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Home Fixology Single Car GarageONE CAR GARAGE BUILDS

  • More space for storing that extra car, truck or boat.
  • build your single car garage as large as possible.

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  • Attached or Detached 2 car garage builds or additions.
  • Custom 2 car garage construction to any style.

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Building 1, 2, And 3 Car Garages

Building Custom Size Garages

A garage is one of the best ways to add both functional and financial value to any property. It is great for providing additional storage, for protecting your vehicles, expanding your living space, or even adding additional income to your household. Building a garage, no matter how big or small, can actually be done with a fair amount of ease and speed as well.

But sometimes it can be difficult to decide just how big of a garage you should build. So to help you decide, here is your comprehensive guide to building a one, two, or three car garage.

What are the Benefits of a One Car Garage?

Cheaper to build

Cheaper to maintain

Faster to build

Easier to build

Offers great protection for your car or other items in storage

Added property value

Will you Need a Contractor?

The answer to this question is going to depend on a few different factors. However, if you have absolutely zero building or construction experience, it is not recommended that you start with a project as big as your garage. Most cases you will want to hire a local garage building contractor to construct and design your garage.

If you have a moderate amount of experience and are fairly comfortable operating basic tools like a hammer, nail gun, and saw, then you may want to pull the permits yourself and attempt to do it yourself with a garage building kit.

How to Build a One Car Garage Yourself

The best way to go about building your garage yourself is to use a garage building kit along with pre-made plans which are available on the internet. Before you order a kit though or begin any construction whatsoever, it is imperative that you do a little research into your neighborhood.

You need to make sure what the rules are in regards to building a garage, in terms of its size, materials, aesthetics, etc.. You also need to make sure that you pull any and all permits required by your city or county to avoid an unpleasant visit from the building code enforcement.

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Building an Attached or Detached Garage?

See what you need to know about attached and detached garage builds.

What is a Garage Building Kit?