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Selecting a Bathroom Vanity

Are you planning a bathroom remodel? If yes, then you’ve most likely established that there is more to choosing a vanity that just picking a piece of furniture. From storing towels and concealing plumbing to providing a place to put your soap dish, a vanity serves different purposes as a bathroom centerpiece.

Selecting a bathroom vanity shouldn’t be one decision but a host of decisions. Whether you are looking for a modern, vintage, or traditional look, a stylish vanity is important in making sure that your room looks good. When designing your bathroom vanity, practicality and function is just as important as finishes and style.

The following are some of the ideas, considerations, options, and questions you should consider when it comes to changing your bathroom vanity:

Vanity Use

Who’ll be using your vanity

30 – 32’’ is the standard height for a bathroom vanity. Nonetheless, over the years, this height has been on a rise. Today, in some instances, the height of bathroom counters stands at around 36’’. While that might work perfectly for adults over 5 feet tall, such a height isn’t ideal for kids to brush their teeth. Therefore, you must make sure that your designer knows exactly who’ll be utilizing the bathroom vanity. That way, he or she will plan for a suitable height.

Bathroom vanity helps you to express your style

What’s your bathroom design

Whether modern, traditional or somewhere in between, a bathroom vanity provides opportunities for you to express your style and taste. They include:

Faucet designs and colors

Bathroom vanity tops as well as sink configurations and materials

Bathroom vanity cabinet finishes and design

Handles as well as other hardware

You must consider your bathroom climate when selecting materials especially for vanity cabinet. For instance, do you plan to furnish a busy family bathroom? If yes, then you need to choose cabinet materials that are resistant to humidity and heat.

Additionally, you need to remember that intricate grout lines and cabinet detailing in tiled countertops need more time to clean. Consequently, they might not be an ideal choice for your children’s bathroom vanity.


Which are the things that your vanity will accommodate? Do you intend to store things such as toilet papers and towels? Ensure you save vast storage space in your design.

Professional bathroom designers recommend that you add 20% of the space you estimate you’ll require.


There is more to space than just inches. Scale is also important. You must settle for a vanity that fits your space physically. While at it, ensure that your choice is not big that it overpowers your space visually.

The other important thing you need to put in mind when it comes to vanity space is access. If your room is somewhat tight, leave some room for drawers and doors to shut and open.

Color and Finish:

Unlike initially, vanities don’t have to fade right into the background. Are you into vibrant colors? Then you need to settle for bright laminates or a painted vanity. Bamboo and semi-exotic woods are great at making dramatic vanity cabinets.

That is especially true for a master bath or powder room. Stylish choices include antique and distressed finishes or a rainbow of stained finishes.

Understanding the vanity ideas, considerations, options, and questions

From ornate to utilitarian, different bathroom vanities run the gamut. To be on the safe side, you should review the above vanity ideas, considerations, options, and questions in order to narrow down to the best choices. By doing that, you’ll not settle for a concrete decision, but also make a decision, which you’ll be highly happy with each time you pull out a towel or turn on the faucet.

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