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Bathroom Cabinet Trends and Styles

Here are some of the latest storage and style options in bathroom cabinetry to incorporate in your next bathroom remodeling project:

Sleek cabinets:

One of the latest trends in bathroom cabinetry has to do with sleek cabinets. Today’s homeowners are foregoing cabinetry that have ornate panels as well as trim by preferring flat-front cabinets. The latter ones are extremely easy to clean.

Medicine cabinet:

Medicine cabinets have undergone functional redesign and major facelifts. Today’s options are much deeper as they bring with them places to plug in your appliances. Some medicine cabinets even feature in-built television screens.

Freestanding vanity:

These ones are popular in half baths or powder rooms. In these two areas, they make huge statements. They’re tailored to look as authentic as the original antiques.

Cabinets set the tone for bathroom makeovers

Cabinets set the tone for bathroom makeovers. When remodeling your bathroom, most professionals consider cabinets to have the most impact. Nonetheless, choosing from a huge list of options can turn out to be overwhelming. Many people find themselves grappling between finished and unassembled cabinets, cherry and maple, custom and stock, country and contemporary, etc.

Selecting a bathroom vanity

Are you planning a bathroom remodel? If yes, then you’ve most likely established that there is more to choosing a vanity that just picking a piece of furniture. From storing towels and concealing plumbing to providing a place to put your soap dish, a vanity serves different purposes as a bathroom centerpiece.

Selecting a bathroom vanity shouldn’t be one decision but a host of decisions. Whether you are looking for a modern, vintage, or traditional look, a stylish vanity is important in making sure that your room looks good. When designing your bathroom vanity, practicality and function is just as important as finishes and style.

The following are some of the ideas, considerations, options, and questions you should consider when it comes to changing your bathroom vanity:

Open shelving

Open shelving is a highly versatile as well as aesthetically pleasing storage choice for your bathroom. You can tuck shelves into an array of spaces including underneath/sides of a vanity or above the shower head to keep towels.

Some of the other trendy bathroom cabinets include:

Accessories storage

Laundry storage

Bathroom Cabinet Considerations


The maiden consideration you should put in mind has to do with your bathroom’s size. Consider the available space where you’ll install the cabinet. Those with spacious bathrooms have an array of options to choose from.

If your bathroom is small, then you’ll be limited in terms of choice. Fortunately, cool options exist even for small bathrooms. Consider the depth, height, and width of the area.

Corner, wall, or simple?:

This isn’t the latest rock, paper and scissors game! When shopping for your bathroom cabinetry, be sure how it’s going to look like. While it narrows down to your preference, you can choose from three main options – mounted in the corner, mounted on the wall or free standing.


What materials do you want your cabinets to be made of? Are your into stainless steel cabinetry? Do you prefer those made of find wood? Simply put, carefully think the final bathroom look you desire. Consider both of the existing and new décor, which you’ll later add.

Will the décor match the cabinet materials you choose? Is the material long lasting? In other words, you must think of your cabinetry both in terms of material but also style.

Cabinet Ideas


The other bathroom cabinetry ideas include:

Federal case – Traces its roots to the Federal Era.

Arts and crafts inspiration – It evokes a warm oak furniture that’s made famous by Arts and Crafts movement at the tail end of the nineteenth century.

High contrast – High contrast feature decorations combined with other light neutrals.

Warm minimalism:

Warm minimalism is all about simplicity. Its cabinets offer a textual counterpoint to wall of windows and marble flooring.

Formal without fuss:

This ideal features a symmetrically balanced arrangement of cabinetry, mirrors, and sinks that ensures your bathroom looks elegant, formal and graceful but not fussy.

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