovations in Tampa
  • Outdoor Kitchens, Completely Remodel Kitchen. Residential.

Kitchen Remodeling Company #3

Residential kitchen remodeling contractors with major kitchen renovation experience in Tampa. Design & Build, Move appliances, New floor plan, Countertops, Backsplashes, Vanities, Sinks, cabinet installation, countertops, custom flooring installation.


Free Written Estimates, Required Permits, Licensed Contractors. No Obligation.


Making The Decision to Remodel Your Tampa FL Kitchen

Kitchen remodels are a sizeable investment that must be done right. Working with a reputable and experienced kitchen remodeling contractor in Tampa, FL is the prudent way to have a modern and improved kitchen. After making the decision to remodel your kitchen, where do you start?

Home Fixology has established partnerships with experienced kitchen remodeling contractors in Tampa. We connect home owners (For Free) remodeling companies with proven backgrounds and experience.

Projects often require the assistance of skilled industry and trade professional subcontractors. Kitchen remodeling PROs working with Home Fixology have these connections to ensure your job gets completed on time and on budget.

A Few Requirements For a Tampa Kitchen Remodel

The chief requirement for a kitchen remodeling project is a permit. Tampa’s Construction Services is your one stop shop for all inspection and permit needs. The division not only performs inspections, it also issues permits, reviews construction plans to ensure building projects are built in compliance with local and state regulations and codes. By doing that, all Tampa residents are assured of safe, vibrant, and livable buildings.

If you’re undertaking a kitchen remodeling project in Tampa, you must obtain a permit here

Register here to enjoy the City’s new, state of the art permitting system. As a registered user, you’ll be able to:
Pay fees

Apply for permits
Schedule as well as cancel inspections
Check the status of projects real time

In addition to a permit, the other thing you need for a successful project is the right Tampa kitchen remodeling contractor. How do you settle for the best? Here’s what you need to do:
Ask the right questions
Consider experience
Ensure the contractor is insured and licensed
Consider warranties
Can he or she meet your home needs

Steps to a successful kitchen remodel in Tampa

Your kitchen might be outdated, dingy, old or perhaps even falling apart. The sheer thought of tearing it apart might be dreadful. To help you out, here are the steps you need to take for a successful kitchen remodeling project:

Step 1 – Look for a contractor

The first step is to hire a contractor that’ll handle the project for you. Later on in this primer, you’ll learn the factors you should consider when looking for the best contractor in Tampa.

Step 2 – Set a budget

How major or minor your project is will inform your budget. Sit down and come up with a figure that you can realistically spend. According to a recent report on cost vs. value estimates, the current ROI stands at 69-80%. The report indicates the amount you can expect to spend in a particular region.

Establishing a budget early on helps you make a concrete decision on the contractor to settle for. It also helps contractors to show you the scope of work they can do with your budget.

Step 3 – Plan on design and materials

Before the project begins, have the design and materials ready.

What’s the cost of a Tampa kitchen remodel project?

Each kitchen remodel is unique. The cost depends on an array of factors. However, it ranges from $2500-$25,000. The cost of a Tampa kitchen remodel will depend on the size, and upgrade features you choose.

The following are some of the factors that determine cost:
Types and number of cabinet accessories
Size and types of countertops
Plumbing and electrical work
Flooring type
Height, and door style of cabinets
Size of the room
Cost of tearing out the old

Most Real Estate agents list a kitchen most likely to help with a sale of a home

When it comes to home improvement projects, no one doubts that a kitchen remodel adds value both a functional and a financial sense. In fact. Most real estate agents list it the improvement most likely to help with the sales of a home.

Their are any number of ways to remodel a kitchen – in part or in whole. Here are a few of the more notable ones.

Smaller projects

Add some natural light Nothing brightens a kitchen more than the addition of a little early morning sunshine. By adding a skylight, a homeowner can illuminate the area without adding to the electric bill.

In addition, a skylight that opens is an excellent way to allow outside air to circulate in the space.

Add a stone countertop – Many older kitchens are – for lack of a better word – saddled with Formica covered countertops. While still functional, these countertops are no longer considered aesthetically pleasing by almost all buyers.

Replacing them with a real or faux stone countertop provides a great boost to both the looks and the value of the room.

More ambitious projects

Install a center island Adding a central kitchen island not only adds more counterspace – always a valuable addition – but the best ones will also include extra electrical outlets and a secondary sink to gain the maximum value in both day-to-day utility and financial appreciation.

Islands also make a great place for informal family gatherings.

Replace the appliances If their budget is a little larger, a homeowner should consider upgrading the appliances in their kitchen. Combined with new stone countertops, this project can revitalize the look of a kitchen without the expense of a complete remodel.

Large scale rehab

Add an adjoining entertainment space – This project can be accomplished in a number of ways. First, consider removing any cabinetry that obstructs the view from the kitchen into the adjoining family room. Alternatively, a homeowner with a larger budget can add doubel doors that lead from the kitchen to an outdoor entertainment space.

In either case, the home chef will be more involved with family life and not just “stuck” in the kitchen.

When Remodeling a kitchen for your Tampa FL home there are always options. Large budget, small budget, cheap kitchen remodel or splurge on updates. Regardless, you should try and prepare yourself with the costs of a kitchen remodel project.

Most common costs include: Sinks/Faucets, Appliances, Countertops, electrical, Cabinets/Cabinet Doors, Flooring, Lighting, and if you decide to change the Floor plan. Before you begin read our cost guide.

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