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Local garage builders with expertise in detached garage construction projects in Jacksonville. Design & Build, 1-4 car garages, front and back of house. Expertise with local required garage building permits.


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Home Fixology Attached Garage Builders in JacksonvilleATTACHED GARAGE BUILDING PROJECTS

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Local garage builders with expertise adding garage to existing house. Help with building codes, local permits, custom design and build or standard sizes.


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Local garage builders for single car structure. Help with building codes, local permits in Jacksonville, custom design and build or standard sizes: 12 x 20 feet and a standard garage door of about 8 feet wide by 7 feet high. Or request custom build.


Free Written Estimates, Required Permits, Licensed Contractors

Building A Garage In Jacksonville, FL

Before you can begin to build your new garage, you and your contractor will need to come up with formal design plans for your new garage and submit them as an application to the Jacksonville City Building Inspection Department for review.

plans to build a garage

Upon reviewing your proposed garage building plans, the City will either approve you to build and issue a permit, or reject your plans. If your plans are rejected, you can consult with your contractor to revise your plans to be compliant with Jacksonville building codes.

Additionally, you will need to submit a notice of commencement to the city at a cost of $2,500 once you begin construction.

Building a garage addition onto your Jacksonville property is an excellent way to acquire some much needed storage space, in addition to giving you the ability to protect your vehicles from the Florida sun and salty air.

Best of all, adding a garage onto your property is a great way to add some serious value to your property. However, before you build a garage, there are some steps of due diligence that you must take to comply with Jacksonville laws and regulations.

Will a new garage increase my Jacksonville Home value?

Nestled in the very uppermost, northeastern corner of the state, Jacksonville sees some of the worst weather that Mother Nature can produce. Not only does the summer sun beat down on everyone and everything in the Duval County area but very strong winds – veritable hurricanes, sometimes – will pummel everything in their path.

This beautiful but somewhat erratic weather means that a garage is essential for protecting your automobile in the long run. While parking space is almost always the primary motivation for a homeowner to build a new garage, there are a number of other equally valid reasons for doing the same. Here are just a few of them:

Rental space – As the most populous city in the state the whole southeast, really Jacksonville commands relatively high rental rates throughout the city. The addition of an apartment above your garage can either provide some subsidized housing for a relative or generate significant income for the homeowner.

Storage space – In any home, storage space is always at a premium. Everyone always seems to need just a little more room to store something or other. A garage storage space is ideal in that it makes folks reconsider what they want to store as they transport it form one place to another. Fortunately or not, in many cases, they decide to throw it in the garbage instead. A win-win for everyone involved.

Sunroom/Hothouse space – As already mentioned, the weather in the Jacksonville area blow hot and cold. Many plants have trouble acclimatizing to these conditions and must be sheltered at various times of the year. A garage sunroom/hothouse offers the perfect solution. In winter, it can house the plants and in summer, it affords a great place to enjoy the summer sun.

Office SpaceWe have all heard the story of the entrepreneur who started in his garage and eventually became a billionaire. Why not start out in a little more style in your garage by adding a home office either above it or behind it? The conversion is far more affordable than renting commercial space, is conveniently located and allows you to put a little distance between you and family affairs when you need to get some work done.

Jacksonville construction costs per square foot depend on the size of and dimensions of garage. Common garage builds include: 12×24, 12×20, 16×20, 16×24, 24×24, 20×20, 24×30, 25×25, 28×28, 24×40, 30×30, 40×40, 40×60.

The Cost To Build A Jacksonville Garage

The overall cost of your Jacksonville garage will be dependent on a number of factors such as the materials and finishes you choose, as well as, the size of the garage you are building. There are also costs associated with labor and permitting, on top of your materials. On average, you can expect to pay around $20,000-$30,000 to build your new garage from scratch.

However, there are a number of ways in which you can save a great deal on building your new garage. One of the simplest ways to cut down on labor and material costs is to opt for an attached garage