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What will a Jacksonville Home Remodeling Contractor do for you?

Also referred as a general contractor

In short, a general contractor is a licensed contractor and the one who takes a set of architectural drawings or plans and turns them from concept into reality. Once the homeowner signs a contract with the GC, they are relived of any more work associated with the project.

The GC will order the materials, develop a work schedule/timeline, ensure that all necessary permits are pulled and inspections are performed. The GC will also perform walkthroughs with the homeowner at various stages of the project to be ensure that everything is satisfactory.

As mentioned, the GC will also hire the subcontractors needed for the project and manage their workload. This function is quite important as the various trades – or “subs” as they are more commonly known – need their activities coordinated. For example, the drywall subcontractor cannot arrive before the electricians and plumbers have completed their connection inside of the walls, Similarly, these latter subs cannot do their finish work until the walls are completed.

The home contractor makes sure that everyone arrives – and leaves! – on schedule. Finally, the GC will obtain payment from the owner and handle the paying of all subcontractors. The GC will also act as an intermediary between the project owner and the subcontractors in case some portion of the work is not satisfactory to the owner or if they wish to make a change.

The GC will have any defects corrected and deliver a cost for any change orders before they are executed. For all of this work, the GC will add a fee to the cost of the subcontractors.

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Home Fixology Jacksonville General ContractorsHOME ADDITIONS

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Whether you have your own plans and drawings or you need a full service project.


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Top Rated Pros in Jacksonville, FL.

Update Your Bathroom

Whether you have small or large bathroom. Change of floor plan options.


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Renovate Your Dream Kitchen

Whether you have small or large kitchen. Change of floor plan options.


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Building attached or standalone.

Build a new garage with or without plans and drawings.


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Repair or Install New Flooring

Install flooring throughout the home, have a repairing or re-finishing project.


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Roofing install or Replacement

Whether you need to completely replace, or you just need to repair or install.


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Home Fixology ProFENCING

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Install New, Repair or Replacement

Whether you need brand new fencing installed or looking to repair and replace.


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Interior or Exterior Painting

Whether you need to paint the whole house or have a specific interior painting goal.


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What types of projects are popular with residential contractors in Jacksonville?

Updated Kitchen – Ask almost any real estate agent and they will tell you that an updated kitchen  offers the very best return on investment of any home remodel project. They will also tell you that it takes an enormous amount of time and effort to do properly.

It is not really a project that a working person should take on in addition to their other work and family duties. A GC offers the perfect solution.

Garage expansion – The year-round temperate climate in the Jacksonville area offers a lot of opportunities for heading outdoors.

Whether this means simply using your own backyard for entertaining or accumulating a lot of sporting equipment, the expansion of a garage space will create plenty of storage space for any and all of the things you will need to take full advantage of the situation.

More Jacksonville Projects

Sunroom addition – Another option that takes advantage of Jacksonville’s abundance of natural light is to add a sunroom onto the back or side of your home. Sunrooms are a relatively inexpensive addition – especially if you can use an existing door for access – that adds actual living space to the home.

Sunrooms make a great place to do homework, read, watch TV or just take a nap. They are also a wonderful place to entertain on those cooler Florida nights.

Patio/deck installation – For those Jaxsons who like to feel the cool breeze and sunshine directly on their skin, a backyard installation is just what is needed.

This type of project can be as simple as adding or expanding a wooden deck or as complicated as creating a fully-functional outdoor kitchen. If you can dream and have the room for it, only your imagination and budget will limit you.

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Choosing a Handyman vs. A General Contractor in Jacksonville

A general contractor has a wide variety of experience and contacts in the construction industry. Even if they have not personally supervised a particular type of project, they will be able to find an experienced subcontractor who does.

The typical handyman, on the other hand, is a “jack of all trades” who will usually try to take on a job by himself or with a couple of unskilled laborers. This fact does not mean that all handymen are incompetent just that they may not have the necessary resources to take on a complicated project. So, yes, use one to install a bookshelf, paint a room or fix a leaky faucet.

It is the more affordable route with smaller job but for something major, however, a GC is definitely the superior choice.

In Jacksonville and the greater Duval County area, general contractors are required to be licensed, bonded and insured – handymen are not. In addition, handymen will offer ignore the permitting process while a GC will dot every “i” and cross every “t” in this regard.

This last factor is an especially important consideration if you intend to sell the house after the remodel. Local building departments are always on the lookout for unpermitted work spaces and can stop a sale the permitting is not correct.

Duval County & Jacksonville Florida Areas Near Me

Jacksonville is located in northeastern Florida where the St. John’s River meets the Atlantic Ocean. It offers many museums and cultural offerings and surfing is very popular at nearby barrier island beaches such as Jacksonville Beach and Neptune Beach. Championship golf courses in the area include Ponte Vedra Beach’s TPC Sawgrass, headquarters of the PGA Tour.

General contractors cover these cities around Jacksonville:

Brunswick, GA
Saint Simons, GA
Palm Coast, FL
Lake City, FL
Gainesville, FL

Orange Park, FL
Atlantic Beach, FL
Lakeside, FL
Jacksonville Beach, FL
Palm Valley, FL
Fernandina Beach, FL

Saint Marys, GA
Kingsland, GA
Saint Augustine, FL
Palatka, FL

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