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However, before you can build your new garage, there are some steps that you need to take in preparation of the construction process.

The first thing that you need to do is to hire a St. Louis garage building contractor to oversee the entire project for you. Not only will the City of St. Louis require you to do this, but you will want the experience that a St. Louis garage building contractor can bring to the table.

Once you have screened and hired a St. Louis garage building contractor, it will be time for the two of you to sit down and draw up the formal plans for your new garage. It is a good idea to sit down and make a list of all of the things that you want in your new garage and everything that you plan to use it for, and communicate those items with your contractor at this stage.

Once you have your plans finalized, your St. Louis garage building contractor will need to submit them to the city to be reviewed by the St. Louis planning board. If they are approved, you will be issued permits to begin construction on your new garage. Lear more here.

Owning your own home can be considered one of the proudest experiences in one’s life. However, once you purchase a home, you quickly realize just how important it is to have ample storage space for everything that it takes for the upkeep of a house. What’s the best way to get all of the storage space you need? A garage.

If you own a house in St. Louis, but do not already have a garage, you can add one onto your property. This will not only give you the additional storage space that you desire, but it will increase the value of your property, and serve as a great place to shelter and protect your vehicles.

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Saint Louis garage construction costs per square foot depend on the size of and dimensions of garage. Common garage dimensions include: 12×24, 12×20, 16×20, 16×24, 24×24, 20×20, 24×30, 25×25, 28×28, 24×40, 30×30, 40×40, 40×60.

The Cost Of Building A Garage In St Louis

Adding a garage to your St. Louis home can be both practical and financially rewarding. On the lower end a 200 square foot, two-car garage can be constructed for around $15,000. On the higher end, a 300 sq.ft. one with additional work space and bathroom can run as much as $30,000 depending on what other amenities a homeowner would like to include.

Either way, the cost will increase the overall value of the home. The cost to build your new garage will depend on a number of factors like the size, materials you select, and whether you want it to be attached or not.

See Home Fixology’s garage building plans guide for further research.

What can you do with your St Louis Garage Build?

The Gateway City has a tremendous amount to recommend it – not least of all its residents and its BBQ! But the city of St. Louis is also prone to some very severe weather. Not only does the area endure cold, Arctic air coming in from Canada but is also subjected to hot, humid tropical air from the Gulf of Mexico. In short, it means that a garage is truly necessary to protect a car or other vehicle.

Still, St. Louis offers so much more in the way of things to do that a garage can be expanded or converted to take advantage of these opportunities and make life far easier and more enjoyable for the homeowner.

Here are just a few examples:

Create an outdoor BBQ spaceWhile many of the restaurants in St Louis are justifiably proud of their BBQ, every homeowner has his own unique recipe. Creating a dedicated outdoor area connected tot he garage is a great way to refine their technique – and also create place to serve the “vittles” to their family and friends.

Add some work space – This upgrade can be as simple as creating a comfortable room where you can work from home wi