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Fort Lauderdale General Contractors – How Can They Help Me?

A general contractor is the person or company that takes on the responsibility of reading and implementing a set of architectural drawings or plans and turning them into a physical reality. A homeowner will typically engage this person to handle all of the details of a remodel so that they themselves to not have to do so.

For this service, the GC will assess a fee above and beyond what he pays to the subcontractors who actually perform the work. Typically, this fee runs to between ten and fifteen percent of the total project.

As for the services rendered, the GC will be normally be responsible for such tasks as ordering the materials necessary to complete the project, having them delivered in a timely manner, consolidating the work schedules of the various contractors and then paying each vendor.

All in all, the homeowner should have very little contact with anyone on the job other than the GC. It is a very desirable state of affairs for the homeowner as they can attend to the rest of their work and home life without having to worry about the construction project.

In short, the GC acts as a mediator between the homeowner and the subcontractors working on their project. He will relate any issues from the homeowner as well as any change orders. In addition, the GC will conduct walkthroughs with the owner and local building authorities to ensure that the project is completed to everyone’s satisfaction. Lastly, the GC will itemize billing for the homeowner and deliver payments to the various subcontractors.

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Home Fixology Fort Lauderdale General ContractorsHOME ADDITIONS

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Whether you have your own plans and drawings or you need a full service project.


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Home Fixology Fort Lauderdale General ContractorsBATHROOM REMODELING

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Update Your Bathroom

Whether you have small or large bathroom. Change of floor plan options.


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Renovate Your Dream Kitchen

Whether you have small or large kitchen. Change of floor plan options.


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Building attached or standalone.

Build a new garage with or without plans and drawings.


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Repair or Install New Flooring

Install flooring throughout the home, have a repairing or re-finishing project.


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Roofing install or Replacement

Whether you need to completely replace, or you just need to repair or install.


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Home FixologyFENCING

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Install New, Repair or Replacement

Whether you need brand new fencing installed or looking to repair and replace.


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Interior or Exterior Painting

Whether you need to paint the whole house or have a specific interior painting goal.


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Other Home Projects in Fort Lauderdale

Window replacement – On average, the Fort Lauderdale area experiences rain on one day in ten. Replacing older windows with new ones will not only allow more sunlight into the interior of the house but energy-efficient ones will also help to keep the heat out.

In most cases, a window replacement will save money on heating and cooling bills and will eventually pay for themselves in the long run.

Bathroom addition – The real beauty of a bathroom addition is that it can be added almost anywhere. Inside the main home is great but even placing one in the garage offers real value to a homeowner in the Fort Lauderdale area. The area is known for an abundance of outdoor activities but also one’s that can make a person and his guests quite dirty.

It makes great sense to provide a comfortable bathroom space outside the main home where family and guests can get cleaned up before entering the home proper.

More Fort Lauderdale Projects

Front door expansion – Provided that a homeowner has the necessary space. The installation of a single door with sidelights or a double door will add significant pizzazz to any home’s entryway.

First impressions do matter when it comes to selling a home and this remodeling project always pays for itself with added value. If you have the room, also consider going up as well as sideways for maximum added value.

Siding replacement – While siding is generally seen as one of the more “run-of-the-mill” renovation projects that a homeowner should consider, it is also a quite valuable one.

Modern siding products come in a wide variety of colors and finishes and can completely transform the exterior of a home if properly installed. It is not quite like buying a new home but your neighbors may think you have.

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Should I Hire A Fort Lauderdale Handyman or A General Contractor?

The Fort Lauderdale area sees a lot of people who are just “passing through” in one direction or the other. Undoubtedly, the vast majority of them are hard-working and honest folks. This fact, however, does not qualify them to do residential remodeling projects. Still, some of them choose to start a handyman business while they search for better opportunities. These are not the type of “professionals” that you want working on your home.

Instead, the prudent homeowner will hire a general contractor – one with the proper experience, expertise and resources. In addition, the local Broward County building authorities are real sticklers for code enforcement. They are constantly on the lookout for remodeling projects that do not have the proper permits.

A good GC will ensure that all permits are approved and all inspections performed. In addition, GC will also be properly licensed, insured and bonded so that everyone involved with the project – from laborer to homeowner – is protected in case of an accident or other unforeseen event.

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is located about 28 miles Miami located in Broward County. In 2010 its population was about 165,521. Fort Lauderdale is named after a series of forts built by the United States during the Second Seminole War. The forts took their name from Major William Lauderdale (1782–1838), younger brother of Lieutenant Colonel James Lauderdale. William Lauderdale was the commander of the detachment of soldiers who built the first fort.

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