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Real estate is at a premium in the Los Angeles area so homeowners are always looking to improve the value of their home by adding to or remodeling it. Los Angeles also has a maze of building codes and restrictions. For these two reasons, homeowners often choose to use a professional – known as a general contractor – to help them with a home improvement project. Still, the homeowner may not know exactly what a general contractor – or GC as they are known in the construction industry – does.

In addition, finding a competent and reliable GC is not always an easy task. There many factors for the homeowner to consider before making a final decision. Here is a quick rundown on the most important questions to ask during the evaluation process:

What value does a remodeling contractor bring?

In the Greater Los Angeles area – from Santa Monica to the Inland Empire – residential and commercial contracting companies are routinely used to oversee a home or apartment remodeling project. The use of a GC greatly reduces the amount of time and energy that a project owner would need to spend to oversee the project. Instead, the GC will hire the subcontractors, deal with the vendors and coordinate all scheduling with both the private firms involved and the local building department.

Generally, the GC is given complete control over the day-to-day aspects of the construction project upon upon the finalization of the plans by the designer/architect and their approval by the homeowner. The owner will then only meet with the GC on an as needed basis or at specified times to check on the progress of the project. These specified times – known as milestones – are necessary for two reasons. The owner needs to inspect the work from am aesthetic point of view – the GC handles the practical details – before making payment on the next stage of the project.

The GC’s responsibilities also include a number of other specific duties. FTP instance, the GC will create a project timeline that specifies when the respective subcontractors should arrive on the job and finish their portion of it. In addition, the timeline will details when certain deliveries should be made. Finally, the timeline will also demarcate the milestones mentioned above and detail what payments need to be made.

Another equally important aspect of the GC’s role is to act as an intermediary between the homeowner and the subcontractors. This particular duty is actually far more important than it may seem at first. Meddling -we use the term advisedly – homeowners can wreak having on both the cost of a project and the completion date. It is much better for them to liaise with the GC and, in turn, let him deal with the subcontractors.

It is truly important for the homeowner to understand this last point as repeated interruptions will only delay the completion of their remodeling project and almost surely increase its cost. Whether the homeowner wants to make a change in the plans “on the fly” or wants to see a flaw corrected, it is much better for him to communicate their concerns to the GC directly and then let the professional do the job he is being paid for.

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Managing the Progress of Your Los Angeles General Contractor

How can I manage the GC progress?

It seems that every little enclave in Los Angeles County city has its own decided sense of style. From the “beachy,” Art Deco style of Santa Monica to the high-end extravagance of Beverly Hills, residents are interested in stamping their own imprint upon their home and its landscaping.

For this reason, homeowners will make the aesthetic decisions about a remodeling project while leaving the For mundane details of ordering, installing and finishing to the a professional general contractor. In particular, the homeowner will choose the colors, the materials and the appliances for a project as well as its layout. However, the GC will decide on the best – and most economical way – to bring the homeowner’s imagination into reality.

First, a budget will be established and submitted to the owner for review. Once approved, an initial down payment is made and the project is initiated. The GC will then order the necessary materials and find the appropriate subcontractors. Next, the GC will schedule the activities of the people involved in the project. This task includes ordering the materials needed for each portion of the job, coordinating the activities of the various subs and arranging for their ultimate payment. In total, it is not a small task but one that an experienced GC can do with fairly little trouble.

As each stage of the project nears completion, the GC will also coordinate the inspections required by the local building authorities. In general, the GC will inspect the work themselves to ensure that the everything