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Home Fixology Detached Garage Builders in TallahasseeDETACHED GARAGE BUILDING PROJECTS

  • Over 10 Years Building Experience in Tallahassee, FL
  • Detached Garages, Single Car, 2-3 Car Garage Builds. Custom Garages.

Detached Garage Building Construction Companies (3 Free Quotes)

Local garage builders with expertise in detached garage construction projects in Tallahassee. Design & Build, 1-4 car garages, front and back of house. Expertise with local required garage building permits.


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Home Fixology Attached Garage Builders in TallahasseeATTACHED GARAGE BUILDING PROJECTS

  • 20+ Years Garage Construction Experience in Tallahassee
  • Attached Additions, Design and build. 2-3 Car Attached Garages.


Local garage builders with expertise adding garage to existing house. Help with building codes, local permits, custom design and build or standard sizes.


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  • 25+ Years Single Car Garage Building in Tallahassee
  • Back Yard, Side of House, or Custom

Single Car Garage Construction Companies (3 Free Quotes)

Local garage builders for single car structure. Help with building codes, local permits in Tallahassee, custom design and build or standard sizes: 12 x 20 feet and a standard garage door of about 8 feet wide by 7 feet high. Or request custom build.


Free Written Estimates, Required Permits, Licensed Contractors

Building a Garage in Tallahassee

plans to build a garage

Tallahassee possesses its own set of rules and laws about the sizes and types of garage that you can build which will be determined by your neighborhood and the size of the lot you own. Of course, the larger the lot, the larger your garage can be.

Before you build your garage, you and your garage builder will need to produce thorough design plans to the City of Tallahassee for review. Once your plans are reviewed and approved, you will be issued your new building permits and be allowed to commence construction on your new garage.

On a side note, it is also important that you consult with your homeowner’s association if your property is governed by one. Failing to get approval from the board could result in very costly fines and liens being placed on your property.

Tallahassee Housing Market Desirable for a Garage

Although many consider colder climates to be the primary areas for a garage, Florida’s housing market actually has a strong desire for a garage. Tallahassee is certainly no exception. While northern climates demand that homeowners seek protection for their cars from snow and sleet, Florida residents seek to protect them from the sun and salt water.

If you want to increase your property value and make it more desirable to potential home buyers, or simply find yourself in need of additional storage space, a garage is a fantastic solution. However, before you and your Tallahassee Garage building contractor can get started with your new garage, you will need to take the time to do your homework.

Reasons to build a garage in Tallahassee FL

While not the largest of cities, Tallahassee enjoys a certain renown as the state capitol of Florida and as home to two of the state’s largest universities. The city endures summers that are normally hotter than the rest of the state and the sea breeze that blow in brings a lot salt.

Both make excellent reasons for housing a vehicle in an enclosed garage. There are other reasons to add one to your Tallahassee home, however, and all of them add tremendous resale value to a home.

Here are just a few of them:

Rental spaceBuilding up instead of out is a great way to add interior space to garage without impinging on the backyard. If you go to the trouble of creating a apartment in the space, it will also add monthly rental income and a significant boost to the overall value to the house.

The two largest universities in Tallahassee combine to educate over 50,000 students. This single fact means that the “garage apartment” leasing market remains quite robust year after year.

Office SpaceAs the capitol of the state, Tallahassee is home to innumerable offices for government agencies, lobbyists and anyone else who sees dollar signs in political largesse.

This fact means that commercial office space for the average consumer is fairly expensive. In many cases, a burgeoning entrepreneur might find it more affordable to create an office space in his garage than to rent a high-priced downtown office space.

Entertainment space While daytime temperatures in the summer can be somewhat uncomfortable, the evenings offer an excellent opportunity to enjoy the outdoors in Tallahassee if you have a space for doing so.

Consider adding an screen-enclosed outdoor entertaining space that will protect you from the worst ravages of the ever present bugs but also allows you to enjoy the night air. A glass ceiling will also provide fantastic views of the night sky.

Hothouse spacePlant life does enjoys the hot and wet weather of the Tallahassee and the surrounding Leon County area. You need only look out any window of your home to see lush foliage. Still, winter does come and temperatures can easily and regularly drop into the 40°F range with cold snaps of 20°F possible.

A hothouse that protects your valuable succulents and other warmth-loving plants is a necessity for any serious gardener.

Tallahassee garage construction costs per square foot depend on the size of and dimensions of garage. Common garage builds include: 12×24, 12×20, 16×20, 16×24, 24×24, 20×20, 24×30, 25×25, 28×28, 24×40, 30×30, 40×40, 40×60.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Garage in Tallahassee?

On average, building a garage addition onto your Tallahassee property can cost you up to $25,000. In the end, that number could end up being significantly greater or lesser depending on a number of different factors. It will all depend on what is most important to you.

For example, if you plan on using a large portion of your garage as a work space, you may want to consider investing more into materials in order to make your garage a more comfortable space with nicer finishes.

Or if you simply want a small space to be able to store your car and won’t be using your garage for anything else, you can probably get away with spending a great deal less on the construction.

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