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Why hire a garage builder?

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Garage construction costs per square foot depend on the size of and dimensions of garage. Common garage builds include: 12×24, 12×20, 16×20, 16×24, 24×24, 20×20, 24×30, 25×25, 28×28, 24×40, 30×30, 40×40, 40×60.

Garage Building Contractors ( Garage Builders)

Whether you have a standard wooden structure home, a brick home or a log cabin styled home, increasing your home’s property value should always be a priority. No, you won’t necessarily have to break the bank to add value to your home, but it will take some funding in order to achieve the end goal. Depending on your specific goals, and your location of residence, home project costs will vary.

The Garage is an area of the home that serves a practical purpose. Of course, the name says it all as it is used to store and protect your vehicle. Unfortunately, many homeowners don’t use the space for its intended purpose. Boxes, bags, furniture and other objects have unintentionally as well as intentionally, turned this space into a home of its own.  Are you looking to build a new garage? Do you know where to start? This article will give you, the homeowner, more insight and options on building the best garage that meets your needs.

Things To Consider

For those who may already have a garage at your home residence, there are many things you can do to bring it back into existence. For those who may not have a garage at your home residence, there’s always the choice to build one and there are many styles to choose from. You can actually build a garage that matches the home’s natural architecture.

This can be an attached or detached version. The options are nearly endless as your new garage can posses a unique appearance that stands out from other houses. First things first. If you don’t have the experience, capabilities or know-how, a garage building contractor should be consulted. The garage area is more than just an extra four walls and a roof. Electrical wiring and plumbing is a big component of a properly built garage.

Since 99 percent of the population doesn’t have any building/construction background, taking this job head-on can literally be a headache, no pun intended.

Why Choose A Garage Building Contractor?

Hiring a Garage Building Contractor is the very best route to take when it comes to any type of home garage project. These Professionals specialize in the structural building process. Garage contractors not only specialize in garage building, these contractors provide great structural work for carports and outside buildings that are connected to the home. Garage contractors also specialize in garage conversions as well as the installation of pre-fabricated garages.

Disclaimer: Before trying to tackle any type of home construction project, make sure you understand the rules and the regulations. In most cases, you will need to apply for a building permit. These permits give homeowners or builders permission to do the work. Safety measures and aesthetics must also be followed, especially if you live in an affluent neighborhood or a specific community. Depending on the location and the specific governing authority, building permits can vary across the board.

Here is a basic layout of the process:

Obtain an application for a building permit.
Provide ownership, plans and submit your request
Pay any applicable upfront fees
Wait for approval from the building department
Wait for final inspections

In general, the average cost for a building permit is estimated at $800. This means that the overall price range for a building permit can be between $250 – $1,400. Also, depending on the type of construction work, there could be additional (impact fees).

This process can be a bit frustrating for homeowners and this is why hiring a garage building contractor is so important. These professionals are trained in dealing with the application process of permits.

Type of Garages

Though garages are full of household items, the main purpose of these rooms is to store your vehicle. The amount of vehicles should dictate or play a major role in the type of garage the construction contractor should propose in the bid. Lets dive in a bit deeper and look at what options are available.

Attached Garages: personify the name perfectly. This type of garage is probably the most popular version, and it’s the most convenient. An attached garage is entered through a door or hallway of the house itself. Having this access, these garages are great for people who live in cold climates. You won’t have to battle the cold, rain or winds with this version. These garages are generally built on one side of the home.

Detached Garages: are basically stand alone building structures. The garage is usually built on the side or to the rear of the home. They’re also generally built just a few feet away, but there are other models that have been built yards away from the home. These types of garages are usually connected to a short driveway.

Tandem Garages are some of the most rare garages available. This is due to the fact that they aren’t as convenient because of how it’s built. Tandem garages are basically two single garages that are stacked end-to-end. For families that have multiple people, getting in or out could be a problem thanks to being blocked by the other vehicle that’s parked behind. These types of garages generally take up about 300 square feet of space.

Single Garage vs Double Garage

After discussing your needs and goals with the garage builder decide what type of garage you want. Depending on the amount of vehicles at your residence can play an important factor. Single Garages can only hold one vehicle at a time, as the name conveys. They’re also some of the smallest types of garages. This style of garage can take up to about 150 square feet of space, or they can generally measure in at about 12′ x 22.’

Double Garages are designed to hold up to two vehicles at a time. At 300 square feet or measuring 22′ x 22,’ they’re generally twice the size in total area as single garages. Another good rule of thumb to help you understand coverage space, just add an additional 150 square feet per vehicle.

Breezeway Garages are detached away from the home, but they give you the advantages of an attached garage. This version has an actual breezeway or hallway that connects the home to the garage. You’ll have the feeling of being outside while actually being inside.

Gable Garages  are fairly common as they have two sloping slides that meet at a ridge. These garages have a front facing triangular gable, and they provide plenty of interior space. Advantages included are sleep slopes, sturdy design and various window options.


When it comes to styling, garages can be outfitted in numerous attachments, colors and building material. Homeowners can also opt for windows that can come in different shapes and sizes. Remember, this is your home, so implementing some of your own personality into the design can give you a unique appearance.

For those who have garages that are attached to the home itself, it is more than possible to be constructed with the same building material as the home. For detached garages, you can be more flexible with the types of building material. Brick built garages with wooden doors look amazing. Brick and wood comes in numerous color tones, which can give you a one of a kind appearance.

Wood is one of the most common options because it’s easier to work with, and it’s highly available. It’s a great material, but it isn’t fire-resistance, nor is it the most secure. On the other hand, Steel is much more secure, but it’s a lot more expensive.

As you can see, your personal budget will come into play at some point or another. Many of today’s more contemporary homes are opting for detached garages that are constructed of concrete or brick. Both building materials offer you fire resistance, security and aesthetics.

Fire & Water Damage Potential. Do-it-yourselfers can and have built good garages throughout the years. This small, select group of people have a lot of construction knowledge. If you’re a (do-it-yourself) kind of guy, but you lack the total knowledge and training, seek professional assistance.

Electrical wiring in your home is no laughing matter, and if it’s done incorrectly, fires and accidents are a possibility. Plumbing is also another big issue with garages. This is why garage building contractors come in handy.Water is one of the most destructive forces. It can weaken your home’s structure as well as provide the perfect breeding ground for dangerous molds and mildew.

Garage Doors

Garage Doors are like the icing on a cake. These attachments help to give your garage character. Here are some of the most widely used garage doors of today.

Up & Over Doors are large in design and are commonly found with large driveways. These doors open in an outward fashion, which become horizontal with the ceiling.

Roller Doors are popular, widely used and are convenient. There is no swing action with these doors as they’ll store themselves by rolling directly up. Roller doors come in segmented pieces of aluminum.

Swing Hung Doors can meet most garage aesthetic designs. The doors operate similar to standard house doors thanks to their hinged motion. They also come in numerous sizes, shapes, materials, and they provide a really open entrance.

All in all, building your garage should be treated like more of a project than like a chore. By working with a professional, you’ll receive the very best possible outcome in the shortest amount of time.


Regardless of why you’re considering a project with a garage contractor you need to be prepared. Let’s break down the list of questions into categories:

Job specifics


Ideally you want to work with a contractor who has the experience necessary to complete your project on time and on budget. Regardless of how you grade the contractor try to be up front with any questions or concerns you have. They will appreciate the opportunity to address your concerns.

How long have you been in business? (Contractors who go into business often have been in the trade for many years. You might want to clarify this.)

Do you have a contracting license? (Cities, states and even counties have different requirements for contractors getting licensed. Make sure that the contractor has gone through all of the necessary channels to obtain any required certifications specific to their field of expertise.)

Do you work with a dedicated team? (Contracting companies often work on multiple projects at a time, so it’s important to verify that you can count on consistency in who comes to work on your home each day.)


If you are building a garage or perhaps remodeling it you will most likely need local building permits. This includes all proper building inspections during the process and after the project is completed.

Can the costs of all permits be added into your bid? (Permits should be pulled and issued in the Contractor’s name not yours. If the contractor hesitates it may indicate a red flag. Perhaps they have issues working in the city or are not licensed. Ask clarifying questions.)

Do you have experience in my locality pulling permits? (You should hire an experienced, locally licensed contractor who does quality work and knows the system. A properly licensed contractor must meet certain qualifications to pull a permit.


Can you add “start and end dates” into my contract? (The point is that you both have an understanding of when work will commence and approximately when it will get completed.)

Addressing changes to your contract: (No changes to the original scope of work can happen until your contractor has given you clear description, costs, and what it does to the schedule. Change orders should be done in written format: email, pen & ink.

Grace period to rescind your contract: (Some states allow for the homeowner three days rescinding their contract without penalty. If you’re not in one of these states you can request this to be added in. This helps prevent you from losing your deposit if something goes wrong early on.)

Can you add language into my contract that removes any liens? (Any professional that comes into your home as part of the crew has the ability to put a lien on your house claiming they were not paid. Request and ask about lien waivers as you make each installment.)

Contracts are obviously important. You have room to negotiate and add in items you want in there.

How do you provide a description of the work? (Make sure it outlines all of the work, materials, and products that will go into the job.

How are you paid? (This includes how often as well as the total price for the project. Contractors often create project milestones. Make sure they clearly define these.


Here the idea is to get a picture of how the contractor will run your project. Are they responsive, what does a typical day look like? How Responsible are they?

What is your working day like? (Whether you are at home all day or at work it’s important to know what to expect during construction days.) Contractors.

How do you cleanup at the end of the day? (Set the expectation that the contractor and his/her crew will clean up at the end of every day. Trash, nails on the floor or ground, cleanup work surfaces, vacuum etc.)

How will you protect my property? (This is typically a given that a contractor will do this but you have the right to ask it. Just try and be respectful when posing these questions.)

How and where will you store tools? (If your job requires multiple days or weeks ask the contractor where they will store and keep their tools. How will they be transported?)

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