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Also known as a general contractor

Managing a major home remodeling project requires time and effort on whoever is in charge. While many homeowners feel that they can do so while also juggling their family and work lives, more prudent ones realize that hiring a professional general contractor is the best way to go.

These folks – known as GCs in the remodeling industry – will handle every aspect of the project for a fee. In general, this fee will run an additional ten to fifteen percent above the actual cost of the job. In most cases, it is a fee worth paying for the time and aggravation that it will save the homeowner.

GCs will deal with every aspect of a home remodeling or building project in lieu of the homeowner. In particular, they will order the necessary materials and equipment needed to complete the project, coordinate their deliveries at the proper times and also schedule the various work crews who will actually do the physical labor required to complete the project.

Finally, on an operational level, the GC will mediate the collection of payments from the homeowner and make the appropriate ones to the subcontractors.

Perhaps the most important part of a GC’s responsibilities is to mediate any issues between the homeowner and the subcontractors. FTP example, some of the work may not meet the standards of the homeowner or they may want to make a substantial change in the project for one reason or the other.

Both of these cases will involve additional work – and costs! It is the job of the GC to determine who should bear the brunt of these costs and still keep everyone feeling good about the job – a not inconsiderable task that requires patience and tact.

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What are some common home projects in Tampa?

Garage build-outs – Nothing adds resale value to a home like more living space. In many cases, this is most affordably accomplished by adding work, play or storage space to the side or above an existing garage.

This type of space is equally viable for either a college age child or a parent who wants some privacy of their own. Consider adding a bathroom space and a small kitchenette if funds and space are available.

Creating an open floor plan – It is not always necessary to add space per se. The same goal can be accomplished by removing unnecessary obstructions. Consolidating your kit hen with an adjoining family room in an “open” floor plan can make the house seem larger than before and also improve the utility of both former spaces.

More Tampa Projects

Upgrading the HVAC – On a year-round basis, Tampa rarely sees temperatures in the low 70s. Instead, residents can expect 80 to 90 temperature for most of the year. FTP this reason, a properly designed and installed HVAC system is essential to one’s comfort.

High-efficiency HVAC systems will last for decades so do not forego this comfort even if you do not plan on selling your house for several years. You will still recover most of the cost in resale value.

Patio expansions – Regularly ranked by Forbes magazine as one of the best “outdoor’ cities in the United States, Tampa residents love to indulge in the great outdoors. The temperate weather means that a whole host of activities from entertaining and dining to reading and napping can be done on the patio as long as a comfortable environment is created.

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Choosing a Tampa Handyman vs. A General Contractor

Founded in the early 1500s, Tampa has a long and storied history. This fact, does not mean, however, that Tampans are stuck in the past. Naturally, these reflect their past but they also include the finest 21st century amenities available. This, in turn, means a lot of remodeling goes on in the city and the greater Hillsborough County area.

Local building authorities use these instances to inspect homes so it essential that all work be done in accordance with local building codes and with the proper permits and inspections. Licensed general contractors can be counted on to fully follow these procedures while many handymen will try to lower costs by ignoring the rules.

To this end, Tampa homeowners should verify that any GC they hire has the proper credentials to do the job that is required. Hillsborough County has specific insurance and bonding requirements that a GC must meet before they are issued a license.

A reputable licensed GC will generally have this license number printed on any form that they provide to a homeowner especially an initial estimate or contract. Take the time needed to verify this info and you can rest assured of a project performed in a safe and orderly manner and completed to your total satisfaction.

Tampa is a city on located on Florida’s Gulf Coast is known for its museums and other cultural offerings. Busch Gardens is an African-themed amusement park with thrill rides and animal-viewing areas. The historic Ybor City neighborhood, developed by Cuban and Spanish cigar-factory workers at the turn of the 20th century, is a dining and nightlife destination.

General contractors cover these cities around Tampa:

Egypt Lake-Leto, FL
Temple Terrace, FL
Lake Magdalene, FL
Mango, FL
Brandon, FL

Citrus Park, FL
Bloomingdale, FL
Oldsmar, FL
Lutz, FL
Safety Harbor, FL

Pinellas Park, FL
Saint Petersburg, FL
East Lake, FL
Dunedin, FL
Largo, FL

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