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Bathroom Countertops Options

Bathroom countertops not only offer a functional work surface but also provide a huge piece of your decoration theme too. The best choices should combine durability with aesthetics that’s sufficient to address your demands. Of the many features a countertop must boast, the most important one should be the ability to contend with moisture.

You can choose from an array of bathroom counter top materials that are available in the market today. Unquestionably, the choice of countertop materials is limitless. Actually, you largest hurdle is perhaps narrowing down your choice to just one. Obviously, you should settle for a material that looks good.

Here are some of the options you should consider:

Solid surface and cultured onyx/granite/marble:

Solid surface is an incredible bath countertop since cleaning it is effortless. Just like laminate, it’s impervious to moisture. Cultured marble together with cultured granite and cultured onyx are the same to solid surface in the sense that they are a combination of resins and fillers. The only difference between them is the fact that they’re coated using a material by the name ‘gelcoat.’ The coating offers the base material with a shiny, non-porous, and hard protective surface.


An effortless to maintain and clean non-porous surface

Easy to polish out renewable scratches

Comes in pre-made vanity top styles


Customized installations need professional fabrication

Scratches too easily

Aren’t heat tolerant

Natural stone:

Natural stone bathroom countertops off durability and beauty. The only caveat is that some stones require more maintenance and care compared to others.


Provides natural beauty that’s difficult to duplicate

Stone is highly durable and doesn’t scratch easily

Natural stone is virtually non-porous


Stones which are calcite-based such as marble react badly to acidic substances

Costlier compared to other surfaces


Some of the other countertop options you can settle for include:

Engineered quartz/stone


Composite and recycled counters






Laminate countertops are a darling of many people because they are not only moisture resistant but also highly durable. Additionally, they come in numerous styles and colors. What’s more is the fact that they are pocket friendly.



Effortless to maintain

Wide array of colors and patterns to choose from


Not immune to scratches and edge-chipping

Dark edge seams are visible based on the kind of installation

It’s not as repairable as the other countertop materials

Countertops Considerations

Here are some of the considerations you need to put in mind when searching for a bathroom countertop:

Countertop price

Countertop prices vary from company to company. To ensure you make the right purchase, you should compare prices of different countertop companies. It’s prudent to buy your bathroom countertop from direct manufacturers since they’re sold at lower prices.

Sink mounting

When in the market for a bathroom countertop, the other important consideration you need to make is sink mounting. Different materials normally go with various kinds of sink mounting.


Countertop materials feature warranties. Prior to making a purchase, you must discuss the warranty with your contractor. By doing that, in case your countertop breaks within that period, you’ll not have to part with cash for repairs. Unfortunately, only reputable companies offer warranty.

Sizeable samples

Prior to finalizing any material for the bathroom, you need to check out its sample. It’s highly recommended that you analyze the true feel and look of the material through touching it. Check if the actual texture and color of the countertop matches with your bathroom’s current décor. A good number of countertop companies offer sizeable samples to their clients.

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