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Which Materials Are The Best For Bathroom Ceiling?

Even with adequate ventilation, shower steam usually exposes your bathroom to vast amounts of moisture. Consequently, your bathroom ceiling and other areas need materials that’ll not hold or leak moisture, which damages the underlying framing materials.

The materials you choose should be able to repel water so that they don’t breed mildew and mould. When the ceiling in your shower doesn’t get enjoy the same exposure as the floor, it’ll still be exposed to water. To ensure your bathroom ceiling doesn’t suffer from moisture and other issues, here’s a list of the best materials to use for your renovation:

Tile  Ceiling


Not all tiles are well-suited for shower and bathroom applications. Some of them are porous. Glazed ceramic tiles bring with them numerous advantages compared to porous materials.

As much as water might wick via ceramic, it’ll not permeate ceramic glaze. The other advantage of ceramic tiles is that they’re effortless to clean.

Waterproof Ceiling

Waterproof substrates:

‘’Backerboard’’ or substrates for bathroom or shower tiles aren’t always waterproof. Most probably, if they’ve been waterproofed by a vapor barrier, they don’t need to be.

By combining the use of waterproof material with structural backerboard gives you additional insurance against mildew, mould, and structural damage.

Water Resistance

Water resistant sheets:

Water resistant sheet rock also goes by the name ‘greenboard’ due to its green hue. The material is highly moisture resistant. That makes it an effective alternative to cover bathroom ceilings and walls.


Vapour barriers:

Vapour barriers are crucial elements when it comes to tiled bathrooms. Installing them prevents your bathroom ceiling, walls or even floors prevents against moisture and related issues.

What’s The Ideal Bathroom Ceiling Height?

According to the National Kitchen and Bath Association, the ideal bathroom height should stand at least 80 inches. Nonetheless, even at 80 inches or even 85 inches, your bathroom ceiling is susceptible to getting splashed on and/or attracting moisture. For that reason, it calls for a highly water resistant material.

What Type Of Paint Is Perfect For Bathroom Ceiling?

Painting a bathroom ceiling isn’t anyone favorite job. This is because the space is normally small thus limiting the space needed to paint. While that might be the case, the most challenging aspect is selecting the best kind of paint. Actually, it means the difference between failure and success.

To answer the above question, semigloss paint is one of the best paints for a bathroom ceiling.

Semigloss Paint:

Of great importance to note is the fact that bathroom ceiling paint should offer utmost protection against moisture and humidity. These two cause peeling, chipping, and staining. Whether you’re painting bathroom cabinets, ceilings or even walls, the appropriate choice is hands-down semigloss paint.

The best attribute about this kind of paint is that it is mildew-resistant, washable, and durable. Ceilings to be specific tend to foster mildew and mold because they aren’t wiped down as many times as other areas of your bathroom.

Bathroom Ceiling Lighting Fittings:

In your bathroom, the crucial nature of excellent lights stands to reason. For you to be able to apply your makeup, pluck your eyebrows or shave, it’s essential that you’re able to see everything you’re doing. That means that your bathroom ceiling lighting should be top-notch.

By using the ceiling mounted light fittings, it’s highly possible to enjoy a high illumination level. When it comes to bathroom lighting, ensure you direct them towards the areas where you’d need light the most.

Muted bathroom lighting is efficient at creating a tranquil environment that enables you to unwind and relax. With bathrooms becoming more elaborate and larger, proper lighting is paramount.

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