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The Services of a general contractor (GC) in Phoenix

The city of Phoenix richly deserves its nickname as the Valley of the Sun. In fact, it receives For sunshine than any other major city on planet Earth. This sunshine also brings plenty of heat with almost 110 days per year of 110°C plus temperatures. In addition, the urban heat island effect keeps nighttime temperatures relatively warm. Both of these reasons mean that homeowners need to take an inordinate interest in the cooling capacity of their homes and that remodeling projects and building additions be done with the help of an architect/engineer and a general contractor.

Most homeowners understand the role of the architect/engineer in formulating a detailed plan of their project but many are not quite as sure what services and value a general contractor – also known as a GC – brings to a project. In addition, they may not know how to properly evaluate a GC before hiring one. Here are a few things to know and consider about each of these factors.

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What value does a general contractor bring to a remodeling project?

In Phoenix and the greater Maricopa County area – the use of a GC may add a marginal amount to the overall cost of the project but it will also greatly reduce the amount of time and energy that a homeowner will have to devote to overseeing it. In addition, any problems that develop during the process can be passed onto the GC relieving the homeowner of the stress of fixing the problem while also working their regular job and dealing with day-to-day family issues.

How the process works?

The general contractor is not usually involved in the design phase of a remodeling project. Instead the homeowner works with an architect and other professionals to create a set of blue prints. These plans are then handed off to the GC. He will first develop a budget for the project and then submit it to the homeowner for revision and approval. Once this negotiation is completed, the GC will take control of the project.

The GC tarts by creating a timeline for the project that includes when certain portions of the project – known as milestones – will be completed. The timeline also details what payments will be due from the homeowner at each milestone. Once the timeline is established and the down payment made, the GC sill start the project by ordering the materials necessary for the first stage of the job and also hiring the relevant subcontractors who will perform the actual work.

As the first stage nears completion, the GC will conduct a preliminary inspection by himself. Once any flaws he finds are corrected, he will do a walkthrough with the homeowner to ascertain their satisfaction with the work. At this point, the first milestone is complete and the process is repeated for milestone two and again for any further milestones.

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Completion of Project

As the entire project nears completion, the GC will also coordinate the inspections required by the local building authorities. During this stage of the project, the GC will conduct his own inspection of the work to to ensure that everything is “up to code,” meets all safety regulations and will cause no problems with the building inspector.

It is an important task as inspections must be scheduled well in advance and, if a problem does arise, the project can grind to a halt.

Finally, once all the “i’s” are dotted and the “t’s” are crossed for the government bureaucrats, the owner will be given a last opportunity to inspect the work and point out any problems he has with the workmanship. During this process, the GC fills out what is known as a “punch list” – that is, a detailing of any flaws that need to be remedied.

All of the issues described on this list will then be fixed to the homeowner’s satisfaction. A final walkthrough after the punch list is completed and the final payment is made.

Who oversees the project workmen?

Each trade – carpenters, electricians, plumbers, etc – have their own priorities when working on a remodeling project. In short, they want to provide a quality job while still spending as little time as possible on-site. This means that they often come into conflict with each other. It is the responsibility of the GC to iron out these differences and keep the project on track.

A second – but equally important aspect – of the GC’s role as an intermediary is to act as a buffer between the homeowner and the subcontractors. Subcontractors understand that the homeowner is paying for the job but they will be hesitant to take direction from them without the approval of the GC. It can be a source of frus