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What to expect before, during and after your Boston remodeling project

As soon as the homeowner makes a decision on what they want and the materials to be used, the project leaves the hands of the designer or architect and are given to the general or building contractor for implementation. First, the GC will develop a budget for the project for the owner’s approval.

Next, they will secure any required permits. Then, all of the supplies are ordered. At the same time, the GC will also arrange and schedule the various subcontractors that will be necessary to complete the project.

As the project progresses, the GC will visit the site regularly but is not really required to be there all of the time. Still, it is their responsibility to monitor the activities of the subcontractors and ensure that their work meets both building standards and the quality standards of the homeowner. TO this end, the GC will periodically conduct a “walkthrough” with the project owner. At this time, any issues can be voiced and any changes can be made.

At the completion of the project, the contractor will perform a final walkthrough with the owner. It is at this time that the project owner will inspect the work and express any final concerns. A “punch list” detailing these problems is created and the GC will see that they are fixed.

Furthermore, your Boston area general contractor should follow up on the completed project in two or three weeks just to ensure that you still find everything satisfactory about the completed project.

How Homeowners Can Evaluate a Home Contractor in Boston


The very first thing to look for in a general contractor is that they arrive on time, are organized in their presentation and accurate in their estimates – that is just basic common sense. Obviously, these are somewhat difficult qualities to assess in a person that you do not know. Still, the way a GC handles themselves during the bidding process is an excellent indicator of how well they will act if they are actually awarded the job.

A second important factor in evaluating a GC is verifying their credentials. Almost all local municipalities license anyone who performs residential construction or repair – including general contractors who only oversee the work. Any reputable GC will provide you with their license number as well as their insurance and bonding documents. In addition, it is advisable to also check their job-related references.

A final note about handymen

For financial reasons, some homeowners may be inclined to hire a “handyman” rather than a general contractor. Certainly, these home professionals can be cheaper and may be more appropriate for your type of home project. If you do hire a Boston Handyman make sure that they still follow the permitting process. It will save you problems if at some point you decide to sell your home.

Lastly, not all handymen carry insurance which means that the homeowner is liable for any injuries that occur on the job. When you interview candidates for your job make sure you ask these questions. Regardless, trust a Boston GC and pay a little extra. It is well worth the money.

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Home Fixology Boston General ContractorsHOME ADDITIONS

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Home Fixology General ContractorsBATHROOM REMODELING

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Update Your Bathroom

Whether you have small or large bathroom. Change of floor plan options.


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Renovate Your Dream Kitchen

Whether you have small or large kitchen. Change of floor plan options.


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Building attached or standalone.

Build a new garage with or without plans and drawings.


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Repair or Install New Flooring

Install flooring throughout the home, have a repairing or re-finishing project.


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Roofing install or Replacement

Whether you need to completely replace, or you just need to repair or install.


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Home Fixology ProFENCING

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Install New, Repair or Replacement

Whether you need brand new fencing installed or looking to repair and replace.


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Interior or Exterior Painting

Whether you need to paint the whole house or have a specific interior painting goal.


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What General Contractors in Boston do and How They do it

The remodel of your current Boston home or office space is serious business. It will not only take up a considerable amount of your time until completion but also require a significant financial commitment. For this reason, it is wise for a home or business owner to hire some professionals to help with both the planning and the actual construction.

Most people understand the former – what a designer or architect will provide in terms of services – but are somewhat unsure of what the latter, a general contractor (GC), brings to the table. Here is a quick rundown on what GCs do and how they do it.

What does a GC do exactly ?

In the plainest terms, a general contractor – generally referred to as a GC in the construction industry – will usually oversees the all work aspects of a remodeling project. In general, they are handed the finalized plans and then expected to do everything necessary to bring your Boston, MA project to fruition.

This process entails many duties from ordering materials through hiring subcontractors to do the actual work to making payments to everyone involved. GCs also interact with the local Boston building authorities to ensure that all of the work is properly permitted and inspected.

Secondly, the GC acts as an intermediary between the home or business owner and the subcontractors – the people doing the work. If there are any problems or if the owner decides that they want to make a change in the project parameters, they will communicate the information to the GC who then formulates a plan to make it happen.

The point – and why the GC gets paid – is that the homeowner gets to deal with a single contact throughout the remodeling project and does not have to worry the details.

Boston Massachusetts

Boston is the capital of Massachusetts and the state’s largest city. Boston, MA was founded in 1630 and one of the oldest cities in the U.S. The key role it played in the American Revolution is highlighted on the Freedom Trail, a 2.5-mile walking route of historic sites that tells the story of the nation’s founding.

Contractors are typically able cover these cities Near Boston:

Everett, MA
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