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Popular Bathroom Floor Plan Layouts

Depending on your budget, you need to decide the number of ‘wet walls’ you can afford and need. Fewer wet walls usually mean minimal plumbing costs. One-wall bath layouts are efficient but restrict you in terms of design choices.

Some of the popular bathroom layouts include:

Three-Quarters Layout:

Three-Quarters Style – This style entails plumbing on one wall meaning you save on supply and labor.

Full Bath Layout:

Full bath with perks – This features a shower-tub combination meaning you have adequate space for two sinks or long vanity.

Shower Without Tub Layout:

Space-smart bath – It has a shower without a tub together with a half wall.

Bathroom Layout Considerations

Small or large, every bath certainly requires a great floor plan in order to shine. The following are effective tips to help you in your bathroom plan:

Plumbing practicalities:

Ultimately, a bathroom plan should depend on your budget and space’s constraints. One of the things that cause remodeling costs to soar has to do with plumbing lines. For instance, just switching a toilet or an adjacent sink can set you back $1,500. To be on the safe side, hire a licensed plumber who’ll assess the particulars in your home and make the necessary suggestions.

Secondly, consolidate plumbing within your bath. This means that you can go with an L-shape ‘wet zone’ or a single ‘wet wall’ that’s made of two adjacent walls.

Privacy, Please Layout:

Do you have a spacious bathroom? If yes, then in your plan, you need to incorporate a separate toilet compartment for ultimate privacy.

The other way of enhancing comfort and privacy is by placing your toilet directly out of sight. What does this mean? It means you can put the toilet on either side of the doorway and protect it using a vanity.

A vanity affair Layout:

While your bath needs a sink, choosing one, or two requires some pondering. Contemplate of how you’ll be using the bath. If two individuals will be using the bathroom simultaneously, then obviously, two sinks make absolute sense.

Anything contrary to this calls for having two spacious grooming stations with separate makeup vanities.

Bathing beauty Layout:

Are you into soaking? If yes, then a separate tub is surely a welcome luxury. In your bathroom plan, think about creating a central tub that’s flanked by an in-built storage or compartments for a toilet and shower.

How does changing a bathroom floor plan effect my bathroom remodel?

The best bathroom floor plans should make excellent use of the available space. Additionally, they must feature innovative bathroom design ideas that result in a beautiful bathroom. Certainly, a meticulous floor plan to scale is definitely worth the effort.

Why you need a detailed bathroom floor plan

Having a comprehensive bathroom plan is an incredible way if establishing whether everything will fit practically. Secondly, it streamlines your thoughts. This means that with a plan, you’re able to visualize décor and design solutions for your bathroom space.

Where should you start with a bathroom floor plan?

Here are the steps you need to employ in regards to your bathroom floor plan:

Draw your bathroom walls’ internal dimensions on a piece of graph paper

Secondly, add all the immovable  elements. They include waste points, water points, windows, and door. Have a keen look at all the design possibilities, which can materialize. Put much emphasis on your bathroom door (s) and particularly pocket doors. Ensure that they’re the definitive space saver.

Mark every electrical switch and outlet

Position bathroom fixtures in the order of size and importance – some of the bathroom fixtures include bidet, toilet, shower, tub, vanity etc

Position fittings such as soap dispensers, radiators, wall shelves, toilet tissue holders, towel rails etc

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