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We are seeking partnerships with THE Top Remodeling contractors & companies in Selected Cities. With us you will be marketed that way!

Looking for a True Digital Marketing Partner?

Keeping a pipeline full of qualified prospects can be difficult for most remodeling companies. Expanding and growing an existing business can also have its challenges. Home Fixology is rebranding from a previous one time handyman franchise into a premier home improvement digital marketing partner.

Because of our new business model we will not be accepting and working with any and every contractor. Our selectivity is what will differentiate us from the large national brands. And to be a true “Marketing Partner” we need to keep relationships at a minimum per category and city locations.

What Do You Get?

Top Spot in Organic Search Pages. Pages on our site are built to attract natural search from Google and other search engines. Preferred Partners will be one of ONLY 3 companies and contractors who will receive all leads that arrive from organic search.

Branded Profile pages with Unique Content. A user coming to the city page and remodeling category you represent will have the ability to read more about you on your dedicated profile page. Here you will be able to add unique content and link to your website. Full contact information including address, directions and phone numbers will be provided along with a proven and tested multi step conversion forms to convert leads on your behalf.

Dedicated Google Pay Per Click Campaigns. We have perfected our home improvement lead generation activities over the last 18 months sending hundreds of thousands of visitors to our landing pages. If you are a preferred partner representing your city for Kitchen remodeling, bathroom remodeling, garage builds, flooring, house painting, home additions, basement remodels, roofing you will benefit from our dedicated Google Adwords campaigns to drive consistent weekly leads into your sales funnel. The amount of information we will provide you on the lead will be far greater than any other lead you may have purchase in the past. The more knowledge you have the better you can approach and close your prospect.

Automated Re-Marketing Campaigns.  Homeowners who visit any of your pages are automatically added to our re-marketing campaigns. For example, if you cover Chicago Garage Building Contractors and a visitor hits this page, or your profile page or any of our dedicated Google adwords pay per click pages they will be re-targeted back to your profile page and or city representation page. Additionally, all visitors who visit any page on Home Fixology is added into our remarketing campaigns. Any leads that you cover in your preferred partnership agreement will be sent to you.

Harness the Power of Automated Digital Marketing Activities on Your Behalf. When you become a preferred partner we will actively drive leads into your sales funnel automatically. We are looking for the very best pros in every major market. If that is you Sign up today!

Example Preferred Partner Organic Search Pages

Home Fixology Kitchen Remodeling Contractors


Top Rated Local Kitchen Remodelers in Chicago. Cabinets, Backsplash, Countertops, Appliances.

Proven Experience To Renovate Your Dream Kitchen

Whether you have small or large kitchen. Change of floor plan options.


Free Written Estimates, Required Local Permits, Licensed Contractors

Home Fixology Pro


Top Rated Local garage builders in Chicago. Single car, detached, attached.

Proven Experience To Build Your Garage

Whether you want the garage attached, detached, side or back of house.


Free Written Estimates, Required Local Permits, Licensed Contractors

Home Fixology Kitchen Remodeling Contractors


Top Rated Local general contractors in Chicago. Home Professional to manage your home project.

Proven Experience To Effectively Manage your Home Repair or Remodeling Project

Whether you have a major repair, renovation or remodeling project.


Free Written Estimates, Required Local Permits, Licensed Contractors

Learn more about us and why we will make a great marketing partner

Experienced Digital Marketing Professional. Home Fixology LLC now re-branded with a new owner & founder Brad Long. Brad has been a digital marketing expert for over 15 years as a consultant, corporate employee, and entrepreneur. Brad has tested home improvement lead generation for the last 18 months using the Home Fixology domain and landing pages. Along with our Google Adwords lead generation and the completion of a brand new website we are ready to offer a highly value marketing partnership with top rated contractors and companies.

One of the first things we will do with initial preferred partners is using our existing pay per click marketing campaigns and plug our preferred partners into the program.  This will instantly begin generating leads for partners.

This relationship and partnership will be unique to anything a contractor has experienced. Sign up today and request an interview. As mentioned we are not accepting dozens or hundreds of contractors in every city. Preferred partners will be kept to a minimum.

Experienced management and Business Relationship Director. We partnered with Bill Lopina who built AMG Management LLC from the ground up to one of the most well respected home owner association management companies in the Chicago area. With Bill’s leadership and management experience we are excited to offer a unique offering to partner companies. All contracts will be set up and run through Bill.

Together along with our staff we will offer a unique home contractor service like no other. This is a win win relationship for all of us and we appreciate our partners. You will be treated special here at Home Fixology and not just another number managed by account rep with 200 other contractor partners.

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