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Reasons to Build a Garage For Your Philadelphia Home

Here are just a few that the people in and around Philly have put them to:

Office spaceNo longer the actual capitol of the United States, Philadelphia still retains a prominent place in the economic concerns of the Delaware Valley region. By population, it is the sixth largest city in the country and also provides the solid economic bedrock for millions of people.

That being said, office space is expensive and a homeowner just starting an enterprise would be highly advised to build out a space at home.

Storage spaceClose to both the Pocono Mountains and the New Jersey seashore, the residents of Philly have a multitude of options when it comes to enjoying mother nature.

Still, this opportunity comes at some cost – you must buy and then store all the necessary gear to enjoy these outdoor activities. The smartest homeowners add a little storage space attached to their garages. Less fuss and less muss seems to be their mantra.

Media space Developing a space where the whole family can communicate with the outside world may have seemed like a far-fetched idea even just a decade ago.

Now, a couple of laptops, a smart-TV and an Internet connection are all that a media room needs to keep the entire family connected  from the busy workaholic who needs to keep in touch with the office to those crazy, gamer kids who need some excitement before bedtime.

Theater space – For whatever reason, many children are drawn to a life in the arts. Whether they want to be dancers, musicians or visual artists, they will need a place to practice their craft.

A private room off the garage – and away from the main house – provides just such an environment. Give them – and yourself! – a chance to enjoy the talents given to them.

Building a Garage Structure in Philadelphia

Parking in the City of Brotherly Love can be a real pain at times. In fact, finding on or off-street parking can be downright laborious. Things are even worse when winter hits and you are forced to adhere to city parking bans and snow ordinances. However, if you are lucky enough to have a garage, you never have to worry yourself with all of those inconveniences.

Yes, in the Philadelphia area, having a garage is a beautiful thing. If you have the space to build a garage but still need to hire a contractor and get it built, there are some things to know before you begin.

Before you can build any building or structure in Philadelphia, you need to get all of the proper paperwork and approval from the city. Failure to do so could result in heavy fines and even a lien being placed on your property.

In order to obtain approval from the city to erect your new garage, your contractor will have to have plans drawn up for your garage. The plans will have to be in compliance with the city’s building safety codes in order to be approved. Once the plans are reviewed by the city and approved, you will be able to begin building your new garage.

Here is a link to Philadelphia’s permit guide PDF Here. Home Fixology created a garage building plans guide to provide further information on guides if needed. While integral to the success of our Founding Fathers, the city of Philadelphia has been less lenient in its treatment of the succeeding generations of homeowners who have lived there over the ensuing two centuries.

In fact, the weather encountered in Philadelphia area has been less than kind to local homeowners. For this reason, garages are the norm and most vehicles are parked on one. Still, in the area, garages serve a variety of other purposes.

Considerations for Philadelphia Garage Builds:
Use of drywall, Coatings for flooring, Electrical installation, Storage/loft space, Custom height, Window placement, Garage door & Opener, Plumbing Installation, Insulation.

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