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What types of projects will residential contractors undertake in the Orlando area?

Kitchen Updates – Real estate professionals will usually recommend a kitchen remodeling project to a homeowner as the one that will bring them the most benefits – both immediately and over the long term.

Kitchen remodels can be as simple and affordable as opening up the main kitchen space to an adjoining family room or as complicated and expensive as redoing all the cabinets and appliances or even adding a breakfast nook.

HVAC Upgrade – Orlando is lucky to enjoy a very temperate climate throughout most of the year. However, the summer months can get quite hot and humid. For this reason, a well-functioning HVAC is essential to keep you, your family and your guests as comfortable as possible.

A new or “newer” HVAC system is also one of the first things that prospective buyers will examine before purchasing a home.

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Patio/deck installation – In a similar vein, a highly functional patio or deck can add needed living space to a home. While it need not necessarily be enclosed, a backyard patio space can include the installation of such aesthetic elements as flower planters and brick walkways to the extension of the main home by including an outdoor kitchen space or covered entertainment area..

In either case, the patio can become the focus of your entertainment life and keep the inevitable mess of a party outside of the main home.

Garage expansion – Orlando is situated in the middle of the upper portion of the Sunshine State. As such, it provides ready access to a variety of outdoor activities and destinations as diverse as Daytona Raceway and the Johnson Space Center.

Taking advantage of all of these outdoor opportunities, however, means the accumulation of a lot of equipment up to and including a recreational vehicle. A garage expansion is an easy and affordable way to provide storage and easy access to this gear.

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What is a general contractor (GC)?

For all practical purposes, your Orlando general contractor will be the person who is provided with a set of architectural drawings or plans and then turns them into a physical reality. Typically, a homeowner will engage a GC to handle all the details of a remodeling project.

These details include everything from ordering the materials need for the project as well as developing a work schedule and timeline for all of the subcontractors involved with the project. The GC will also coordinate with the local building department to ensure that all necessary permits and inspections are completed properly.

More specifically, the GC will hire the subcontractors needed for the project and and arrange for payments to them from the homeowner, In addition, the GC will coordinate their individual subprojects between the various subs. This last task is most important as each subcontractor wants to be “in and out” as quickly as possible and do not want to be slowed down by other subs.

Otherwise, disputes may arise. Fortunately for the homeowner, it is the responsibility of the GC to mediate these disputes. The home licensed contractor will also act as an intermediary between the project owner and the subcontractors in case some portion of the work is not satisfactory to the homeowner or if they wish to make a change.

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Why use an Orlando home contractor and not just a handyman from the area?

General contractors have a wide variety of experience and wide range of contacts in the construction industry. Although they might not have directly managed a certain type of project, they have the wherewithal to find the appropriate experts to help them do a proper job.

The typical handyman, on the other hand, is more familiar with smaller projects such as installing bookshelves or painting a room. They just do not have the knowledge to handle a project of even moderate size. In many case, it will be a trial by fire experience that does no credit to them and can have some significantly negative ramifications for the homeowner.

For example, a handyman will offer ignore the permitting process while a GC will ensure that every “i” is dotted and that every “t” is crossed in this regard. After all, the GC’s license is at stake while a handyman will just leave the homeowner holding the bag for any fines or other penalties.

In short, a certified, bonded and insure general contractor is the only way to go. It will not only provide a properly completed project but will also keep the work space safe and the homeowner financially protected against accidents and other unforeseen events.

Here is a link to the local Orlando and Orange county page to find residential construction permit information: Go here.

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Update Your Bathroom

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Building attached or standalone.

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Repair or Install New Flooring

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Roofing install or Replacement

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Install New, Repair or Replacement

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Interior or Exterior Painting

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Orange County & Orlando Florida Areas Near Me

Orlando is located in central Florida and well known for its theme parks namely Walt Disney World.  Universal Orlando, offers Universal Studios and Islands of Adventure, with the Wizarding World of Harry Potter straddling both.

General contractors cover these cities around Orlando:

Altamonte Springs, FL
Forest City, FL
Doctor Phillips, FL
Casselberry, FL

Fairview Shores, FL
Conway, FL
Pine Castle, FL
Pine Hills, FL
Azalea Park, FL
Winter Park, F

Oak Ridge, FL
Maitland, FL
Lockhart, FL
Goldenrod, FL
Fern Park, FL