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Residential Garage Building Professionals in Fort Lauderdale

Home Fixology Detached Garage Builders in Fort LauderdaleDETACHED GARAGE BUILDING PROJECTS

  • Over 10 Years Building Experience in Fort Lauderdale, FL
  • Detached Garages, Single Car, 2-3 Car Garage Builds. Custom Garages.

Detached Garage Building Construction Companies (3 Free Quotes)

Local garage builders with expertise in detached garage construction projects in Fort Lauderdale. Design & Build, 1-4 car garages, front and back of house. Expertise with local required garage building permits.


Free Written Estimates, Required Permits, Licensed Contractors

Home Fixology Attached Garage Builders in Fort LauderdaleATTACHED GARAGE BUILDING PROJECTS

  • 20+ Years Garage Construction Experience in Fort Lauderdale
  • Attached Additions, Design and build. 2-3 Car Attached Garages.


Local garage builders with expertise adding garage to existing house. Help with building codes, local permits, custom design and build or standard sizes.


Free Written Estimates, Required Permits, Licensed Contractors

Home Fixology Single Car Garage Builders in Fort LauderdaleSINGLE CAR GARAGE BUILDING PROJECTS

  • 25+ Years Single Car Garage Building in Fort Lauderdale
  • Back Yard, Side of House, or Custom

Single Car Garage Construction Companies (3 Free Quotes)

Local garage builders for single car structure. Help with building codes, local permits in Fort Lauderdale, custom design and build or standard sizes: 12 x 20 feet and a standard garage door of about 8 feet wide by 7 feet high. Or request custom build.


Free Written Estimates, Required Permits, Licensed Contractors

Building a Garage in Fort Lauderdale FL

2 car attached garage build in Fort Lauderdale

Is your home short on storage? Have you always dreamed of having a cool place to work on projects for your home or car? Are you tired of watching the bright Florida sun fade the paint job on your car? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you need a garage.

Before you can build any kind of structure on your Fort Lauderdale property, you will need to get all of the necessary permits from the city planning board. The process of doing so is not all that complicated though so don’t worry.

Your experienced Fort Lauderdale garage building contractor will be able to walk you through the entire process and handle the majority of it all for you.

The first step will be to make sure that there are no neighborhood rules preventing you from building a new structure on your property.

Once you’re sure that you won’t be violating any neighborhood association rules, it will be time to apply for permits from the city. To do so you need to have your Fort Lauderdale contractor submit drawings and building plans to the planning board for approval and permits.

Home Fixology created a garage building plans guide to assist if needed.

For more information about building a new garage in Fort Lauderdale see city permit information here.

How to Pay for Your New Fort Lauderdale Garage

Luckily, there are plenty of options out there to help you pay for your new garage or offset the building costs. Here is a list of some of the best financing solutions for your garage:

Home Equity Loan – taking out a line of credit against your house in order to build your garage may seem like a scary thing to do. However, it doesn’t have to be in Fort Lauderdale because the demand for a garage is high and having one on your property will actually raise your property value significantly.

Personal Loans – If you are able to obtain funds from a close friend or family member that is willing to charge you little or no interest, this may be the best option for you to get your new garage built.

Build an Ensuite Apartment on the second story of your garage which you can rent out. Being that rent costs in the Fort Lauderdale are pretty high, you could reasonably expect to pay off the cost of your garage within a couple of years of renting out the apartment.

Cash in Savings & Investments – Although it is not a good idea to clean out your savings or cash in all of your investments to build a new garage, you could responsibly use some portion of them to get the job done. This is especially a good idea if you are considering selling your house in the relatively near future because you should see some returns on that investment.

Reasons to add a garage to your Fort Lauderdale Home?

Fort Lauderdale – located on the far eastern coast of the Florida peninsula – boasts an average year-round temperature of a little over 75 °F and thousands of hours of sunshine.

Combined, these two facts make the city and the greater Broward Count area a tremendously popular tourist destination for both college students on spring break and older “snowbirds.”

On the downside, the city known as the Venice of America sees quite regular but short-lived rainstorms as well as the occasional hurricane.

All in all, Ft. Lauderdale provides a wonderful environment for enjoying the outdoors but Mother Nature can be a little rough on any item left outside – no matter how well designed or constructed.

Homeowners should certainly consider adding or expanding their garage to protect their automobile but there are also other reasons to consider building or expanding one. Here are just a few of them:

Rental spaceThroughout the year, over 10 millions tourists visit Fort Lauderdale. While many arrive and leave on cruise ships a substantial number need to find relatively affordable, short-term lodging. Still, the demand often outstrips supply and homeowners with a garage apartment to lease can generate a significant rental income and still have the space to use in the off-season.

In addition, if needed, the space can ultimately be converted to an apartment for Mom, Dad or another aging relative.

Entertainment spaceAs mentioned, the city has a remarkably temperate climate. This fact makes it an ideal place for outdoor entertaining. Unfortunately, the city also sees a small rainstorm almost every day during the rainy season.

Combined, these two facts mean that a covered space is really an essential for outdoor entertaining. The extra living space adds a better quality of life for both you and your family as well as making it more attractive to future potential buyers.

Storage spaceWith easy access to beaches, lakes and camping sites, Ft, Lauderdale provides a wealth of opportunity for those who like to interact with the Great Outdoors. FTP better or worse, this means that a substantial amount of sporting paraphernalia must be purchased and stored.

Oftentimes, these items bikes, kayaks, camping gear and what not are not particularly clean. Having storage space in your garage allows you to keep them out of the house.

Fort Lauderdale garage construction costs per square foot depend on the size of and dimensions of garage. Common garage builds include: 12×24, 12×20, 16×20, 16×24, 24×24, 20×20, 24×30, 25×25, 28×28, 24×40, 30×30, 40×40, 40×60.

What Is The Cost Of Building A Garage In Fort Lauderdale?

Unfortunately, building a garage in the Fort Lauderdale or Miami areas can be more expensive than many other areas of the country. When making out a budget, you should plan to spend roughly $115 per square foot to build your new garage. This high cost is due to a number of factors.

For one, it’s a wealthy area where consumer products are hiked up in price because most people can afford to pay a little extra for things like building materials or labor. Another reason is that there are often a lot of foundation issues.

Florida is notorious for having sandy soil which contributes to the high number of sinkholes and makes it more expensive to pour a secure foundation for houses and garages.

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