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Common Bathroom Flooring Ideas: Porcelain or Ceramic Tile, Vinyl: Sheet, Plank, or Tile,
Natural Stone, Engineered Wood, Laminate, Hardwood, Carpet.

Bathroom Flooring Options

Choosing bathroom flooring is quite different from selecting flooring in other parts of your house. After getting past the commonalities – cost, looks, durability – you have to put up with one other factor that’s found only in the basement; vast amounts of water.

Because water is prevalent in bathrooms, it’ll quickly ruin your flooring if it’s wrong. Therefore, you must make sure that you settle for the right bathroom flooring.

Bathroom Floor Tiles – Tile Flooring For Bathroom

Tile Ideas #1: Ceramic or Porcelain Tile:

Porcelain tile features all the attributes you can ever desire in your bathroom flooring. It is not only cost effective and stylish but also waterproof. Just like stone, this type of flooring can achieve such a rich, solid, and textured feeling.

Similar to vinyl, porcelain tile is pocket friendly and waterproof. Just like wood, it brings with it such an appealing look.

What is the difference between ceramic tile or porcelain tile? Does a difference even exist? Porcelain is among the ceramic tile family but with one distinct feature – water absorption. According to the PTCA (Porcelain Tile Certification Agency), tiles are certified as ‘porcelain’ if their water absorption rate is 0.5% or less.

Vinyl Flooring For Bathroom

Tile Ideas #2: Vinyl – Tile, Plank, or Sheet:

One of the best attributes about vinyl flooring is that it boasts supreme practicality and brings with it reasonably good aesthetics. It’s a darling for many homeowners because of various reasons. For starters, installing vinyl is effortless. Secondly, you can choose from an array of different style options available in the market today.

Sheet vinyl flooring

This option is the best one if you expect vast amounts of water. It’s ideal in laundry rooms or children’s bathrooms.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring

It comes in narrow widths of about 5 inches and long lengths of as high as 48 inches. It’s the best choice for bathrooms with minimal amounts of water.

Wood Flooring – Hardwood Flooring For Bathroom

Bathroom Floor Ideas #3: Engineered Wood:

Engineered wood is much better compared to solid wood because of its dimensional stability. This option features a plywood base which holds up perfectly against moisture. Furthermore, it looks magnificent since its crown layer is actual wood.

For those that prefer to have natural wood in your bathroom, then there is no doubt that engineered wood is the ideal choice.

Bathroom Flooring Options: Natural Stone

Bathroom Floor Ideas #4: Natural Stone:

Bathroom flooring made of natural stone is not only stylish but also long lasting. The main downsides of this option has to do with the fact that it’s costly, cold, and slippery.

Fortunately, you can solve the slippery issue by having it textured through sandblasting. Alternatively, you can buy naturally textured stone like slate.

Bathroom Flooring Options: Laminate

Bathroom Floor Ideas #5: Laminate Flooring:

If you don’t mind protecting the wood foundation/base from moisture, then laminate flooring is your ideal choice. Simply put, laminate flooring features a resin-impregnated paper atop some wood chip base. Actually, the laminate plank’s surface is a photograph of marble, slate, cherry, oak, or any other stone or wood.

A great attribute about this bathroom flooring option is that it feature tight seams between its planks meaning that moisture can’t work its way downward. It’s also very easy to clean.

Your Best Bathroom Flooring Choices

The best bathroom flooring choices combine incredible performance with excellent looks. Bathroom floors normally have their special mantra; stylish, waterproof, and safe. The above are some of the best options to make a choice from. If you want to go green, you should consider choosing between cork and linoleum.

Cork is not only warm, but also resilient and waterproof. Linoleum comes in several vibrant patterns, styles and colors. These two options are biodegradable and recyclable.

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